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Monday, January 4, 2010

Waken ... Prose Poem

Extended, hard throbbing membrane manipulates my slumber

Moisten skin, heart racing, eyes slowly opening

Darken room, lit only by a night light

Deep breaths eludes me, as my inner lust wakens my mind

Mouth dry, mind in a cloud, a quick glance over my shoulder

Soft skin, barely covered, glistens in the dark

On your stomach you lie motionless, the contours of your body looks like a silhouette next to mines

Derriere' round and high in the air, heightens my lust as I glance at its form

Smooth to the touch as my hand search its surface, feels its texture

Up, around, down my hand glides, as my fingertips marvels at the smoothness of its flesh

Over, under, between your legs, my fingers search and find your silky heaven

Warmth meets my fingertips as they manipulate your womb outer lips with a soft touch

Legs slightly part as moisten heat escape your haven swollen open lips

Hard, long, painful, fully extended membrane lust for the confines between your taut thighs; my mind can not endure a moment longer

Between my legs, the roundness of your derriere' is place

Fall, push, resistance, a small pop, my membrane falls slowly inside the warmth between your legs

Moan, gasp, sigh, as your pink velvety tautness surround my membrane flesh

Slow measured strokes push and pull my membrane in and out your taut haven

Lust, passion, reaps through me as my body sits up straight and ride on the roundness of your derrière

Hips roll, one up, one down, softly colliding into one another, as my hands rest in the contour of your soft back

My hips rocks, yours rolls, in a rhythmic motion as our lust romp turns into a slow passionate dance

Cheeks spread as my eyes watch the shiny flesh on my membrane, slide down and up inside your pink, wet velvet walls

Eyes watch, emotions swell, the tip of my membrane feels its intrusion between your cheeks again, and again, as my loins fill with liquid fire

The silent room fills with a faint slapping sound, as our rhythmic dance urgently speeds up

Moans cry out on every downward thrust, as my membrane falls deep inside your haven

A gasp, a pillow, a muffled scream adds to the sounds echoing around the room

Your body tense with sporadic muscle spasms, while your lungs screams

Body leans forward, hands hold onto the bed, thrust are deeper, harder, as my body rides your orgasmic wake

The roundness of your butt slaps my stomach, as my membrane falls deeply between your cheeks

The burning sensation in my loins escapes in a flash, my body freezes in time, while you roll the roundness of your derrière' into my stomach again, and again, until the last hot drop of my lust has succumbed to the tightness of your wet velvety walls

A long passionate kiss, followed by a tight passionate embrace, soft moans go silent

Suddenly upon me is the weight of your body, your eyes glare down into mines, my eye winks at yours then stare at the hungry elusive passionate lust, hiding behind your big brown eyes


  1. Very erotic and very sweet at the same time.

    1. Hei, I'm interested in the picture from your profile, can you please tell me its the original name or any info about it? Again, please. If you want, you can email me at thank you.

  2. Perfect mix, sexy as hell.

    Un abrazo manview!

  3. Olá Manview qta saudades de ti meu querido,nunca é tarde para receber de um amigo um carinho,é muito bom ser lembrada sempre...
    seu blog tb esta muito sexy!

    bju carinhoso um ano de 2010 cheio de paz e muito amor pra ti...

  4. I could really feel you as I read it. Now stop that!

  5. Awesome writing on your blog. I love the prose poems and the pictures that go along with them. Thanks for the visit to my blog and the comments.

  6. Thank you visiting and being a follower MaR.. Also thanks for the comment...

  7. SYD, thank you very much, your comment is appreciated...

  8. Hey fatti, nice to see you, and thank you...

  9. Secretia... LOl.. Thanks a lot for the comment...

  10. Gregorio Martino, you are more the welcome, your erotic stories are great.. Thanks for dropping in...

  11. is so Sexy and erotic and very sweet

  12. ¡Oh, si! Sensual, erotico, sublime.
    Mil besitos!!!

  13. Sensualidad que recorre su piel como sus labios su cuerpo.



  14. Really, really, good!
    Happy New Year to you.

    Abe's Heart.

  15. Gracias por el comentario Lunna .. Amable de su parte para visitar ..
    Besos ...

  16. Abe's Heart, thank you very much, nice to see your comments again... Like I can Talk.. lol ...