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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day

"The law says he"s entitled to whatever he wants for his last meal"


  1. So do tell, what do you think his last meal should be? Oh' how I love things that stimulate the minds pondering thoughts!

  2. I believe you meant to say that your blog is not meant for minOrs - not minErs. :)

    I can't view your image, but I KNOW my last meal request would be my wife's DELICIOUS pussy.

    My wife and I LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing it with the world!

  3. Thanks everybody, I used a different HTML code this time, can you see the image now?
    @ Bill, Thank you for catching my typo, I'm good for that.. lol... And yes, that's the proper last meal to have... Also thank you for the nice comment, it is appreciated..

  4. Yes OK I get it now, and a great meal indeed!