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Monday, October 26, 2009

Sexy Legs ......... Picture poem

Creamy sheer complexion, shapely legs that tease

Your mind wonders, what part of her will you see next, and will she be bold and step out her sleek sexy car, with just her hat and naked flesh

Or barely clothed to tease the mind into submission

The look of her long fingers intrigue the mind, as you wonder how soft they will feel wrapped around the girth of the expanding extension of you

How taut her grip will be, as her eyes look deep into yours, while the palm of her hand glides up and down your throbbing meaty flesh

Will her breast be ample and long, or short, round and wide?

Will her nipples protrude like a towering mountain, or the sexy wide kind, that fills your hungry mouth?

Will you marvel at the shape of her lips, as your mind anticipate your girth easing between their inner softness

And once you get between her silky thighs, will you fingers be holding on to a apple shape bottom, or a tight round mass of muscle, covered with creamy smooth soft flesh

In a split second, a lot can race through a precarious mind...


  1. That's a nice tease of words for the mind. Makes you wonder!


  2. Hey kitten, thanks for commenting..

  3. The wondering makes you happy she's caught in that frame, before she can stand. Great piece!

  4. anticipation.. a sometimes oh soooo cruel but yet an equally wonderful thing, isn't it? ;-)

  5. you write a sensual way,
    and describes very well the feelings you have when you're horny ...
    beautiful text ....

    kisses on your heart!

  6. Topaz, thank you fro the comment...
    Have a great week..

  7. @ Liane.. Yes, it gets the heart and mind racing..

  8. @ Nabcy C.. I guess I'm a horny kind of guy... Hehe.. Thank you..

  9. Exceptionally stylish as well as erotic!