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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Lead... Prose Poem ......

One never knew how sexy he looked when he was making love to me...

How graceful his body moved back and forth in a smooth rhythmic motion

As it fluidly moved as his hips gyrated...

I had never notice how the separation in his muscles seemed deeper,

How his stomach muscles flatten, as his back arched outward

How his taut buttocks flex tighter a split second before he thrust his wide girth between my legs

Until now....

Her moan made my skin slither as his length ease down the center of her corridor like a sail boat riding the calm waves on the open sea

My eyes watched his hips dip as he thrust into her fathoms...

They watched her lay her fingertips on top on his wide muscular shoulders

Then let them rake downward on his back bare flesh, as his back arched inward,

Thrusting into her depths again, and again, and once again

His arms shivered from the sensations rushing through his body from her sexual play

She moved her hands to the middle of his back, then let them tenderly slide over the roundness of his taut round buttocks

My eyes watched her fingernails dig deep into his derrière

As her hands pulled on his its flesh with so much force, her arms muscles bulged outward...

He rewarded her efforts by giving her all he had deep between her creamy thick thighs

They moaned in unison on each thrust of his hips gyrations...

Up and down his body floated on top of hers,

Powerful, but docile, I felt like I was watching a sexual ballet dance...

His upper torso rises up on his muscular arms,

His hips gyrate in a wide circle,

Thrusting his hard meat into her like a cork screw..,

The sight sends my mind into a flash back of us making love just last night...

My eyes close as I visualize his fingertips easing down my stomach,

Pushing past the elastic band on my panties,

Rubbing across my folds as his other hand manipulated my breast nipples

How he made love to me with reckless abandonment...

And when it was time for him to leave,

How I wanted him one more time before we said good night...

Who would of thought that tonight he would be touching someone else like he had touched me the night before, while I watch hiding behind his closet door...

A soft moan slip past my lips as two fingers dipped inside my haven,

Legs open wider

Fingers slide in deeper

Head tilt back as lips part wider...

Mmm... I can still feel his thickness inside me,

Filling all my insides full

Making my knees slowly rise,

As his length penetrated deeply inside me

The taste of him is still fresh in my mouth,

His scent still lingers inside my nostrils

My body shivers as I think of his bulging chest muscles

Brushing against my nipples every time he stroked deep between my wanting legs...

The sound of the closet door opening startles me

His eyes stare at mines,

Mines stare back at his,

Damn_damn_damn, we're both so busted....


  1. we're both busted....

    And with a goooood reason! perfecto my friend.

    Un abarzo!!

  2. Excellent, thanks.


  3. A magia dos olhares, quando se encontram e se quedam, numa profundeza de alma.


  4. Syd..

    Thanks for the comments...