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Friday, July 9, 2010

Hush Lust ..... Prose Poem

A low laminating candle keeps the darkness of the room from completely surrounding their naked flesh...

Steady soft flickers of light set a mood of softness and tranquility...

Two bodies intertwined together,

As if they were glued tight at the hips...

They moved in a slow rhythmic rhythm,

Softly bumping, grinding, and meshing together,

While twisting tongues waltz together as clear liquid coats their pinkness

AHhh yes, AHhh yes, softly articulate in the room,

As his masculinity slow danced back and forth in the center of her domain, while being submerged completely in her clear nectar...

Low moans reverberated in his throat,

As her womb walls resist his masculinity length and girth from filling her small crevice opening completely...

Shutter, her body,

As it felt the power of his thrust push his engorged masculinity into the fathoms of its womb darkness...

Soft slapping, slurping, sounds, rides in the room silence

As their erotic slow dance end nears...

Cum with me, oh please cum with me now, softly whispered into his ear...

As if mandated, his loins floods his hot white seed into the tautness of her quivering womb...

Climaxing moans and groans overpowers the room silence,

But quickly drowns in its vastness...

As silence slowly consumes the darkness in the room,

A soft quite kiss, starts the beginning of its death...


  1. The Invisible Seductress, I'l take that as a good Dammit... lol..
    Thank you for dropping in and leaving me a warm comment...

  2. Cuerpos entregados a la pasión en la oscuridad sin importarles nada más que las caricias a las que se entregan.



  3. Friend,

    Sorry!I don't understand, but congratullations for your Blog...!!So Good!!


    Reggina Moon

    *não sei se escrevi certo, me perdoe!rs

  4. I have melted like hot butterscotch, captivated by your poetic imagination! What a gift you provide your followers, having the ability to arouse, provoke pondering imaginations.

    I also want to thank you for your kinds words, means so much coming from someone so special as your self.