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Friday, October 23, 2009

His eyes...... Picture Poem (Prose form)

Picture is from
Their flash Friday challenge photo
I'm just having some fun with it

Eyes sign my faith as his desire burns inside out

His eyes never leaves mines

Even as my clothes are tossed off one by one

Exposing the nakedness of my bare flesh

He sits motionless as his eyes fixate on mines

As my body is slowly stripped of its coverings

It's not until I'm down to my high heels and thong that my eyes see any movement of his body

A seam in his pants starts to form

It stretches further and further as it widens

His pants seems to strain as his excitement grows like a rattler snake down his pants leg

My heartbeat quickens

As his excitement reaches new heights

His body language is tense

Resembling a rattlesnake that's coil up and ready to strike...

As my fingertips ease over the softness of the naked flesh covering my breast

His eyes follow their every movement

As my eyes stare into his, I can feel him touch me

I can feel his fingertips easing over my breast

Through their valley

Then circle around my nipples

Until they reach out and beg to be touch

As his fingertips easing down my sides and over the roundness of my derrière

I can feel the softness of his lips suckle gingerly on my excited nipples

My back arch

My eyes close, as the feel of his fingertips ease under the soft fabric of my thongs

And gently caress my folds

They slowly slide up and down my slit until I'm moist

Then wet

Then proceed to caress my extended clitoris

The rhythm of his fingertips moves quicker

As my excitement grows bigger

My ears hear my lungs quickly moan in excitement as his fingertips rub my clitoris until my body goes into a frenzy

My lungs gasp for air

My body leans in a slumping manner

As my eyes slowly opens, they see him still sitting there watching me

My mind ponders... "Just like a man to sit and watch, as the woman does everything"…


  1. Oh, how erotic and I LOVED the ending, I laughed aloud! Wonderful (the sound is of Nilla, clapping)

  2. belo belissimo
    Bjs de mel

  3. Very entertaining my friend!


  4. LLLLOOOOLLLL... you almost had my heart pounding ;-) thanks for the laugh ;-)

  5. @ vanillamom, Thank you, I shall take a bow.. lol ...

  6. @ a complicated kitten, Thank you my friend, nice to see you
    Have a great week....

  7. A liane, glad you liked it
    Have a great day
    And a better tomorrow..

  8. @ Black Pearl, coming from you,, pleases me...
    Have a great week...