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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Phantasmic Flirt... Prose Poem .. Happy Halloween ..

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As I sit in my large, soft,comfortable computer chair

The closing of my eyes sneaks upon me

As I nap in front of my computer, a set of soft moist lips palpate my neck

After they linger, they slowly move upwards softly, gently

A whiff of its breath pass by its lips onto my neck

Goose bumps raise on my skin, an electrifying spark shoots down my spine, my body clinches then unclinch

But, as my eyes open and before I could turn around, it all was gone, leaving me with a feeling that a Ghost had come into my room

While still in a state of sleep, I get up from my chair and walk towards the kitchen; hoping to find the presence of my Ghost there

Not finding a Ghost with soft lips there, I pour myself a tall cool glass of water

As the water ease down my throat quenching my thirst, I feel the presence of a hand gliding effortlessly across my groin area

A bump so gentle

A touch so soft

A glide so slow

I can feel every nerve ending tingling

But, before I can stop drinking the cool glass of water that was

quenching my thirst so heavenly, it too had disappeared, just like a Ghost

It had left me with even more tingling sensations than before

I turn quickly, but the Ghostly hand had not left me any trails to follow

After retreating to the living room, I found the comfort of the couch to sit my weary body down

In the blink of an eye, I felt the presence of a feather like touch

Sliding across the back of my neck

The tingling feeling made me jump and lean my head back while closing my eyes

Again, as soon as I open my eyes, nothing was there; but the Ghostly feeling of being touched

After the tingling feelings withdraw, I turn on the TV and slump back tired and confused unto the couch

My eyes again slowly close from my weary day

As I slept deep, I felt the return of moist soft lips

tracing the outline of my ear

They started tracing my ear in a slow circle, sometimes barely touching it, sometimes blowing warm air on it

A wet sensation enters my ear canal, I keep my eyes closed enjoying the Ghostly light touches

Suddenly, with an erotic touch the moisten lips sucks in the skin on my neck into its mouth

At first, I pull back from the sensations, but the lips suck harder,

which makes me surrender my neck to the Ghost wishes

The other Ghostly feeling returns, reappearing on the opposite side of my neck from where the Ghost lips was blazing a smoking hot, wet trail with its tongue

The second Ghostly feeling slowly descending down towards my nipple

With the feel of one soft finger, it surrounds my nipple making a large circle

The circle gets smaller and smaller, until my nipple protrudes outward

The Ghostly finger now descends again, leaving a trail of hot flesh from its touch

My Ghost now wets my neck with the feel of its tongue, the touch is so soft all I can feel is the dampness of its touch

The sensation from this touch makes me squirm and I loose track of the Ghost second feathery touch for the moment

A slow hot breath glides across my neck, as the feel of the Ghost second feathery touch reappears between my legs

It runs along the inside of my thighs, first down, then up, from one side to the other

The whole time I kept my eyes closed tight

I didn't dare to open them, I don't want my Ghost to disappear again, not now, not ever

The membrane between my legs swells from the endless tingling on my thighs

The Ghost fingers finds my swollen membrane, then slowly travels its length, while subduing it with its ghostly soft touch

My heart rate quickens, I can hear the decimal of my breathing getting louder

A hard suck from my Ghost lips on my neck makes my body freeze in place, in time

As my body slowly melts, I suddenly feel alone

No touching

No sensations

Only the sound of my own heavy breathing

I open my eyes and my Ghost had fled again

My mind is lost, confused

My heart is still racing

I quickly ease up off the sofa and look frantically for my Ghost

I search the house from one room to the next

Each room that I didn't find my Ghost, the more excited I would become because I'm thinking about what's going to happen when I do find it

I search every room, but I find nothing

Was it just a dream I think to myself, was I really asleep on the couch?

I return to my den where it all started

I walk up to my computer chair to sit down

Behind the tall back of the chair, I find my missing Ghost resting

I'm so excited my whole body tremble, I have finally found my Ghost, and she looks like shear heaven

My beautiful Ghost had fallen asleep as I wondered around endlessly looking for it

My Ghost lays there so quietly, so tranquil

I watch my Ghost chest slightly move in and out in a slow soft rhythm

My hands tremble as I look at her curves, hills and valleys

She was so beautiful as she sat there in her serene space

I moisten my lips, and softly brush them against her cloud soft neck

As she felt my moist soft touch, my Ghost moves its neck to one side, and takes in a quick deep breath

Her eyes slowly opens

As my Ghost looks up she sees no one is there

Nothing is there but a long lingering, tingling, Ghostly feeling:slowly, traveling down her spine.


  1. Linda imagem estou encantada.
    Bjd de Mel

  2. Happy Halloween to my favorite poet!!


  3. Como un fantasma....
    Que buenas imágenes y que buen argumento.
    Happy Halloween!!!
    Mil besitos!!!

  4. @ complicated kitten.. Happy Halloween to you too my sweet kitten friend..

  5. SILVIA, Gracias
    Abrazos y besos ..

  6. oooooo---shivers of delight------another wonderful piece. . .

    sheer bliss...


  7. vanillamom, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it...