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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sexualization ....... Prose Poem

As he rides in the sanctuary of her wake, her legs rise up higher, as his thrust penetrates deeper

Higher... Deeper... Higher... Deeper

Wake after wake of passion runs through their bodies, as the slow rhythm of heir lovemaking continues

Soft moans, quiet hot breaths ease into the air, as her harden nipples impale against the bareness of his chest

Each time her nipple bumps his chest taught flesh, a surge of electrifying sensations runs deep between her legs

Wider, wider she opens them, letting his harden flesh penetrate into the darkest corner of her womb, bringing up all of her hidden desires

His arms stiffens as he raise his upper body higher, submerging his harden flesh even deeper into the darkness of her pink flesh

His lungs exhale as her womb surrounds his harness with tautness, while lubricating its soft surface with her slippery nectar

Up and down their bodies move in unison

Tongues clash, lungs gasp for air, as their bodies stay in a synchronize motion of hips thumping together

His thrust slows, her body follows, he rolls unto his back, rolling her body on top of his

He moves her legs forward, then eases his body upward

Deep is the look as their eyes meets, moments before their lips slowly parts open, then press together

Eyes close, tongues dart between lips, fingertips roam across bare moistened flesh, sensations overwhelms their minds...

Her hips rises, her fingers surrounds his harden flesh, then guides it to the opening of her molten hot den

Womb lips part, as his harden flesh again dives into the tautness of her abyss

A cry of pain echoes in the room, as her teeth sinks into his shoulder flesh, while the sensation of deep penetration bombards her womb with ultimate pleasure, feeling her mind with excruciating sensations of pleasure

Hips rock back and forth, finding the sexual rhythmic motion that sets souls free to roam inside the naked body flesh

The sound of wetness enters the air, soon followed by the sound of suction; only their ears hear it, because their minds are lost in the passion wake of love making

His hands surround her buttocks, as his arms raises her body higher on each upward stroke, making her body fall down harder and faster, so that all of his hardness flesh is touched by the tautness of her wet, pink, velvet soft womb walls

He moans in blissful agony as she tightens her walls even tighter, giving his harden flesh optimum pleasure..

Wave after wave, sensations tumble through their loins, as flesh ride on flesh

Shock waves of release make her body tremble, as her mind scream in passion pain

But before her body can recover from its ordeal, she feels his loins inner eruption, exploding its hot white liquid deep into her still quivering pink haven

They both gasp, as their flesh mesh together tighter, their lungs exhale, as their desire of the flesh, has consummated

Arms embrace, as cheek-to-cheek flesh kisses...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Love Letter (Morning Taste) ... Prose Poem

MY Dearest Love, please hurry and read this note:

Let's turn off the lights, light some candles, turn on some romantic music and hurry into the shower

We will step into the gentle spray of steamy warm water, spraying on us both

You will turn to me with a smile and hand me a bar of your sweet smelling lavender soap

After taking the soap, I will lather my hands, then glide them along your soft brown caramel skin

First, I'll start at your neck and shoulders, then slowly work my way down, lingering on your soft round breast

By then, my manhood will be long, hard and pulsating, craving your warmness, but you will urged me to continue, as I will

I can vision my soapy hands sliding along your breast, circling your erect nipples, teasing them with a light, circling, touch with the palm of my hands

My hands will continue its travels down to your stomach, while continuing to slide to the front of your soft thighs

My hands will continue it's downward flight to the most inner side of your thighs, where I will thoroughly lather both sides with my loving precision of pleasure

After a quick rinse of my hands into the steamy water, my fingers will start its search for your outer lips of your womb

Once there, I know I will find them swollen, warm and wet as my fingers seek their tender sweet spot

Finding it, you will lower your head and sigh

Seeing the pleasure on your face will heighten my passion within

Leaning forward, I will let my lips glide on your feather soft breast, then inhale your nipples and gently suck them in my mouth, while my fingers caress your womb's outer door

In my mind, I can feel your body quiver as my tongue plunge slowly downward, stopping next to my fingers

Now I will replace my fingers with my wet, rigid tongue

It will start to circle your womb's outer door, gently sliding up and down, up and down, the small slit's opening

Your upper body will lean back against the wall; your legs

will open wider as my tongue plunge inside your pink flesh

I will use my left arm to hold and caress your backside, as my other hand roams, tease and caress your front side

I’ll taste you steady and slow, bringing your pleasure slowly up from inside

I will suck your nectar like it was made of gold and lick your velvet, pink, flesh, gentle but thorough

My tongue will tease your pearl until it opens up your floodgate

Then I will ravish your pink flesh like a passionate starved man

I can vision your body quivering all over, as I taste your womanly honey as it floods my mouth

I can hear the echoes of your scream as your orgasm rules over your body, over your will...

I can feel your pink flesh vibrating on my wet rigid tongue

Can you see it my love

Can you feel... Mmm... The warm sensation of water tingling against my flesh, the sight of your orgasmic release... the feel of your body being next to mine has made my manhood stiffen harder than granite and it pulsates so hard; each beat of my heart, makes it even more painful

With a gentle loving turn, I will turn your body around while bending you slightly over

Your hands will fall to your side as you grab the front of your thighs

You will scream as I passionately thrust my long, hard, pulsating membrane deep inside your oven hot womb

Each passionate stroke will be deeper and more violent than the last

I will grab you by your waist with both hands and wail my manhood with all my might inside your soft, pink flesh with a flurry...

The steamy water runs down your back on to my lower extremities...

The sensation of it, the moans in the air, the violet clash of our sex organs has brought a hot violet release from the deeps of my loins, killing me silently inside

The feel of my hot release against your delicate pink flesh will trigger another orgasm deep inside you

We will grind our sex organs together until we are both are completely spent

Afterwards, we will quickly towel each other off, because my dear, we both will be late for work....

Hurry, I'm waiting for you my dearest love...


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Legs widen, soft flesh lowers then waits

A soft whisper of a moan drifts into the air as the softness of her folds slowly part

Her body lowers again, the tautness of her soft pink walls caress the girth of his manhood, as his hips gently thrust upward

Lungs expand, but do not fill, as indescribable sensations spiral rampantly through their lions

Hearts race, desire of the flesh takes control of the mind, as voices become silent, while their bodies prepare to make harmonizing music together

His length disappears deep into the darken abyss of her womb, pushing her pink flesh open wider and wider, as it slowly soars on it's upward flight

Short breaths of air burst past their lips as hips move in a synchronize movement

Fingertips dig deep into soft bare flesh as his length rise and fall inside her domain

Breast rubs against chest; sweat rubs against sweat, as hips softly collide head on

The deeper his length ease into her domain, higher her voice whispers his name in his ear, as their minds are bath in sexual bliss

The moon smiles at them through the window, but before their dance of desire ends, the sun will be smiling upon them too

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lustful ........ Prose Poem

The position was animalistic, just like his hard long trust

Each gyration of his hips, pounds the beast between his legs deep into her soft pink domain

She screams in ecstasy pain ... her face is twisted ... her eyes leaked tears of passion ... her begging broken voice, graveled

Like an eagle high in the sky, he soared on top of her body, his beast dove fast and deep into her velvet softness, as he feasted like a hungry bird of prey

His firm flesh feasted on her softness, his ears feasted on her passionate screams, his eyes feasted on her body contracting and contorting under him ... His sense feasted on her feminine smell, while his mind feasted on her passion pain, making him a hungry sexual beast, while making her his sexual feast

He feasted again and again, taking all she had to give, as his hard trust pounded her body into submission

As she lay on her stomach... no longer able to support his sexual attack, he trusted in her deeply

Sweat poured through his bare skin, moans vibrated in his throat, as his sexual appetite was coming to fulfillment

Deeper, deeper he thrust his beast inside the softness between her legs

Her body bounced up high off the mattress, then slammed back down hard again, her body convulse in a orgasmic release as his beast feasted in her depths...

His body tensed... his butt muscles became hard as a steel... his voice scream high in the air like an eagle, as the beast between his legs swelled then palpitated in the softness between her legs

Like all beast, he rested after his feast, but he kept his eyes on his prey, because he knew, it wouldn't be long before his sexual hunger, wound come back again..