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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tempting Tuesday ... Hungry - Picture Poem .....

Musky scent of womanhood tingles his nostril,
Her body beautiful, inflames his loin.
Hair texture rubbing against his cheek bone, is more then his desire can bare...
Lustfully, one hand opens her blouse, while the other ease across the soft flesh covering her perfect round naked breast...
Fingertips manipulate her nipples, until they fully exert themselves...
Lips greet neck,
Tongue taste flesh,
Moan of passion fumes in the air, as skin is gently suckled,
Clothes, one by one ripped off,
A groan sticks in her throat, as her mouth is consumed with a deep thunderous kiss,
Fire erupts between her legs, as a tip of a fingertip, is felt easing into the moist heat of her core center...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gradually 3................... Prose poem ..........

Weighted breast overflow sturdy hands,

Its flesh texture soaks into its fingertips....

Soft flesh mesh into groin,

Overwhelming desire floods loin...



Not for the asking,

But for the taking...

Flesh on fire as her hand reaches back and slides down his endowment

A graveled deep sigh emerges from his lips, as the heat from her hand inflames his inner lust, while she pumps the thick, long, hard as a shotgun barrel flesh, that hangs between his legs...

Vulva swell with desire,

Its small tight opening, drips with wetness,

As her mind foresees the near future of her forthcoming sexual escapades...

Enormity falls downward following her butt deep cleft,

Its substantial head touches the wetness dripping from her labia

Hips gyrate slowly, wetting the enormous baldhead of his staff...

Push thrust proceed from his hips,

Her small sweaty lips resist his size,

A moan of sharp pain drifts into the air, as pain of first penetration overwhelms her senses...

Head lowers,

Thighs spread wider,

Hips lunge forward,

A sudden low scream emerges from her throat,

As the sizable head of his staff, pushes inward inside of her...

An audible moans escape past his lips, as shear tightness surrounds the head of his enormity...

Hips cease moving,

As he waits for her womb walls to adjust, to accommodate for his size....

Shear pleasure pain gallops through her insides, as his throbbing heartbeat is felt pulsating on her womb walls...

A hard slow push of the hips,

Inserts the head of his staff deeper inside her,

Paving the way for hiss staff massive girth...

Girth stretches womb, beyond its means,

Vibrations tingle deep inside her loins....

Deeper, deeper his enormity slide,

As his hips strain to keep even downward pressure on it,

A pop is felt and his enormity bottoms all the way down into the darkness of her womb...

The shear pleasure of his size pulsating on her walls, like a mad mule kicking, sends her womb into an orgasmic frenzy....

The tightness and spasmodic walls of her womb, is more then he can bare, and takes him completely over the edge,

Without him completing one full stroke inside her pinkness...

His orgasm crest inside his loins like a sudden thunderous thunderstorm, causing flashes of light to cross his sight...

Heat penetrates her depths,

As his implanted enormity spray his white seed deep inside her...

Bodies quake, muscles shakes,

As their release feed off each others...

Spent, their bodies held still...

As she regains her composure, she feels the flaccidity of his enormity inside her walls was still large,

As she raises her head up, his size starts to press deeper inside her,

The feel of fingertips gripping the width of her hips tighter is felt,

Her mouth opens wide as she feels his girth quickly stiffen,

A slow, long, stroke, has her lungs screaming into the night...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gradually 2. .. Prose Poem......

Her mouth opened from surprise,

Her eyes close as her mind pondered...

As their naked flesh meshed together for the ever first time,

She felt his size lean against her flesh,

Something her mind was ill prepare for, as her flesh felt the shear hardness of it,

The massive weight of it,

As its heavy pulsation's seem to rocked her body forward and back...

She pondered if her womb could accommodate its elongated length,

Would her womb walls stretch enough for the width of its girth?

After all, it was huge like something a large animal would have, not a man...

As her hips rocked backwards, she felt his massiveness slide up her buttocks,

Her right hand reached behind her and gripped its sides,

Her hand trembled in excitement, as it slowly slide down its length

Her mouth watered, as her hand was unable to close completely around it,

Her lungs sighed, as her mind thought how it hung between his legs like a projectile,

A projectile ready to launch, shoot, then explode, once it reached its objective...

The more her mind pondered, the more her womb wept with excitement,

But in mist of her excitement she was also scared of its enormity,

Scared she could not accommodate it in the small confines of her womb,

And it would rip her insides from pink to red,

Causing her unbearable pain...


What if?

Mmm, contemptible she thought

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Hump Day Pic And Poem ... Gradually 1.. Free Verse

Hands overflowed with her endowment, triggers a gasp past her lips,

An inarticulacy sound emerges into the air, as fingertips squeeze the inner firmness of her naked breast,

A soft sigh diminish from her throat, as his fingertips glides over her towering erect nipples....

Hips tilt and implant into pelvis,

Naked bodies meshed together,

Shock waves of pure pleasure scampers through her, as a visual picture of his length, his girth is painted in her mind, as his pulsating hardness impales into the softness of her naked flesh...

Eyes close-

Mouth opens-

Lungs inhale...

Excitement, energy, body shivers,

As bodies pressed together into a embracing kiss...

Motionless, are their bodies, as thoughts of sexual grander floods their minds...

Chills of excitement scurries up her spine,

Endless waves of pleasure runs through her extremities,

As an succulent kiss embeds deeply into the nape of her heck...

Loins burn deeply with lust,

As desire,

Fuels, their inner fire....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Thirsty Thursday Picture Poem (Double Etheree)



On his stiff

Hard erection,

My mouth opens wide,

As his scent is inhaled,

Clear running lubrication

Of drool, drips downward on my chin,

Heart races like a thoroughbred’s horse

As my mind anticipates my first taste

Lips ease over large round sensitive gland,

Legs tighten from pleasurable pain,

As lips ease forward and backward,

His erection is suckled

Like a Tootsie roll pop

For the prize inside,

Scrotum squeezed tight,


White seed,


Please bear with me as I try to learn to write a Etheree Poem... A Etheree

Poem consists of 10 lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 syllables. Etheree can also be reversed and written 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

With In .... (Inside Me) Prose Poem


Stand close to me,

Now gently reach out for my hand...

Slowly stroll into the calmness of my wake,

Stop and take the time to touch my shoreline,

Fill its softness against your fingertips,

Feel it's wetness slowly side down your fingers sides,

Feel it tantalizing your senses,

Mesmerizing your thoughts,

Urge your will,

Fuel your desires...

Now, walk past my shoreline, and ease into its river wake,

Feel my river current softly flow around you,

While bathing you in its warmth...

Once you enter my wake,

Lean down and quench your thirst,

Let the sweetness of my juices sooth your throat,

Ease your soul to a journey toward paradise...

Now come, and ride inside me,

Ride my low tide, slow and steady,

Glide in its swiftness,

Bath in its softness,

Sail into its abyss of darkness...

Keep Riding inside me,

Until you find the hidden door,

To enter my love