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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You Know ... Prose Poem ..........

Your eyes say they like what they see

The deep imprint in your pants says, you also want what they see

Ease off your clothes, then ease slowly behind me

Let our naked flesh touch and massage against each other, let the softness of my skin mesh with the tautness of yours

Roam your fingertips over my bare flesh, squeeze them with gentleness, touch my towering nipples while caressing them with firmness

Kiss me softly, taste the flavor of my lips, my tongue, as my moans of approval echoes in your throat

Lean your weight against me while pushing the hardness between your legs firmly against my butt cheeks

Let me feel your hard flesh pulsate on my skin in its excitement, exciting my mind, tempt my will, enticing my nectar to flow freely between my legs

With tenderness, kiss the back of my neck, then slowly slide the wetness of your tongue down the center of my spine, which will shoot radiating sharp sensations into my womb

Lick, bite, kiss the roundness of my butt, make my legs tremble from the sensations of it, then taste the wet offering I have for you between my legs

Suckle and lick on my wet treasure, bury your tongue deep into its wetness, don't stop until my body spasm with blissful pleasure

Now I want to feel the hardness between your legs slowly enter into the softness between mine, opening my pink treasure, which will send electing sensations up my spine, as your harness slowly penetrate and fall down my wet, taut walls

Deeper, deeper, thrust your harness inside me, but keep it slow and easy so I can feel every ripple, every swollen vein, on the smooth surface of your hardness, taking my mind on the ride of first penetration

Spread my lips wider, wider; until the base of your hardness is in me full, now slowly stroke it back and forth, sending my mind into a sexual bliss of sensations, while filling my womb with ungodly pleasure

Back and forth stroke in my womanhood harder, make my lungs moan out your name

Now make your strokes longer and faster, take me to the agony of back door bliss

Harder, faster, harder, make my lungs gasp, push my body tighter against the sink, let me feel every hard thrust of your hardness as it dives into the depths of my womb, pulling up sacrilegious feelings from the depths of my loins...

Legs tremble, body spasms, my breath leaves in a rush, sexual release takes control of all my bodily functions

My mind goes into a fog, my lungs burn as they gasp for air, the sound and feel of your scrotum slapping on my backside, sends my body into another sexual release frenzy, while my mind screams out, don't stop, don't stop, as my womb feels its walls stretch from your growing girth

Your lungs groans none stop, your hardness palpitates uncontrollably, as my walls tightens on your hardness with a firm grip, squeezing all your creamy white seed out of your loins

Bodies buck like wild broncos, groans, moans fill the air, as the sexual act of back door bliss, comes violently, to an end...


  1. Os caminhos da alma
    São veredas ao infinito
    Estradas longas e dificeis
    Percorridas por sonhos
    que por isso mesmo
    Nunca atingem o fim
    Desejado pelos sentidos

  2. Wau! boa
    As paixões são como ventanias
    que inflam as velas dos navios
    fazendo-os navegar,
    outras vezes podem fazê-los naufragar,
    mas se não fossem as elas,
    não haveria viagens,
    nem aventuras, nem descobertas

    um abraço

  3. como sempre,um espectaculo.
    bjs de luxo

  4. Olá

    "Mais real que fazer
    da vida um sonho,
    é fazer do
    sonho uma vida,
    pois nem sempre
    temos a vida que
    sonhamos, mas
    sempre teremos
    um sonho para viver."
    Continuação de um bom dia

  5. sometimes love is the language of body

  6. Kisses, dear ! :)

  7. Princesa Tenha um ótimo fim-de-semana ..

  8. intimidades, obrigado e Tenha um ótimo fim-de-semana

  9. Romeu, obrigado por terem vindo ao meu blog .. É ótimo ver você de volta ...

  10. Luxuria sentida .. eu aprecio o seu comentário ..
    Abraços ...

  11. A Magia da Noite, Obrigado por terem vindo ao meu blog e deixando um comentário ...

  12. Camille, Prazer em vê-lo
    um beijo ...

  13. Dificil de ler, o poema... pudera! Com um poema de pernas em frente...

    Gostei do seu blog, e voltarei.

  14. Replies
    1. Thank you Reggie for reading some of my older poems...