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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Phantasmic Flirt... Prose Poem .. Happy Halloween ..

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As I sit in my large, soft,comfortable computer chair

The closing of my eyes sneaks upon me

As I nap in front of my computer, a set of soft moist lips palpate my neck

After they linger, they slowly move upwards softly, gently

A whiff of its breath pass by its lips onto my neck

Goose bumps raise on my skin, an electrifying spark shoots down my spine, my body clinches then unclinch

But, as my eyes open and before I could turn around, it all was gone, leaving me with a feeling that a Ghost had come into my room

While still in a state of sleep, I get up from my chair and walk towards the kitchen; hoping to find the presence of my Ghost there

Not finding a Ghost with soft lips there, I pour myself a tall cool glass of water

As the water ease down my throat quenching my thirst, I feel the presence of a hand gliding effortlessly across my groin area

A bump so gentle

A touch so soft

A glide so slow

I can feel every nerve ending tingling

But, before I can stop drinking the cool glass of water that was

quenching my thirst so heavenly, it too had disappeared, just like a Ghost

It had left me with even more tingling sensations than before

I turn quickly, but the Ghostly hand had not left me any trails to follow

After retreating to the living room, I found the comfort of the couch to sit my weary body down

In the blink of an eye, I felt the presence of a feather like touch

Sliding across the back of my neck

The tingling feeling made me jump and lean my head back while closing my eyes

Again, as soon as I open my eyes, nothing was there; but the Ghostly feeling of being touched

After the tingling feelings withdraw, I turn on the TV and slump back tired and confused unto the couch

My eyes again slowly close from my weary day

As I slept deep, I felt the return of moist soft lips

tracing the outline of my ear

They started tracing my ear in a slow circle, sometimes barely touching it, sometimes blowing warm air on it

A wet sensation enters my ear canal, I keep my eyes closed enjoying the Ghostly light touches

Suddenly, with an erotic touch the moisten lips sucks in the skin on my neck into its mouth

At first, I pull back from the sensations, but the lips suck harder,

which makes me surrender my neck to the Ghost wishes

The other Ghostly feeling returns, reappearing on the opposite side of my neck from where the Ghost lips was blazing a smoking hot, wet trail with its tongue

The second Ghostly feeling slowly descending down towards my nipple

With the feel of one soft finger, it surrounds my nipple making a large circle

The circle gets smaller and smaller, until my nipple protrudes outward

The Ghostly finger now descends again, leaving a trail of hot flesh from its touch

My Ghost now wets my neck with the feel of its tongue, the touch is so soft all I can feel is the dampness of its touch

The sensation from this touch makes me squirm and I loose track of the Ghost second feathery touch for the moment

A slow hot breath glides across my neck, as the feel of the Ghost second feathery touch reappears between my legs

It runs along the inside of my thighs, first down, then up, from one side to the other

The whole time I kept my eyes closed tight

I didn't dare to open them, I don't want my Ghost to disappear again, not now, not ever

The membrane between my legs swells from the endless tingling on my thighs

The Ghost fingers finds my swollen membrane, then slowly travels its length, while subduing it with its ghostly soft touch

My heart rate quickens, I can hear the decimal of my breathing getting louder

A hard suck from my Ghost lips on my neck makes my body freeze in place, in time

As my body slowly melts, I suddenly feel alone

No touching

No sensations

Only the sound of my own heavy breathing

I open my eyes and my Ghost had fled again

My mind is lost, confused

My heart is still racing

I quickly ease up off the sofa and look frantically for my Ghost

I search the house from one room to the next

Each room that I didn't find my Ghost, the more excited I would become because I'm thinking about what's going to happen when I do find it

I search every room, but I find nothing

Was it just a dream I think to myself, was I really asleep on the couch?

I return to my den where it all started

I walk up to my computer chair to sit down

Behind the tall back of the chair, I find my missing Ghost resting

I'm so excited my whole body tremble, I have finally found my Ghost, and she looks like shear heaven

My beautiful Ghost had fallen asleep as I wondered around endlessly looking for it

My Ghost lays there so quietly, so tranquil

I watch my Ghost chest slightly move in and out in a slow soft rhythm

My hands tremble as I look at her curves, hills and valleys

She was so beautiful as she sat there in her serene space

I moisten my lips, and softly brush them against her cloud soft neck

As she felt my moist soft touch, my Ghost moves its neck to one side, and takes in a quick deep breath

Her eyes slowly opens

As my Ghost looks up she sees no one is there

Nothing is there but a long lingering, tingling, Ghostly feeling:slowly, traveling down her spine.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forever Wake.......... Prose poem ( Happy Halloween )

As darkness embrace the light of the day, raindrops pounds heavily on my window panes

The sky has darken to the color black, except when illuminated by lightening bolting across the sky

Your face seems to emerge at the door through the glass, but I know it's just my imagination; you've been gone for a while now, my mind has accepted it, but my heart still aches for you

My ears miss your laughter, my eyes miss your warm smile, my nostrils miss exhaling your cologne from a distance, while also missing your smell of essence when you are up close to me, especially when you held me so tight I couldn't breathe

As I sit in the darken room, it's as if my flesh can feel your carnal touch, your breath whisking past my ear lobes

Oh, how my lips miss your lips gentle embrace

You seem to know when to kiss me to sooth me, or kiss me with so much passion, my dress would melt off my body and fall to the floor

I truly miss the way your lips suckle on my neck which always made my knees all so weak...

You never know what you had until it's taken from you forever

But if I had just one wish today, I would wish for one more day to be with you, so I could tell you how much I loved you one more time, and show you how much I needed all of you

But instead, on your favorite day to play and act like a child, I sit in the dark wishing for you, thinking about all the Halloween tricks you played on the kids when they came by and said "Trick Or Treat" knowingly you were going to trick them some kind of way

Deep in my mind, I know they miss you too...

My mind must of gone mad for a second, I swear I saw your face again, but this time you were right in front of me with that childish grin

My heart can't bare any more pain from wanting you, I'm going to put your favorite candy bag at the front door in your remembrance, and rest my mind while letting your favorite night pass me by

I have always hated these late night thunder storms, as usual the power is out again When you were here, you would light the lantern and we would lay in the bed, as I cuddle between your strong arms, they would wrapped around me and hold me close to the beat of your heart

When my mind and body felt content, I would fall asleep in your loving embrace while watching the illumination of the lantern light across the room

Like rain, my tears falls down my face, I swear I see you reaching for me, to comfort me like you always did, I must close my eyes and sleep before my heart burst from the misery that has built inside me, from my mind thinking about losing you for the thousandth time

As the storm rage outside, my mind falls into a quiescent state and starts to dream of you, with every breath I take I inhale the smell of your essence, my body feels your warm carnal touch gliding over the sheets, and the sheet slowly descends down my body

I feel your loving touch easing up my thighs, leaving a trail of tingling sensations on my body flesh as it travels upward between my bosoms, stopping at my nightgown straps

With a gentle lift my night gown straps lifts off my shoulders, then my silky soft nightgown eases gently downward, seemly touching every inch of my flesh, leaving it's texture tingly and vibrate with sensations

A soft lick of your tongue slides between my toes, one by one each toe is licked and suckle, it's as if can feel the heat of your mouth as they slid pass your lips embrace

Mmm, I purr as the tip of your tongue ease upward on my legs, across the thickness of my thighs, not stopping until it gets to that sensitive spot on my neck

A gasp leaves my lungs as your hot tongue dance from my neck to my ear lobes, causing my body to cringe, my limbs to stiffen

Oh how I wish I could wake up from this dream and find you in my arms just once again

A soft but firm kiss embrace my lips, the same kiss you use to let me know everything will be alright while it soothes my soul and leaves a tingling after glow down in my toes

Again tears fall from my eyes, but your lips kiss each one away, then embrace my lips with an "I will always love you” kiss

My lips part as your tongue search for mines, once they touch, yours hugs mines then slowly withdrawn while sliding on the tender insides of my lips

A sudden gasp, my body jerks as your lips suckle on the bottom of my breast while your tongue rolls and dart across its surface, and suckle gently on its flesh

My body creeps across the bed trying to get away from the sharp sensations that’s running from my breast to the center of my womb

The sensations starts exploding outward, warming my body from the inside out as miniature shock waves vibrate completely through me

I want to open my eyes and see you, but I know its a dream, it has to be, it must be

My hands cover my eyes tightly so I don't peek, because not seeing you will end this fantasy dream

Oh, yes… Yes, suckle on my harden nipples, they miss your lips firm caress, leave them raw and sore from your passionate desire

Roll them under your tongue, squeeze them between you lips, lightly bite them, and stretch them while making my haven misty wet

Don't stop.. Please don't stop, can't you hear my pleas, my breast flesh is starving from not having your lips caress

Oh my… Your tongue feels hotter then fire as it slides downward, your hands touch is soft and warm as they gently spread my legs open wider

Never has so much passion reap from my body, every inch of my flesh is on fire with pleasure, as the tip of your tongue glides across the most sensitive spots on my inner thighs

The beats of my heart is so hard I fear it will jump out my chest as my womb burns with desire, while my clear nectar seeps past my haven doors and run down the crack between my butt cheeks and unto the sheet

A quick jerk, is my body reaction to your hot tongue gliding on my havens lips, my eyes clinch close tighter while my nails dig into the mattress covers

The bed shakes from my body vibrating, anticipating your tongue first plunge inside my pink haven

Your tongue teases me, as it slowly goes up between my folds, just as its heat is felt on my clitoris it descends back downward

Another quick lick upward, I can't stand much more, you love doing this to me, and would keep doing it until I grab your head and guide your tongue to my mark

But you're not here anymore, what happens if I reach out and there's no hair… Oh I can't stand it any longer, I must....

The feel of your silky hair surrounds my fingers, just as my back arch outward and your tongue hits my mark I scream in passion pleasure as the tip of your hot tongue slides past my swollen lips and taste the pink flesh of my haven walls for the first time tonight

After my passion wake secedes, my eyes open and see a soft silhouette of your head buried between my legs

My eyes watches as my flesh feel your firm grip lift my hips higher off the mattress, giving your tongue a direct path to my haven pink sensitive walls

In and out, in and out the flatness of your tongue pushes my swollen lips open again and again, as your tongue tip slash and darts over the surface of my pink flesh

My right leg wrap around your head, trapping it then pulling it deeper between both my legs

My body bucks each time your tongue slides past my clit, after it swells you attack it directly, knowing it would make me scream then cream your favorite tasting nectar

Mmm… You moan as your tongue lick up every drop, then plunges deep inside my walls like never before, my body stiffens as a dull tingle forms in the depths of my haven

While my body contorts and jerks, your tongue ravages my haven inside and out, then glides up and down my slit

Your tongue flattens then glides up and down the tender insides of my swollen lips, my hips involuntary starts to thrust up and down catching up to the rhythm of your tongue-lashings

My eyes fixate on your head moving down and up, then circling at the top of my slit opening

The deep dull tingling in my haven is now sharper and moving slowly up my womb walls

Again, and again your tongue glides up and down my slit, each time the sensation in my womb flows higher and feels sharper

My lungs is starting to burn and gasp for air, my hips swing wider on each revolution, my leg drops off your head as my fingertips pulls it in tighter, I swear I can hear you gasping for air as I thrust wildly on the flatness of your red tongue

Vibrations and mind blowing sensations fills my womb

At the bottom of my womb a small tremor has started, it rumbles harder and harder as it reaches the top

An agony of a passion pain moan screams in the air as the tremor explodes through my body like a volcano eruption, hot flashes of carnal bliss bombards my insides, as my body shutters and shake to the point you have to physically hold me down on the mattress

The bed squeaks and squawks as my body trembles from the release of all my stored up passion

Tears of pleasure rains down my face as the after quakes rocks my body even harder

As my legs open wider, my eyes glance up and watch your triumphant body, mounting my ever-quaking body…

Aaaghh... I moan as your manhood spreads my haven lips open wide, then its mushroom head leads the way down my wet wanting walls

The feel of your turgid shaft is felt stretching my haven walls to its elasticity limit, the passion pain is unbearable as my mind explodes in pure ecstasy

As your shaft squeezes past my clitoris, a deep passion release comes from my soul, rockets through my womb, causing my body to literally violently shake

Your manhood slowly descends; my hands reach out and hold on to the pillow soft flesh on you lower back while my back arch and my hips push upward to meet yours

Your eyes look through me as if it's the last time they would ever see me, I called out your name as your manhood plunges downward inside me, all so gracefully and smoothly, as it slides against my soft walls causing moans to blast out my lungs from miniature burst of pleasure-pain as your measured strokes rain in me soft and slow like a raining mist

Every thrust of your hips fills my soul with love, you glide on top of me lighter then air, while you shaft fills my womb full to capacity, sending endless sensations through its pink walls

As I whisper I love you, I need you, your soft but firm lips kiss me deeply, my lips part and I an feel your tongue sliding on the inside of my lips, but I can't taste the flavor of it that I also miss so much.

The feel of your loving strokes between my legs bring tears to my eyes

The feel of your cheek on mines is felt as I moan in passion as your manhood thrust deeper inside me

I start to cry out loud as the loneliness of not being with you leaves my body, but your loving strokes soon brings calm and peace to my soul

For what seems like hours, the softness of your shaft mist in my womb, my mind seemed to travel to a distant peaceful place, where one day we are to be together again forever

Abruptly my mind is brought back to the present time and place as your shaft starts to rain harder in my womb

My hips meet yours as my womb feels your ghostly soft shaft swell bigger, filling my womb even more

The distant sound of thunder seemed to enter the room, but now I realize it was the sound of you unyielding shaft snapping in my womb, your body is still feather soft on top of me, but my body repeatedly slams deep into the mattress

I'm cumin utters in my throat as my body succumbs to your deep hard thrusting while all my muscles vibrate

I beg you to stop as my body is overcome with emotions, but you keep thundering your manhood so far down the center of my womb, it feels as if it’s penetrating straight through me

The bed shakes so violently the whole house seems to be quaking

My hands grip tight on your hips; my legs open even wider as I pull your body closer then close to me, pulling all of you deeper inside of me

The mushroom head of your shaft pushes my walls open ever wider then before, as you thrust with sudden urgency

Your body stiffens then becomes still, it vibrates from top to bottom while your hard palpitating manhood quakes on my womb walls, I scream as the burning heat of your hot-wet creamy cream fills my womb beyond its capacity

The hotness of it is almost unbearable as its heat spills out my womb and its heat melts into my insides, burning its way to then through my bones, now it's covering my soul with its warmth; your hot loving release has released me from the torture of your sudden departure

The sound of my clock striking twelve wakens me, I'm still alone, but I don't fill lonely, I think of you without missing you, my body feels vibrant and refreshed

I glance at the clock and wonder did I dream of you for the last four hours, and why does the essence of you is so strong in my nostrils

My body is so relaxed I don't want to move, but for some reason my body thirst

As my legs hang over the bed edge I sigh in pain, as pain sensations from soreness ripples between my legs

My eyes glance up and I see your favorite Trick Or Treat bag sitting on the kitchen table over filled with your favorite treats

My heart smiles....

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sexy Legs ......... Picture poem

Creamy sheer complexion, shapely legs that tease

Your mind wonders, what part of her will you see next, and will she be bold and step out her sleek sexy car, with just her hat and naked flesh

Or barely clothed to tease the mind into submission

The look of her long fingers intrigue the mind, as you wonder how soft they will feel wrapped around the girth of the expanding extension of you

How taut her grip will be, as her eyes look deep into yours, while the palm of her hand glides up and down your throbbing meaty flesh

Will her breast be ample and long, or short, round and wide?

Will her nipples protrude like a towering mountain, or the sexy wide kind, that fills your hungry mouth?

Will you marvel at the shape of her lips, as your mind anticipate your girth easing between their inner softness

And once you get between her silky thighs, will you fingers be holding on to a apple shape bottom, or a tight round mass of muscle, covered with creamy smooth soft flesh

In a split second, a lot can race through a precarious mind...

Friday, October 23, 2009

His eyes...... Picture Poem (Prose form)

Picture is from
Their flash Friday challenge photo
I'm just having some fun with it

Eyes sign my faith as his desire burns inside out

His eyes never leaves mines

Even as my clothes are tossed off one by one

Exposing the nakedness of my bare flesh

He sits motionless as his eyes fixate on mines

As my body is slowly stripped of its coverings

It's not until I'm down to my high heels and thong that my eyes see any movement of his body

A seam in his pants starts to form

It stretches further and further as it widens

His pants seems to strain as his excitement grows like a rattler snake down his pants leg

My heartbeat quickens

As his excitement reaches new heights

His body language is tense

Resembling a rattlesnake that's coil up and ready to strike...

As my fingertips ease over the softness of the naked flesh covering my breast

His eyes follow their every movement

As my eyes stare into his, I can feel him touch me

I can feel his fingertips easing over my breast

Through their valley

Then circle around my nipples

Until they reach out and beg to be touch

As his fingertips easing down my sides and over the roundness of my derrière

I can feel the softness of his lips suckle gingerly on my excited nipples

My back arch

My eyes close, as the feel of his fingertips ease under the soft fabric of my thongs

And gently caress my folds

They slowly slide up and down my slit until I'm moist

Then wet

Then proceed to caress my extended clitoris

The rhythm of his fingertips moves quicker

As my excitement grows bigger

My ears hear my lungs quickly moan in excitement as his fingertips rub my clitoris until my body goes into a frenzy

My lungs gasp for air

My body leans in a slumping manner

As my eyes slowly opens, they see him still sitting there watching me

My mind ponders... "Just like a man to sit and watch, as the woman does everything"…

Monday, October 19, 2009

Splendor In The Grass .. Haiku (American)

Her temptation eyes

Tempted his enormity

Splendor in the grass

Haiku is an unrhymed Japanese verse consisting of three

unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables (5, 7, 5) or 17 syllables in all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whispering Serenade ...... Prose Poem

Soft glow of candlelight’s illuminates the sheer darkness in the room

Fingertips ease over soft bare flesh, causing a quiet gasp

Tongues danced as lips embraced softly, deeply, as two lovers flesh meshed tightly together

Hips slowly gyrate, gingerly meshing their sexes together

One weep sweet nectar of tears, as the other grows tall and hard, with pulsating tremors like a volcano

Like a ballerina dancer her legs opens into a split, and the hardness of his affection falls inside her womb on cue

Her soft moans are lost in the quietness of soft music playing in the background, as his affection intrudes deeper inside her darkness

Hips move in slow gyrations, one follows, the other leads, but as the dance proceed, the ballerina takes the lead

Her hips move in a precise small circles, while her stomach muscles moved like a gentle ocean wave, her womb showers his harness with wet affection, keeping the dance silky smooth

He groans softly as moist heat surrounds the rigidness of his affection, and her haven walls grips his affection ever tighter

Hips thrust harder, thrusting his affection deeper, as he tries to take the lead from the ballerina…

Legs flex around his waist, and grips him like a king cobra grips its prey; she is the lead ballerina, and a lead ballerina never surrenders the lead

His body floats on top of hers as she leads him like she has never before, ever gyration of her hips is like a precise Swiss watch movement, ever touch of her fingertips on his flesh sends tantalizing sensations up his spine, every soft kiss from her lips leaves his body weaker, while leaving him wanting more

As their dance sails into the night, a whisper floats into her ear, the whisper tells her the softness of her flesh feels so good against his flesh, how sweet her kisses taste on his lips, then the whisper, whispers how the sensations of her fingertips waltzing on his flesh electrifies his mind, vibrates in his loins, and how perfect his hardness fits inside the softness of her womb

Again, another whisper softly enters into her ear, and whispers how his love for her has gripped his soul, and he will forever hold on to it, for the rest of his life

The dance nears the finale; the pace quickens, but her hips movements are still precise and smooth as silk

As her back slowly starts to arch upward, the softness of his voice keeps whispering in her ear

As she leads the dance to the ending, it whispers how he wants her to be more then his lover, it whispers how he will cherish her for eternity, it whispers how he loves ever ounce of her fiber, every piece of her being, and how his love grows for her with every beat of his heart

Her legs gradually unfolds from around his waist, her knees slowly rose upward towards her head, his affection falls inside her haven depths so deep it touched her soul

While her mind relinquished the lead, her body shudders in a cosmic release

As her body trembles and quakes, her soul relinquishes all the love she has hidden deep inside her, to the soft whispers of her lover...

Happy Hump Day......

Monday, October 12, 2009

Spank .......... Picture Poem

This picture is from "MARQE'S STUDY" blog..

I feel them..

His eyes

They follow my footsteps

They follow the sway of my hips

They watch every small movement my body makes

The anticipation why they look through me is making me lightly seep between my thighs

As my body walks closer to his, his hands reach out and grab my body by the waist, his fingertips sink deeply into my flesh to the point my body can't move

The power in his arms draws me closer to him, he holds me so tight it's almost impossible for me to catch my breath

He holds me while facing him as he sits in the chair; he deeply inhales my essence as his eyes undress my flesh until its naked

With quickness he toss me over his knee like a rag doll, my body fights to get away from his aggressive sexual play

Suddenly my pants are pulled down, he pulls my panties down to the point they hang on the bottom edge of my expose derriere

My body wiggles trying to free itself, a sharp smack whistles into the air, followed by a sharp pain on my bottom flesh

My voice screams "Are you crazy", then spank; whack, slap sounds into the air, as his spanking targets my right butt cheek

With all its might, my body fights harder to get away, but his grip was too firm...

His strikes were precise, as they landed on my other ass cheek...

I cursed his name

I cursed his mother name

I cursed his father name

He pauses but remains silent, then he slaps my left cheek quickly with a tight hand

Owl! Leaves my throat, tears fall from my eyes as the pain soaks into my flesh, my mind wonders why he is spanking my bottom so harshly, then I feel a trickle of nectar seep from my womb, while a warmness starts to grow deep inside my loins

OW! Owl! Owl! My lungs bark as quick strikes smack on my left cheek, then my right, but now my mind doesn't dwell on the feel of pain, just sensations of sharp pleasure pouring into my womb

Again he strikes, his hand strikes my bottom just below the roundness of it, as it oscillate, his eyes fixate on it, heightening his sexual senses

The color of my butt flesh has turned into a soft cherry red glow, my pleas for him to stop has turned into low sensuous moans

As my mind anticipate another strike, he hesitates or strikes the same cheek again, keeping my mind on edge

Warm waves of calm soak in my womb while his hand slaps the softness of my right butt cheek, it's as the energy from his strikes whisk into my loins

Wetness seeps from my core, soaking through his pants, while I can feel his harden excitement caressing my stomach

His warm hand now eases softly, tenderly over my pinkish bottom, as it descends downward, it follows the opening of my center crack, once at the bottom, his fingertips tenderly massage the back of my thighs

A finger enters softly into my wetness; another soon follows it, while his thump circles the edges of my clitoris

Low moans escape pass my lips, as his fingertips massage my womb

Suddenly with quickness, his hand smacks my right cheek repeatedly; small muscles spasm ensues after each smack of his hand

He now turns his attention to the left cheek, he seemingly to be spanking me harder then before

Just as my mind thinks my body cannot endure the heavy blows any more, the spanking assault stops abruptly, the power in his hands gently lifts me up, then off his lap

His eyes look deep into my weeping eyes, while he remains totally silent

My voice screams at him, "What are you waiting for, take me now!"

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wait .... Repetition Poem

This Poem was inspired.. then written as a "Reprisal Poem" to a poem my poetic friend Sweet_misfit had written

In the moonlit room

I sit on my favorite chair and wait...

Wait while my mind anticipates

The coming of you...


The only person that can fully fulfill my needs

My dreams

My wildness fantasies

Sex my body

Sex my mind

Sex my soul

Give me all the love this 1man body can hold

I sit and wait for your touch

To ease across my brow

To trace the outline of my lips

To flicker the softness of your fingertips across my cheeks like a feather

And as our eyes meet

You smile at me

With a loving smile

Moments before your lips





And tenderly sweet

I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

The way your lips suckles on my nipples

While your fingertips ease down my waist

Then into my lap

Unfolding the opening of my pants

I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

My pants falling down around my ankles

While the softness of your lips

Taste the bare flesh of my stomach

You pause

And inhale my sexual sent

Then ease the tip of my throbbing manhood

Past the softness of your inner lips


Groans transpire into the air

As suction

And tightness

Greets my manhood shaft

Waves of heated energy washes inside my loins

Like a tropical storm

Only you

Can make me feel this way

That's why I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

The softness of your lips

Passing over my harden flesh


And again

Making my mind scream in ecstasy

Taking all my length

All my girth


Pass the softness of the inside of your lips

That's why I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

You taking me to the edge

Before we ever got to the bed

While my hips gyrate the length of my manhood deep inside your face

Like it needs to be fed

But before I pass the edge

You whisper

Your womb

Needs to be sexually fed

Your body straddles mine

And as my girth opens up the pinkness of your haven divine

Your haven showers my shaft

With your clear nectar wine

Hips gyrate

Stomach muscles tuck

That's why I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

Harden flesh thrust

My girth deep inside the cotton softness between your thighs

As you take me on a






That's why I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

In and out my length and girth glides

While up and down our bodies ride

As my manhood falls into the abyss of your divine

Sweat sweeps off chest unto breast

Whispering breaths whisk softly into our ears

Bodies embrace tighter

Hips collide together harder

A lustful sensation fills the mind

As release nears

That's why I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

An abrupt stop

Your body stands

Then turns around

You offer me your backside





As you’re inner sphincter muscles stretch

And my manhood falls into the depths of your bowels

Sheer blissful sensations tramples in our loins

As my hardness makes your backside feel full

Hands hold firm breast tightly

Hips move gracefully

As my girth glides inside your darkest crevice

That you willingly surrender

Arms wrap around waist

As fingertips dig deeply into my naked flesh

Harden nipples push upward into the palm of my hand

As manly harden nipples

Impales into your back





That's why I sit and wait for you

While my mind anticipates

Your coming...


Eternal love

Awaits your arrival