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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tempting Tuesday ... Hungry - Picture Poem .....

Musky scent of womanhood tingles his nostril,
Her body beautiful, inflames his loin.
Hair texture rubbing against his cheek bone, is more then his desire can bare...
Lustfully, one hand opens her blouse, while the other ease across the soft flesh covering her perfect round naked breast...
Fingertips manipulate her nipples, until they fully exert themselves...
Lips greet neck,
Tongue taste flesh,
Moan of passion fumes in the air, as skin is gently suckled,
Clothes, one by one ripped off,
A groan sticks in her throat, as her mouth is consumed with a deep thunderous kiss,
Fire erupts between her legs, as a tip of a fingertip, is felt easing into the moist heat of her core center...


  1. "Lips greet neck,
    Tongue taste flesh"
    Delicious! I loved the poem and loved the pic.

  2. I can just picture it! Well done!


  3. "deep thunderous kiss"
    I like that!


  4. 1man, I will have to visit here regularly to get my dose of your flavor.
    Love it!

  5. Kitten, it's always a pleasure, we need to catch up my friend...

  6. Nakita, I like it too... lol ... Thank you for the comment...

  7. navypoet... please do, I need to catch up on your flavor... I appreciate you stopping in...

  8. verbal with the visual. clever and passionate.

  9. The other woman, thank you much...