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Friday, November 13, 2009

In Wait .... Prose Poem

I lie in wait

Waiting for you to open the bedroom door, and see the silhouette of my naked flesh beneath the silken sheet, under the soft glow of the candlelight's

As the door swings slowly open, your eyes stare at the the imprint of the rise of my round breast, and the length of my erect nipples pointing upward toward the sky

My eyes watch yours slowly fall, as they trace the outline of the smooth flesh covering my stomach, then wonder downward and fixate on the thickness of my wanting thighs

You smile, then start to quickly undress in front of me

Once your shirt is pulled off, I see the shape of your chiseled chest, your taut washboard stomach muscles, and just as my eyes start to feast on the muscles bulging in your arms, your pants fall to the floor

The room is dead silent, as my eyes fixate on the flesh that lies between your legs, as it strains to push itself out the confines of the cotton fabric that's straining to hold it in place

Moister is felt between my legs as my mind wonders what will happen next, will my body be bathed from head to toe by the warmth of your smooth twisting tongue, or will you take me like a salvage beast and drive your harden flesh deep inside the fiery eclipse between my legs, until my body succumb to it's sexual torture

The soft look in your eyes says you will make tender love to my mind and not just what lies between my inner thighs, but as your shorts fall and the beast that extend from your torso springs out and throbs wildly in the air, It makes me think you are about to make a quick feast of me

You blow out all but one candle, then slowly pull the sheets off my naked shivering flesh

My eyes close as your fingertips tenderly touch my face, while your lips taste the flavor of my mines

Suddenly you hesitate, my eyes open and wonder into yours...

Your eyes don't blink, nor do they stare back into mines, leaving my mind to anticipate...


  1. beautiful.. that's all i can say.. just beautiful ;-)

  2. Manview... que decirte... Bello, sensual, hermoso, apasionado..
    Como siempre, fantástico.
    Mil besitos!!!

  3. -:¦:--:¦:--. Sua página¦:--:¦:--:¦:
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    :¦:--:¦:--:¦:--. por alguém¦:--:¦:--:¦:
    :¦:--:¦: que tem muito carinho :¦:--:¦:
    :¦:--:¦:--:¦:-- por VOCÊ!¦:--:¦:--:¦:

    .*._/\_ .*.
    . * >,´< * Hoje é
    .*._/\_ .*. * . .. *um dia qualquer * . * .
    . * . * . ._/\_.
    * . * . . * >,´< . Mas, um Oi!
    (¨`´¨)×. mesmo que virtual,
    ..¸(¨´¨) × já faz a diferença.
    .... .. `•.¸.•.´Por isto estou aqui,´(¨`•.•´¨)
    ... ..`•.¸.•´para deixar minha marquinha
    ¸.•)´ (.•´em seu coração.
    (¸.o` ¸.o´¸.o*´¨ ¸.o*¨ ¸.o´ ¸.o`¸.)

  4. Thanks so much for the comment Liane...

  5. Gracias Silvia, tienen una gran semana ..

  6. Obrigado Princesa
    Um grande abraço ..