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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Hump Day Pic... With Poem .... A Taste ........

His body rested on the red satin sheets

She fluffed a soft pillow, and eases it under his head...

She slowly walked around the bed as if stocking her prey, as she got on the side of the bed, she stepped up on a well place stool, then stepped up on top of the bed mattress...

Her legs straddle his head,

He smiled as his eyes traced the black six inches heals and the sheer black silk stockings that embrace the curves of her legs,

The color black seem to illuminated her creamy white skin...

His eyes followed the curves of her tight thighs, the small of her waist, the firm of her breast, the pale pink of her harden nipples,

He watched her pink painted lips part, as she exhaled...

As his eyes glanced into hers, the brightness of her brown eyes seem to put his mind in a trance...

His heart raced in anticipation as his eyes slowly lowered to the small forest hiding her havens treasure,

As she slowly lowered her body toward him, his lungs sighed, as his eyes spotted a trace of her womanly nectar shinning in her under grass,

Just as her haven was in reach of the tip of his tongue, the fragrance of her sweet musk overwhelm his nostrils...

His arms reached up, but after her stern look, he his arms floated back down by his side...

While on one knee, she let the tip of his tongue taste a sample of her sweet nectar,

After the flavor of her taste flowed over the pinkness of his tongue, she moved her haven slightly out of his tongue reach...

The promise of a taste of her haven treasure was fulfilled, what was and if anything else was to happen this one night, was completely beyond his control...


  1. Huahhhhhhh
    Belíssma foto!
    Diz tudo.....


  2. her womanly nectar shinning in her under grass - wonderfully metaphorical sir.

    This was way sexy words with the picture - mmmm... I so wish Professor would cum taste me.

  3. You put it in a way that I could feel his admiration and longing for her. He hopes, he expects, he submits to have what he wants.
    Very good!

  4. "Just as her haven was in reach of the tip of his tongue, the fragrance of her sweet musk overwhelm his nostrils..."

    Beautiful lines and excellent visual. Thanks for posting...

  5. E gosto não se discute!
    Mas é muito bom saber que estamos no mesmo caminho.
    Vou cheirar...........


  6. Delicioso texto em que meus membros oscilam, como poesia como a arte...

  7. So happy it excited you... Thank you for reading and leaving me a comment