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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Portrait ................ Prose Poem

His fingertips gingerly slipped in between the pinkness of my folds

Stroking between them like a artist, painting a portrait

Each one of his strokes

Is more bold then the last

Touching me in places, no other had before him

Leaving not one fragment of my walls untouched by his skillful, sensuous strokes...

As he stroked boldly inside me

My womb dowsed his palette knife with my finest clear lubricate...

Each one of his strokes, stoked inside me with purpose

Attentively etching my walls to a work of delicate fine art...

While his boldest stoke, stroked on my most inner sensitive spot,

Vivid colors flashed in my mind,

My body reeled with brilliant sensations...

As my body vibrated uncontrollable

His palette knife, painted his patented autographed signature inside me...

Once his signature was finished

My mind dwelled on the making of his next Masterpiece...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coat My Insides ...... By Nytesugah. ... My Guest Poet ....

Wet lips licked with satisfaction
beads of sweat on my back and I
wait to feel the penetration...
Hands grab sheets and hold pillow cases
Mounds of flesh held in place and
The beat of my heart is racing
my tongue still holds your taste and
now I feel you enter...

Can you feel the grip on your piece?
like I feel the pulsing and heat in my sheath
you inside of me complete,
It is a journey where two souls meet
You love that I am hot and sleek
reaching over you kiss my cheek
I wait until the pain subsides
then wiggle my ass and clap my thighs
then moan "Oh baby enjoy the ride"
and relish in the feel of your throbbing slide...

...There's a Hustle and Flow in my hips
while sexy profanity spills from my lips
the long stroke makes me moan "Oh shit"
as I lock my elbows for the next hit
Sweat spills until black bodies shine
in this one night I will make you mine
as new heights we climb in unison
relishing in delicious sin
the thrusts they come again
and again
and again...

In time I feel your body shudder
the quiver and quake is no mistake
the rhythm is lost as you begin to shake
releasing your seed so violently
spilling down my thighs and
coating my insides

Thank you nytesugah for permission to post this poem...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shock Waves ........... Prose Poem

Tall straight like a towering skyscraper

It stood undaunted from his body

Its massive girth pulsated with afflictions of desire

As the massive blood filled flesh awaited my arrival

My eyes feasted of its length and girth

My body adrenaline rushed into my brain

As visions of his manly extension filling every sexual need of my body,

Is slowly painted in my mind

My mind visions my fingertips touching the smooth soft cover of flesh that covers the harden flesh underneath of it...

My body turns and leans downwards,

Aiming my center at its masses

As it penetrated into my sacred garden

Electrified sensations shoots through my soul...

As it slowly drives into my waiting depths, my mind floats to the heavens, as the feel of first penetration opens my treasure

While the sensations rocks my soul to sleep…

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Full Moon ... Prose Poem

Silence bacons inside the room

Sitting in the dark she awaits the encore of the night

Her body straddles across the softness of the mattress

Her eyes fixate on the beauty of the moonlight,

As I sit and watch, silently in a corner of the room

She watches one moon, my eyes watches two

Both of their surfaces are firm, round and smooth

They both bring a certain calm to your soul as your eyes wonders on their vastness

They bring excitement to your mind as you wonder about their existence

They both have hills to climb and valleys to wonder through

They both have hidden treasures tucked away deep inside,

Waiting for the right man, to conquer them...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day

"The law says he"s entitled to whatever he wants for his last meal"