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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

One Choice....... Picture Poem... (Repetition Poem)

Two moons osculating next to one another
Soft to the touch
Pleasing to the eyes
Tempting to the mind...
Two moons osculating next to one another
Round like two mounds
Firm to my fingertips feel
Exhilarating to my mind....
Two moons osculating next to one another
Hiding the entrance to her joy
Hiding the key to her pleasure...
Two moons osculating next to one another
Do I dare touch the softness in between them with my fingertips?
Do I dare taste the moistness that's seeping between them,
Or do I draw my staff and slide it in the softness of its moist wake
Two moons osculating next to each other...
Can I lick and taste the flesh that covers its roundness
Can I sink my teeth deep into its flesh?
Can my lips kiss on its surface lightly?
Two moons osculating next to one another
May I slap its soft surface until its glowing red?
May I tap on its surface with my leather whip?
Two moons osculating next to one another
May I circle the tip of my tongue on the dark hole between them?
May I plunge my staff into its darkness with all my might?
While servicing its darkest hole with pleasure and pain
Two moons osculating next to one another
Can I ride on its surface like a cowboy rides a bucking horse?
Can I rest my masculinity between its folds?
Two moons osculating next to one another
Has my mind pondering, twice fold....


  1. Linda postagem
    Ótimo fim de semana!
    beijos doces

  2. negra me has dejado al leerte ya que me faltaba la respiracion.
    Me voy al taller a tintar las lunas de mi coche.

  3. OH MY GAWD. That's fabulous. I'm an ass man from long ago and I've never seen it put so well. I loved it.
    Thank you.

  4. Hmmm, two moons osculating, huh? lol

    Nicely homaged to the ass...beware of all that gravitational pull, though. You can get sucked in and go missing infinitum.

  5. je ne comprends pas tout, mais j'apprécie la sensation agréable qui se dégage de ton post...

  6. Merci Angèle et Ibid Norio ....

    Je sais que mon traducteur page n'est pas exact ...

    Et lorsque vous ajoutez une touche de poésie à la parole, le traducteur page se perd ...

    Mais je ne vous remercie de lire mes poèmes de toute façon ...

    Un gros câlin pour vous ...

    Un grand merci pour lui, hehe ...

  7. Ísis () ENTREGA E SUBMISSÃO, obrigado

    Tenha uma ótima semana ...

    abraços ...

  8. Amor..

    Me parece bien ..

    Tengan una buena semana ....

  9. Da_Kween, YES!! ...LOL....

    Tank you for the visit...

    And I'm looking forward to reading your next poem...