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Monday, October 5, 2009

Moist ............ Picture Poem .........

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In my dream, I dream of ocean waves softly washing across my feet, surrounding my toes with its soothing penetrating warmth

As I lift my feet into the air, the soft breeze of the wind swirls around them, causing a tingling sensation deep within my womb

As my eyes open, I feel moisten warmth on my toes; my legs stiffen as the delicate touch of your tongue ease across, then under my big toe

As your lips suckles on it, it slips into the depths of your mouth

The sensations runs into my loins, making my womb walls to tighten, and run with moister

You ease my wet toe from you mouth, then like a calm wind you blow softly on it, my legs jerks then tremor from the sensations

With tenderness, the tip of your tongue ease between my toes, as it leaves a warm wet trail, my mind is bombarded with sensuous sensations, while anticipating my outcome...


  1. cette photo est tres senuelle !
    J'adore !
    A bientot

  2. as i read this, i had to giggle a bit.. i am way too ticklish for this to be done to my toes... much to the dismay of Lewis (my husband).. good morning ;-)

  3. Only one man in my past used to suck my toes like that...thanks for the lovely, sensual trip down memory lane!

  4. Loved it!!! Yea, not too many men go there, but when they do...Its such a plus...

  5. mmmmm... is beutiful.
    Excelent poem


  6. I absolutely love to have my toes sucked! I've got way too many fetishes :-P Excellent poem my dear friend.


  7. nossa q deliciaaa!!!
    adoro carinhos nos pé de ++++++

    bjus ótima semana pra ti...

  8. Liane, my spouse is also very ticklish, but I found if I deeply massage he feet first, she can enjoy the tongue lashing to follow ( not ...)

  9. Black Pearl, thanks for gracing my blog with your presence..

  10. JStar, if only more men knew...

  11. intimidades, thank you so much for dropping in and leaving a comment

  12. Kitten, we Thanks for stopping in my freind...

  13. Thank you for the foreplay, it's too neglected these days!

  14. Topaz, we rush into everything these days.. Thanks for stopping in..

  15. Aint nothing flying than suckin on some fresh polished toes...Very nice read and the pic is good too...

  16. Thank you sueie, thanks for back reading my poems...