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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whispering Serenade ...... Prose Poem

Soft glow of candlelight’s illuminates the sheer darkness in the room

Fingertips ease over soft bare flesh, causing a quiet gasp

Tongues danced as lips embraced softly, deeply, as two lovers flesh meshed tightly together

Hips slowly gyrate, gingerly meshing their sexes together

One weep sweet nectar of tears, as the other grows tall and hard, with pulsating tremors like a volcano

Like a ballerina dancer her legs opens into a split, and the hardness of his affection falls inside her womb on cue

Her soft moans are lost in the quietness of soft music playing in the background, as his affection intrudes deeper inside her darkness

Hips move in slow gyrations, one follows, the other leads, but as the dance proceed, the ballerina takes the lead

Her hips move in a precise small circles, while her stomach muscles moved like a gentle ocean wave, her womb showers his harness with wet affection, keeping the dance silky smooth

He groans softly as moist heat surrounds the rigidness of his affection, and her haven walls grips his affection ever tighter

Hips thrust harder, thrusting his affection deeper, as he tries to take the lead from the ballerina…

Legs flex around his waist, and grips him like a king cobra grips its prey; she is the lead ballerina, and a lead ballerina never surrenders the lead

His body floats on top of hers as she leads him like she has never before, ever gyration of her hips is like a precise Swiss watch movement, ever touch of her fingertips on his flesh sends tantalizing sensations up his spine, every soft kiss from her lips leaves his body weaker, while leaving him wanting more

As their dance sails into the night, a whisper floats into her ear, the whisper tells her the softness of her flesh feels so good against his flesh, how sweet her kisses taste on his lips, then the whisper, whispers how the sensations of her fingertips waltzing on his flesh electrifies his mind, vibrates in his loins, and how perfect his hardness fits inside the softness of her womb

Again, another whisper softly enters into her ear, and whispers how his love for her has gripped his soul, and he will forever hold on to it, for the rest of his life

The dance nears the finale; the pace quickens, but her hips movements are still precise and smooth as silk

As her back slowly starts to arch upward, the softness of his voice keeps whispering in her ear

As she leads the dance to the ending, it whispers how he wants her to be more then his lover, it whispers how he will cherish her for eternity, it whispers how he loves ever ounce of her fiber, every piece of her being, and how his love grows for her with every beat of his heart

Her legs gradually unfolds from around his waist, her knees slowly rose upward towards her head, his affection falls inside her haven depths so deep it touched her soul

While her mind relinquished the lead, her body shudders in a cosmic release

As her body trembles and quakes, her soul relinquishes all the love she has hidden deep inside her, to the soft whispers of her lover...


  1. beautiful words, sexy pic

  2. Thank you for following my blog - I like the way you write too...

    A-L F

  3. Love it!!! Ok, you got me all moist at work early in the morning lol....Mmmnn but it was good :)

  4. Thanks for coming by. WOW I love this poem prose and your blog... quite an inspiration

  5. again... wonderful.. makes me want to light the fireplace, a few candles, turn on soft music and.. well.. i spare you the

  6. Oh, sweet seductive words...
    beauty and love and lust


  7. Olá, gostei desse teu espaço! Só dou uma dica, nos comentários, post uma tradução em português dos teus textos... facilita... Eu faço assim com o espanhol, pois tenho muitos amigos hermanos! Abraço!

  8. Bellisimo poema....
    Me encantó
    Un gusto saludarle

  9. manview passei para desejar um ótimo final de semana tudo de bom para vc querido

    bjus suaves em seu coraçao!

  10. JStar, whew!, did somebody get lucky late? .. lol.. Thank you...

  11. Dulce, Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment

  12. Liane, please continue, sounds like s good time.. lol .. Thank you for the comment...

  13. vanillamom, thank you for kind words...

  14. intimidades, obrigado pelo comentário

  15. Bella Spankee, Obrigado pela wirds tipo ..

  16. fatti, eu aprecio o seu comentário
    abraços ..

  17. Un baile que aumenta de ritmo, con las caricias, susurros y besos, hasta dejarse llevar solo por los latidos del corazon.



  18. Lunna, gracias por el comentario de extrañar