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Friday, December 3, 2010

Waiting .......... Prose Poem .........

Heaviness follows me as thoughts of you reflects inside my mind,

Extended weight rest on my leg as feelings of wanting streams through my loins...

Release could be in an instant, with a helping hand,

But how does one replace the intimacy of two...

Two bare flesh leaning against each other,

Two set of lips embracing in a soft slow dance,

Two tongues tenderly hugging, while fluid exchanges from one orifice to the other,

Two sexual flesh meeting as one,

While the soft touches of fingertips reel in sensations from the fathomless depths inside ones soul...

Fingers ride on top of the stretch smooth surface of my heaviness; it can feel the steady rhythmic heartbeat of my wanting as it bobs up and down in the still of the air...

Wanting you crowds my mind, as the pain of not having you burns like a forest fire deep inside my loins...

I want, but I cannot have...

I need, but all I can do is want...

I lust, for my need of two...

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste,

But longing for another without acting, precedes all wastefulness...


  1. excellent :) and hot pics too. Thanks for sharing

  2. Very hot pictures 1manview.


  3. Ai meu anjo, viajei no teu poema. Apenas sonhar sem nada realizar, é quase morrer por dentro. Não desperdice. bjs

  4. Evangeline, Thank you, i appricaye your comments...

  5. Ronnie, thanks for stopping in...

  6. Eró, Não devemos desperdiçar


  7. Another wonderful poem. I love your question: "But how does one replace the intimacy of two..."

  8. 'Wanting you crowds my mind, as the pain of not having you burns like a forest fire deep inside my loins...' Simply loved this part!

    It was hard to choose my favorite part of it, because I loved everything : )

  9. As always you've left me wanting more. Words, imagery forcing seduction.


  10. TemptingSweets99, Tankyou, and are you really satisfied when you release yourself, but still wanting?

  11. R, Nice too see you, and thank you for the comment...

  12. Meagan, I'm just returning the favor of you doing it to me...