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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Take My Breath Away (1) .... Repetition Poem


In slow motion he walks up to me and softly grasp my hand

His eyes falls deep into mines, putting my mind in the internal depths of time

My clothes fall gingerly to the floor,

as my body stands still as in a time warp

His eyes motion my hands to undress him; his cloths seem to dissipate in the air as our eyes fall deep into each other, until they see an infinite love of affection

Body’s touch, lips press together… My breath is taken away…

Hands roam, bare flesh tingle with fiery sensations, again… My breath is taken away…

A gentle lift and my body floats in the air to the bed edge, as our tongues fully taste each other

As my body lies on the bed, his eyes feast on my bareness like a lion feast on its prey, the sight of his hunger for me in his eyes… Takes my breath away…

Soft kisses mist softly on my body, the warmth of his moisten tongue ease between my breast valley, slowly around my incited nipples, then eases slowly down to my hidden valley

The warmth of his mouth touches my hidden treasure; the softness of his lips covers my folds… My breath is taken away…

Soft moans, quiet screams, climaxing shock waves, takes… My breath away…

Taught soft flesh lies on mines, kisses sweeter then honey captures my lips… My breath is taken away…

Harden flesh pulsates on my thigh, sensations of feeling its soft flesh vibrate on mines fuels my inner fire, heightens my inner desire… My breath is taken away…

Lips part, electrifying sensation of slow, soft penetration, rains inside the softness of my womb, my mind screams in contempt… My breath is taken away…

Harden flesh falls slowly in my abyss, soft pliable walls are pushed open to their limit, as sensations overwhelm my womb… My breath is taken away

My body trembles in blissful agony, as… My breath is taken away…

He rides on my naked flesh like a sailboat in the deep ocean, our bodies gently sway from side to side, our flesh embraces as our bodies move up and down, my mind is bombarded with surreal like sensations, as it patiently waits… For my breath to be taken away…

Kisses of passion thunders on my lips, as his harden flesh thunders in my womb; each deep thrust of his harden flesh brings me closer to having... My breath taken away…

My body shakes, his body trembles, as our bodies anticipate our climaxing release

Gasp, moans, lovemaking sounds fill the still night air, as bodies quake with sensual release, as… Our breath is taken away…

Love making noises continue throughout the night, silent only when it takes… My breath away…


  1. love that song, such sensual writing

  2. Sigh, I love the comingling of music and eroticism.

    Just splendid...

  3. Lovely song. Lovely story.

  4. Estou de volta ao meu trono
    com um desejo louco de arrasar
    Toques suaves,
    beijos delicados,
    palavras amorosas...
    Hum...como é bom amar

    Um beijo grande

  5. *. * >,"< * estou passando só * . * .
    * , + .*... * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *
    * . * . * . * _/\_. * . pra deixar um* . *
    * . * . * . * >,"< . * . * . * . * . * . *. * . *
    + * . *. * . * . * . * . * . grande beijo* .
    * . _/\_ * . * . * * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *
    . * >,"< * . *. * . * e desejar * . * . * .
    *. * . * . * . * . * . * . *. * . * . * . * . * . * .
    * . * . * . * . * . * um ótimo domingo. *
    *. * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . * . *

  6. Escrever que vc acertou em cheio com a escolha do
    filme e da música... seria muito pouco, pois na minha opinião... bem... um começo sensual e romântico... muuuuito envolvente... para depois ir esquentando ao toque somente dos olhos para se perder e se achar em suas arrepiantes poesias! uuufa, vou tomar uma coke!!Ah minha alma felina... que por sua causa, quero dizer dos seus escritos, não vai dormir essa noite...
    Sorry... I'dont speak English!! because I ran this course... too! bye

  7. the eternal list, Thank you for the comment...

  8. S., your comment is appreciated...

  9. Joana, É ótimo, para ter você de volta ..

  10. Princesa... Estou sempre em torno de meu amigo ...

  11. Glória, obrigado por deixar a sua opinião ...

  12. oieeeee...passando para deixar meu carinho


    O amigo é proximidade

    É silêncio, palavra idealizada

    É um toque de intimidade

    Na liberdade que lhe é reservada

    Amigo é ternura

    É em verdade doce companhia

    É parceiro na procura

    Cúmplice na alegria...

    Amigo é presença abençoada

    Anjo que apóia e incentiva

    O par ideal para a jornada

    Que junto a nós, nos sensibiliza

    Amigo é por fim, quase um irmão

    Que jamais deixa de nos procurar

    É responsável pelo pulsar do coração

    Toda vez que ele busca aprender amar...

    Feliz dia do Amigo...
    bjus suaves...


  13. really enjoyed this, the interweaving of sound and words was excellent and i found what ties it all so well together was the repetition of the line 'My breath is taken away…' then our breath is taken away, and ending in, 'silent only when it takes… My breath away…' well done


  14. Belo! Intenso! Sensual!...
    Cada palavra é uma doce caricia queimando a pele...

    Doces beijos!

  15. Cada palabra rebosa erotismo y sensualidad, es como si cada caricia recorriera lentamente nuestra piel y nuestros cuerpos se movieran al mismo vaiven.



  16. magic...the way you combine tender words with sensuality,visual moments along with the songs..magical blog.
    bjs de luxo

  17. Great film!
    Great sound!!


  18. My heart says I'm in trouble.. in more then one way.. *smiles*

    Thank you for the coment!:)

  19. Fatti,..Obrigado por suas palavras ..
    Abraços ...

  20. Finbar, thank you very much for your kind comment..
    Please come again..

  21. A.S. ... Obrigado
    Um grande abraço ...

  22. Lunna ... Usted, me hacen sonreír

  23. Gray, thanks for stopping in and leaving a comments. Have a great week..

  24. this song, this movie and that scene will make my wife cum just by blowing on her neck...she is a total slut for this rendition

  25. Look into my eyes and youll see Im the only one
    Youve captured my love stolen my heart
    Changed my life
    Every time you make a move you destroy my mind
    And the way you touch
    I lose control and shiver deep inside
    You take my breath away

    You can reduce me to tears with a single sigh
    Evry breath that you take
    Any sound that you make is a whisper in my ear
    I could give up all my life for just one kiss
    I would surely die if you dismiss me from your love
    You take my breath away

    So please dont go
    Dont leave me here all by myself
    I get ever so lonely from time to time
    I will find you anywhere you go
    Ill be right behind you
    Right until the ends of the earth
    Ill get no sleep until I find you
    To tell you that you just take my breath away

    I will find you anywhere you go
    Right until the ends of the earth
    Ill get no sleep until I find you
    To tell you when Ive found you
    I love you

    Take my breath take my breath ... away

    Love, Light and Magick.....Misty