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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lustful ........ Prose Poem

The position was animalistic, just like his hard long trust

Each gyration of his hips, pounds the beast between his legs deep into her soft pink domain

She screams in ecstasy pain ... her face is twisted ... her eyes leaked tears of passion ... her begging broken voice, graveled

Like an eagle high in the sky, he soared on top of her body, his beast dove fast and deep into her velvet softness, as he feasted like a hungry bird of prey

His firm flesh feasted on her softness, his ears feasted on her passionate screams, his eyes feasted on her body contracting and contorting under him ... His sense feasted on her feminine smell, while his mind feasted on her passion pain, making him a hungry sexual beast, while making her his sexual feast

He feasted again and again, taking all she had to give, as his hard trust pounded her body into submission

As she lay on her stomach... no longer able to support his sexual attack, he trusted in her deeply

Sweat poured through his bare skin, moans vibrated in his throat, as his sexual appetite was coming to fulfillment

Deeper, deeper he thrust his beast inside the softness between her legs

Her body bounced up high off the mattress, then slammed back down hard again, her body convulse in a orgasmic release as his beast feasted in her depths...

His body tensed... his butt muscles became hard as a steel... his voice scream high in the air like an eagle, as the beast between his legs swelled then palpitated in the softness between her legs

Like all beast, he rested after his feast, but he kept his eyes on his prey, because he knew, it wouldn't be long before his sexual hunger, wound come back again..



  2. Ummmmmmm lindo
    "Que seja eterna a vitória dos seus dias,
    mesmo quando eles lhe derem

    a impressão de fracasso.
    E nunca se esqueça que atrás das nuvens

    sempre existirá sol."

    bom domingo

  3. Hummm...Lindo!delicioso
    boa semana...

  4. nice and intense, enjoyed reading this.


  5. ╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬
    ╬═╬ “Nunca deixe de abrir uma nova porta...............╬═╬
    ╬═╬Por ela podem entrar amigos inesperádos,.......... ╬═╬
    ╬═╬Amores verdadeiros,aventuras inesquecíveis........╬═╬
    ╬═╬E não se esqueça, de manter a janela bem aberta.╬═╬
    ╬═╬Ela trará para si a esperança de um lindo.................╬═╬
    ╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬ ╬═╬═╬═╬═╬═╬╬═╬

  6. Huuuuuuuuuuuummm :)


  7. AHHHHH...Oh MY Gosh! That was delciously

  8. Na Noite,
    um anjo toca flauta,
    a sua melodia desce sobre a sua almofada
    e das nuvens
    traz a cor dos seus sonhos,
    que te embala dizendo no seu ouvido:
    Boa Noite!!!!!
    Um beijo

  9. As the bird of prey tore at her flesh
    She knew at last her love had finally been fulfilled
    For only in death would she find life
    It was as it was meant to be from the start.
    1man this was definitely one of your better pieces of work. It was a pleasure to read. Love, Light and Magic All Around.....Misty

  10. Princesa, obrigado e tenham um grande fim-de-semana
    Kisses ...

  11. Finbar, thanks for coming in and commenting...

  12. Princesa, suas palavras são criativos e bonitos ..

  13. Misty, a pleasure to see you hear and leaving me inspiration..
    Hugs.. 1man...