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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Forever Wake.......... Prose poem ( Happy Halloween )

As darkness embrace the light of the day, raindrops pounds heavily on my window panes

The sky has darken to the color black, except when illuminated by lightening bolting across the sky

Your face seems to emerge at the door through the glass, but I know it's just my imagination; you've been gone for a while now, my mind has accepted it, but my heart still aches for you

My ears miss your laughter, my eyes miss your warm smile, my nostrils miss exhaling your cologne from a distance, while also missing your smell of essence when you are up close to me, especially when you held me so tight I couldn't breathe

As I sit in the darken room, it's as if my flesh can feel your carnal touch, your breath whisking past my ear lobes

Oh, how my lips miss your lips gentle embrace

You seem to know when to kiss me to sooth me, or kiss me with so much passion, my dress would melt off my body and fall to the floor

I truly miss the way your lips suckle on my neck which always made my knees all so weak...

You never know what you had until it's taken from you forever

But if I had just one wish today, I would wish for one more day to be with you, so I could tell you how much I loved you one more time, and show you how much I needed all of you

But instead, on your favorite day to play and act like a child, I sit in the dark wishing for you, thinking about all the Halloween tricks you played on the kids when they came by and said "Trick Or Treat" knowingly you were going to trick them some kind of way

Deep in my mind, I know they miss you too...

My mind must of gone mad for a second, I swear I saw your face again, but this time you were right in front of me with that childish grin

My heart can't bare any more pain from wanting you, I'm going to put your favorite candy bag at the front door in your remembrance, and rest my mind while letting your favorite night pass me by

I have always hated these late night thunder storms, as usual the power is out again When you were here, you would light the lantern and we would lay in the bed, as I cuddle between your strong arms, they would wrapped around me and hold me close to the beat of your heart

When my mind and body felt content, I would fall asleep in your loving embrace while watching the illumination of the lantern light across the room

Like rain, my tears falls down my face, I swear I see you reaching for me, to comfort me like you always did, I must close my eyes and sleep before my heart burst from the misery that has built inside me, from my mind thinking about losing you for the thousandth time

As the storm rage outside, my mind falls into a quiescent state and starts to dream of you, with every breath I take I inhale the smell of your essence, my body feels your warm carnal touch gliding over the sheets, and the sheet slowly descends down my body

I feel your loving touch easing up my thighs, leaving a trail of tingling sensations on my body flesh as it travels upward between my bosoms, stopping at my nightgown straps

With a gentle lift my night gown straps lifts off my shoulders, then my silky soft nightgown eases gently downward, seemly touching every inch of my flesh, leaving it's texture tingly and vibrate with sensations

A soft lick of your tongue slides between my toes, one by one each toe is licked and suckle, it's as if can feel the heat of your mouth as they slid pass your lips embrace

Mmm, I purr as the tip of your tongue ease upward on my legs, across the thickness of my thighs, not stopping until it gets to that sensitive spot on my neck

A gasp leaves my lungs as your hot tongue dance from my neck to my ear lobes, causing my body to cringe, my limbs to stiffen

Oh how I wish I could wake up from this dream and find you in my arms just once again

A soft but firm kiss embrace my lips, the same kiss you use to let me know everything will be alright while it soothes my soul and leaves a tingling after glow down in my toes

Again tears fall from my eyes, but your lips kiss each one away, then embrace my lips with an "I will always love you” kiss

My lips part as your tongue search for mines, once they touch, yours hugs mines then slowly withdrawn while sliding on the tender insides of my lips

A sudden gasp, my body jerks as your lips suckle on the bottom of my breast while your tongue rolls and dart across its surface, and suckle gently on its flesh

My body creeps across the bed trying to get away from the sharp sensations that’s running from my breast to the center of my womb

The sensations starts exploding outward, warming my body from the inside out as miniature shock waves vibrate completely through me

I want to open my eyes and see you, but I know its a dream, it has to be, it must be

My hands cover my eyes tightly so I don't peek, because not seeing you will end this fantasy dream

Oh, yes… Yes, suckle on my harden nipples, they miss your lips firm caress, leave them raw and sore from your passionate desire

Roll them under your tongue, squeeze them between you lips, lightly bite them, and stretch them while making my haven misty wet

Don't stop.. Please don't stop, can't you hear my pleas, my breast flesh is starving from not having your lips caress

Oh my… Your tongue feels hotter then fire as it slides downward, your hands touch is soft and warm as they gently spread my legs open wider

Never has so much passion reap from my body, every inch of my flesh is on fire with pleasure, as the tip of your tongue glides across the most sensitive spots on my inner thighs

The beats of my heart is so hard I fear it will jump out my chest as my womb burns with desire, while my clear nectar seeps past my haven doors and run down the crack between my butt cheeks and unto the sheet

A quick jerk, is my body reaction to your hot tongue gliding on my havens lips, my eyes clinch close tighter while my nails dig into the mattress covers

The bed shakes from my body vibrating, anticipating your tongue first plunge inside my pink haven

Your tongue teases me, as it slowly goes up between my folds, just as its heat is felt on my clitoris it descends back downward

Another quick lick upward, I can't stand much more, you love doing this to me, and would keep doing it until I grab your head and guide your tongue to my mark

But you're not here anymore, what happens if I reach out and there's no hair… Oh I can't stand it any longer, I must....

The feel of your silky hair surrounds my fingers, just as my back arch outward and your tongue hits my mark I scream in passion pleasure as the tip of your hot tongue slides past my swollen lips and taste the pink flesh of my haven walls for the first time tonight

After my passion wake secedes, my eyes open and see a soft silhouette of your head buried between my legs

My eyes watches as my flesh feel your firm grip lift my hips higher off the mattress, giving your tongue a direct path to my haven pink sensitive walls

In and out, in and out the flatness of your tongue pushes my swollen lips open again and again, as your tongue tip slash and darts over the surface of my pink flesh

My right leg wrap around your head, trapping it then pulling it deeper between both my legs

My body bucks each time your tongue slides past my clit, after it swells you attack it directly, knowing it would make me scream then cream your favorite tasting nectar

Mmm… You moan as your tongue lick up every drop, then plunges deep inside my walls like never before, my body stiffens as a dull tingle forms in the depths of my haven

While my body contorts and jerks, your tongue ravages my haven inside and out, then glides up and down my slit

Your tongue flattens then glides up and down the tender insides of my swollen lips, my hips involuntary starts to thrust up and down catching up to the rhythm of your tongue-lashings

My eyes fixate on your head moving down and up, then circling at the top of my slit opening

The deep dull tingling in my haven is now sharper and moving slowly up my womb walls

Again, and again your tongue glides up and down my slit, each time the sensation in my womb flows higher and feels sharper

My lungs is starting to burn and gasp for air, my hips swing wider on each revolution, my leg drops off your head as my fingertips pulls it in tighter, I swear I can hear you gasping for air as I thrust wildly on the flatness of your red tongue

Vibrations and mind blowing sensations fills my womb

At the bottom of my womb a small tremor has started, it rumbles harder and harder as it reaches the top

An agony of a passion pain moan screams in the air as the tremor explodes through my body like a volcano eruption, hot flashes of carnal bliss bombards my insides, as my body shutters and shake to the point you have to physically hold me down on the mattress

The bed squeaks and squawks as my body trembles from the release of all my stored up passion

Tears of pleasure rains down my face as the after quakes rocks my body even harder

As my legs open wider, my eyes glance up and watch your triumphant body, mounting my ever-quaking body…

Aaaghh... I moan as your manhood spreads my haven lips open wide, then its mushroom head leads the way down my wet wanting walls

The feel of your turgid shaft is felt stretching my haven walls to its elasticity limit, the passion pain is unbearable as my mind explodes in pure ecstasy

As your shaft squeezes past my clitoris, a deep passion release comes from my soul, rockets through my womb, causing my body to literally violently shake

Your manhood slowly descends; my hands reach out and hold on to the pillow soft flesh on you lower back while my back arch and my hips push upward to meet yours

Your eyes look through me as if it's the last time they would ever see me, I called out your name as your manhood plunges downward inside me, all so gracefully and smoothly, as it slides against my soft walls causing moans to blast out my lungs from miniature burst of pleasure-pain as your measured strokes rain in me soft and slow like a raining mist

Every thrust of your hips fills my soul with love, you glide on top of me lighter then air, while you shaft fills my womb full to capacity, sending endless sensations through its pink walls

As I whisper I love you, I need you, your soft but firm lips kiss me deeply, my lips part and I an feel your tongue sliding on the inside of my lips, but I can't taste the flavor of it that I also miss so much.

The feel of your loving strokes between my legs bring tears to my eyes

The feel of your cheek on mines is felt as I moan in passion as your manhood thrust deeper inside me

I start to cry out loud as the loneliness of not being with you leaves my body, but your loving strokes soon brings calm and peace to my soul

For what seems like hours, the softness of your shaft mist in my womb, my mind seemed to travel to a distant peaceful place, where one day we are to be together again forever

Abruptly my mind is brought back to the present time and place as your shaft starts to rain harder in my womb

My hips meet yours as my womb feels your ghostly soft shaft swell bigger, filling my womb even more

The distant sound of thunder seemed to enter the room, but now I realize it was the sound of you unyielding shaft snapping in my womb, your body is still feather soft on top of me, but my body repeatedly slams deep into the mattress

I'm cumin utters in my throat as my body succumbs to your deep hard thrusting while all my muscles vibrate

I beg you to stop as my body is overcome with emotions, but you keep thundering your manhood so far down the center of my womb, it feels as if it’s penetrating straight through me

The bed shakes so violently the whole house seems to be quaking

My hands grip tight on your hips; my legs open even wider as I pull your body closer then close to me, pulling all of you deeper inside of me

The mushroom head of your shaft pushes my walls open ever wider then before, as you thrust with sudden urgency

Your body stiffens then becomes still, it vibrates from top to bottom while your hard palpitating manhood quakes on my womb walls, I scream as the burning heat of your hot-wet creamy cream fills my womb beyond its capacity

The hotness of it is almost unbearable as its heat spills out my womb and its heat melts into my insides, burning its way to then through my bones, now it's covering my soul with its warmth; your hot loving release has released me from the torture of your sudden departure

The sound of my clock striking twelve wakens me, I'm still alone, but I don't fill lonely, I think of you without missing you, my body feels vibrant and refreshed

I glance at the clock and wonder did I dream of you for the last four hours, and why does the essence of you is so strong in my nostrils

My body is so relaxed I don't want to move, but for some reason my body thirst

As my legs hang over the bed edge I sigh in pain, as pain sensations from soreness ripples between my legs

My eyes glance up and I see your favorite Trick Or Treat bag sitting on the kitchen table over filled with your favorite treats

My heart smiles....



  2. Oi!!!!Passando para deixar um xeirinho para você! Pois no Blog Minha galeria de imagens, não sei o que aconteceu, não consegui descobrir onde estar o erro que não permite comentários. (Você é Americano?)

  3. My god... este meu inglês não anda bem... mas transmitir-te que gostei do espaço

  4. El cuerpo sucumbe a tus caricias, y a esa lengua que lo recorre con intensidad y dulzura.



  5. That was better than being there almost!


  6. Quando a lua apareceu, thank you and please do...