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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Full Moon ... Prose Poem

Silence bacons inside the room

Sitting in the dark she awaits the encore of the night

Her body straddles across the softness of the mattress

Her eyes fixate on the beauty of the moonlight,

As I sit and watch, silently in a corner of the room

She watches one moon, my eyes watches two

Both of their surfaces are firm, round and smooth

They both bring a certain calm to your soul as your eyes wonders on their vastness

They bring excitement to your mind as you wonder about their existence

They both have hills to climb and valleys to wonder through

They both have hidden treasures tucked away deep inside,

Waiting for the right man, to conquer them...


  1. Imagen y texto de lo más sugerentes. Me encantó. Un abrazo!!

  2. Loving the beautiful places the mind wonders with this piece! Not to mention the site!


  3. Thank you Jstaer.. Have a great weekend...

  4. Sumisa Novata, thank you fro the comment..

  5. intimidades , thank you very much...

  6. I appreciate the comment Meagan...

  7. Larisa, some way your comment wasn't seen until now, thank you...