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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Need...... Repetition Poem.. Inspired By Frenchy

This poem is a reply to Frenchy's Poem "Want" Posted 12/25/10

I need, you to touch me, with your docile touch

I need, your tongue to change my flesh sweat, to wet

I need, you to taste my manly flavor, as your mouth devour my being

I need, you to surround my pulsating throb, with the tender softness of your full lips

I need, you to change my quiet moans, to raging groans

I need, to see your wetness dripping on the satin sheets, as my deep audible voice, projects talk of dirty sex into your ears

I need, you to be my slave, my little slut, fully under my complete control

I need, you to groan for me, as my girth thickness fills the tightness of your womb, beyond its means

I need, you to look me deep into my eyes, before my deep strokes hits its uncontrollable strides

I need, to see your fingertips intertwine within the satin sheets, as my length glides into your depths

I need, you to be as one with me, as I fill you with the thick wet whiteness of my manly seed

I need, you to always remember, I will always want you, need you, inhale all of you....


  1. A good expression of need! And once more with a great pic!

  2. Been a long time..
    Like the poem

  3. Hot poem my friend!

    I'm back to blogging at the same old link:


  4. Sexually sensual my friend. I need...

  5. Slow burn, Thank you as always...

  6. 2cute4u, yes it has been, nice to se you again, i must visit you too...

  7. A complicated kitten, Great to see you, I'm all smiles..
    I shall visit you soon my friend...

  8. The other woman, nice to read your comments, and I hope your needs are fulfilled soon...

  9. yeahhhhhhhh
    That is what I need


  10. That was surprising and very hot! I'm glad my post inspired you :) and thank you for following!

  11. P.S. May I ask where you found thsi great picture?

  12. Nikita, Thanks for the visit and comment, and hopefully your need is taking care of... lol ...

  13. Frenchy, you are welcomed, I have this pic in my files...

  14. EU SOU NEGUINHA , thank you..


  15. Frenchy, I'll email youa good place to look

  16. Oh...this is very delicious. I've been away from reading for a while with the chaos of life. Glad I came back. :)

  17. Goddess Aphrodite, I apprecciate you coming back and reading me..
    I understand life chaos, hope your path is clear now...