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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Night Moves (Feel Me) 1 ... Pose Poem

Clad only in a silken robe, she gracefully walks down the dim lit hallway

She stops in front of the close bedroom door

She hesitates to open it

Her heartbeat quickens

Her breaths become deeper

As her mind wonders what surprise he has in store for her

Soft fingertips ease the door slowly open...

As the door opens, her eyes see nothing but sheer darkness

Her ears hear nothing but total silence

As she pauses, the deepness of a low baritone voice vibrates softly, "come in"

First one step

Then cautiously another

Her eyes focus on a spot where she thinks she see his body silhouette, but his voice comes from another distant corner as he ask her to close the door and wait

She does as his voice ask

She waits

She listens

She feels the hard beats of her heart

Pounding in her chest

As her inner excitement

And anticpation

Build up

But only the whisper of silence is heard and darkness is seen

Soft touches startles her from behind, but the softness of its caress quickly soothes her mind, while calming her tense shoulder muscles with a deep massage...

The lone touch of a fingertip eases on her ear lobe flesh

Slowly following her ear outline, then easing down the nape of her neck

Goose bumps rise on her skin from the gentle sheerness of its touch

Suddenly her body feels his gently mesh up to it

It feels the extension of him

That's hard

And pulsating

Pushing up against her buttocks

Without warning her lungs moan in anticipation of its fulfillment in the pink domain between her legs

Soft tingling sensations appear on her arms as his fingertips ease across them They stop at the flimsy silken belt that holds her robe partially close...

After one quick movement of his hands, she feels the chill of the night air covering the expose nakedness of her flesh

But before the chill can set upon it, his fingertips roams across its surface, warming it with soft feathery touches, while sending surreal sensations up her spine...

Back arches inward

Head tilts backwards

Her body leans back and rest on the body of him...

Fingertips gingerly roams over the flesh covering her breast

As they glide over her towering nipples

A soft moan breaks the silence hanging in the room

Her womb starts to seeps pleasure tears of clear nectar...

With his most tenderize touch

His fingers ease downward to the robe that was trapped between their bodies

They ease it down with purpose in mind; they let it slide down slowly, gently, across the creamy softness of her flesh, while barely touching its surface

A sharp tingling sensation wonders through her body in a rush

Lungs gasp as silky soft cloth passes over the thickness of her thighs...

His arms wrap around her body and draw its softness into his

A sigh emerges from her lungs as she feels the hard




Of him

Wedge inside the crevice between her butt cheeks...

The soft flesh of her neck yields to the firm softness of his lips kisses

The heat from his tender kisses, penetrates into her flesh deeply, as the strength of his arms caresses her body tighter

Her legs go weak...

The deep softness of his baritone voice whispers into her ear...

But she does not hear him

She does not see him

She only feels him

Because her body has surrendered


To the surreal softness of his loving touch...


  1. ¿ Que decirte amigo Manview? SUBLIME!!!!
    Siempre es un placer pasar a verte amigo mio.
    Mil besitos!!!

  2. Todas tus palabras desprenden gran sensualidad y pasion, a las que siempre hay que rendirse y dejarse seducir por ellas.



  3. Wonderful imagery. I could almost feel his tongue on my own neck!

  4. That was almost like being there, I could feel something happening.


  5. SILVIA, es siempre una pleasue verte me han visitado
    Abrazos mi amigo ...

  6. Lunna, gracias por las amables palabras
    besos ...

  7. Coming from you, a humble thank you Pearl..