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Friday, March 26, 2010

Addiction Of Passion To Love ..... Prose Poem

The yellow streak on the back side of the sun, runs and hides as the big dark gray clouds roll in

Now the rain is falling slow and steady, washing and nourishing all in one

Through the window I watch in silence, I feel a warm hand slightly clutch the roundness of my backside, then a warmth of two lips touch the flesh on my neck As she walks away, I feel the lingering effects of her innocent behavior

A warm glow on my neck has started a warm tingling sensation between my legs

Glancing over my shoulder, I watch her short stature reach over the back of the couch, then balances herself on her tipi toes as she reaches for something I can't see

My eyes focuses on her small, round, derriere, that connects to a set of taut thighs, I visualize the warmth between them, which ignites a fire between mines

Quickly the distant between us is covered

As her body falls from space back to earth, my arms wrap tightly around her breast. the shock of my body on hers out of nowhere, and the feel of my fully erect manhood pushing deep into her derrière flesh, coaches a quick squeal past her lips First she laughs at herself, but her laugh quickly turns into quiet moans as my lips ignites her soft flesh, while my erect manhood gently grinds on her backside

The fire between my legs has quickly turned to desire for her love

Inflamed with desire, with a bear hug grip, I lift her off her feet, and carry her like a rag doll to a nearby chair

Once next to the chair, my grip gently loosens while letting her body slowly ease down mine, causing electrified sensations to run through our flesh

One quick motion and her pants and panties lay on the floor, quickly followed by my own shorts and pants

With a glance back, she finds and glides my throbbing manhood between her fingers and gently squeezed it

The feel of its hardness makes her sigh in anticipation, she whispers, 'I want you now" and releases her grip, then leans forward while holding onto the chair

My hand runs across the smooth flesh of her soft round derrière, my fingers ease down between her thighs

The moistness of her vagina lips meets my touch; they have become inflamed from the anticipation of my hard and throbbing manhood entering past them

Her legs buckle, as my finger slipped inside her seems Her backside wiggles letting me know I was taking to long to fill her needs

The smooth head of my manhood circles her heavy moisten lips, lubricating its head with her clear secretion

Her lips folds open as my manhood slowly eases past her pink, swollen lips

Just as the smoothness of my harden flesh head passes her lips, she pushes her hips quickly backwards, impaling my manhood half deep inside her taut smooth walls

The sudden tightness makes me sigh, and my manhood throbs harder

After a quick pause to relax my excitement, my hips gyrate slowly, thrusting my manhood in and out of her taut haven, impaling my harden flesh a little deeper with each thrust

After sliding inside her smooth haven as far as possible, my lungs inhale a deep breath, my body relax and we fall into a quick steady rhythm

As my hands hold on to her waist, the firm grip of my fingertips pulls her body into mines again, again, and again

Each rapturous thrust is pure sensuous pleasure, as the sensations run from the tip of my swollen penis, to the center of my forehead, then back down to my toes

Suddenly her body shakes, as her first passion wake succumbs her body whole

My manhood flesh glitters with her clear cream as my hips gyrates its smoothest strokes, at a steady pace

Quicker strokes are endowed upon her, as my eyes watch my enlarge manhood slide in and out between her cheeks, while her body quivers

After her passion wake subsides, her legs begin to fail her, the desire of our passion assaults ceases for the moment

A popping sound echoes in the room, she turns slowly while pushing her body against mines

As our lips lock, she wraps her arms around my neck, and with a quick leap up, her legs locks around my waist, my hands quickly surrounds her backside securing her body against mine

A step, a kiss, another step, another kiss, as we take a slow walk toward the bedroom

As we get closer to the bed, she sinks a passionate bite deep into my shoulder, the sudden passion pain makes me drop her unto the middle of the bed

Laughter is short lived as a long tender kiss touched our lips

As we kiss and my body sinks onto hers, the feeling of her enlarged nipple pushing into my flesh is felt, her blouse is unbutton as our lips stay locked in a passion dance

Once her breast are exposed, the tips of my fingers slide softly, slowly, across their flesh

Her gasp breaks our kiss, her blouse is now quickly removed, making her nakedness complete

While our lips lock again, she quickly returns the favor to me

Once my shirt was removed, my body ease quickly down hers, but stops short as her short legs wrapped tight around mine

While looking deep in my eyes, she released her intertwined legs, then quickly slide her hand down my body; locating then locking her fingers around my hard, slippery, wet, man flesh

Mmm.. She moans, as her legs falls open wide with a " Look want I found" smile on her face, and with a slow gentle pull, she guides my wet, unyielding, throbbing, manhood between her silky thighs, and down her taut vagina walls

Like a titan submarine, my manhood crash dives deep into her abyss, then surfaces quickly, then crash dives again

Over and over, it surface and dives, surface and dives, in and out the wake of her abyss

Harmonious moans fills the air, passionate sweat tumbles from my head, leaving a heavy moisten trail down her breast valley

My loins feel like liquid fire as her vagina walls grip my manhood tighter, as it spasms on my penis swollen flash

Faster, deeper she quietly moans

Harder, H-A-R-DER, she screams as her nails dig deep into my bottom flesh

Clear, cream flows heavily from her vagina down onto the mattress covers, soaking them deeply

A dry cry, a inward back arch, a gasp for air, then as frozen in time, her body holds still as her passion wake seize control

At first a small tremble, then a bigger one, and then an enormous one rips through her body as the pace of deep thrusting my swollen man flesh between her thighs escalate

As soon as her body resumes its control, her hips picks up our passion rhythm, her vagina grips my penis even tighter on each passionate thrust

My loins is overfilled with my white manly seed, waiting for the precise moment to release

Her inner softness feels my penis girth swelling tighter on her vagina walls, her hips rolls deeper while snapping on my manhood slippery hardness

My arms are starting to vibrate, she softly whispers for me to release in her; she whispers for me to release deep in the dark abyss of her womb

The sound of her voice heightens my passion as my scrotum squeezes smaller, anticipating "the release "

Again she pleads, she wants to feel my fiery hot sperm deep inside her

With her small hot hands, she pulls on the roundness of my butt with all her might; her vagina squeezes my penis with a cobra like grip, as her low, sexy, passionate voice starts sexing my hearing with, oh baby it's so deep... It feels so good inside me... B-a-by it's so hard... Mmmm.. It’s splitting me in two baby... Cum baby, oh please cum for me…

Hearing her passionate pleads triggers a titanic release from the bottom of my scrotum

A loud grunt, a big groan, my body starts to shake and quake

Passion cursing erupts in the air as the violent release overwhelms my body completely

The spray of my lava hot sperm ejects deep into her abyss, causing her body to suddenly jerk, as the hotness of my sperm slaps the back of her womb, filling its cavity full with an ejaculation of my scrotum, white sticky seed, that seemed like it would never end

Both of us shake and moan in unison, then our passion wakes become deadly still

As we embrace, the room echoes with heavy panting, the air smelled of mixed sex, followed by total silence

Lips touch in a loving kiss, the addiction for our passion starts another fire between our thighs, and this one too, must be put out

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Miss Lead... Prose Poem ......

One never knew how sexy he looked when he was making love to me...

How graceful his body moved back and forth in a smooth rhythmic motion

As it fluidly moved as his hips gyrated...

I had never notice how the separation in his muscles seemed deeper,

How his stomach muscles flatten, as his back arched outward

How his taut buttocks flex tighter a split second before he thrust his wide girth between my legs

Until now....

Her moan made my skin slither as his length ease down the center of her corridor like a sail boat riding the calm waves on the open sea

My eyes watched his hips dip as he thrust into her fathoms...

They watched her lay her fingertips on top on his wide muscular shoulders

Then let them rake downward on his back bare flesh, as his back arched inward,

Thrusting into her depths again, and again, and once again

His arms shivered from the sensations rushing through his body from her sexual play

She moved her hands to the middle of his back, then let them tenderly slide over the roundness of his taut round buttocks

My eyes watched her fingernails dig deep into his derrière

As her hands pulled on his its flesh with so much force, her arms muscles bulged outward...

He rewarded her efforts by giving her all he had deep between her creamy thick thighs

They moaned in unison on each thrust of his hips gyrations...

Up and down his body floated on top of hers,

Powerful, but docile, I felt like I was watching a sexual ballet dance...

His upper torso rises up on his muscular arms,

His hips gyrate in a wide circle,

Thrusting his hard meat into her like a cork screw..,

The sight sends my mind into a flash back of us making love just last night...

My eyes close as I visualize his fingertips easing down my stomach,

Pushing past the elastic band on my panties,

Rubbing across my folds as his other hand manipulated my breast nipples

How he made love to me with reckless abandonment...

And when it was time for him to leave,

How I wanted him one more time before we said good night...

Who would of thought that tonight he would be touching someone else like he had touched me the night before, while I watch hiding behind his closet door...

A soft moan slip past my lips as two fingers dipped inside my haven,

Legs open wider

Fingers slide in deeper

Head tilt back as lips part wider...

Mmm... I can still feel his thickness inside me,

Filling all my insides full

Making my knees slowly rise,

As his length penetrated deeply inside me

The taste of him is still fresh in my mouth,

His scent still lingers inside my nostrils

My body shivers as I think of his bulging chest muscles

Brushing against my nipples every time he stroked deep between my wanting legs...

The sound of the closet door opening startles me

His eyes stare at mines,

Mines stare back at his,

Damn_damn_damn, we're both so busted....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Missing You .......... Prose Poem .........

Sunshine seeping through the windowpane beckons me

Arms stretch out,

Fingertips reach outward,

But only grab the reflection of you next to me...

Deep sigh reverberates in my throat, as I realize I'm again alone without you...

My body rolls over off its stomach

As my mind replays the memory of us together,

Which seems just moments ago...

A light shutter eases through my muscle as I recall the soft side of your lips suckling on the nape of my neck

The feel of your left hand tightening around my waist, as your other hand slipped past the elastic band on my silken pink panties…

Your body stood behind mines,

As your tongue slowly swirled on my ear lobe, while your right fingertips strummed across my folds, teasing them with a soft sweeping motion...

As my folds became wet and inflame with desire, you moisten your fingertips and eased one,

Then another,

Just inside their softness...

Back arched,

Lungs inhaled

Stance widens,

As the sensations of your action rolled up my spine

Into the back of my mind…

A soft moan wisp past my lips, as your lips left a deep impression on the length of my neck...

Mmm, my fingertips are felt touching the weeping womb between my thighs, as the vivid memory of out night of pleasure flash before my eyes...

Your hands surround my stomach flesh, then gingerly ease up my flesh to the roundness of my breast

Suddenly my breasts are no longer captives of my bra…

Fingertips quickly surround and squeeze them,

Gingerly pull on my nipples,

Circle and massaged my breast bare surface...

Lungs breathe deeply as my body is gently maneuvered toward the bed edge...

Once there, you lay my limp body,

Full of desire; face down over the matters edge...

Fingertips ease my panties slowly downward past the thickness of my thighs,

Were they come to rest at the top of my ankles...

Pulsation is felt on the moistness that has collected on my vulva

Its hardness softly circles on my swollen folds flesh,

Purposely letting me feel its pulsating heartbeat

Seducing my desire

Weakening my will

Building my inner fire higher...

A quick thrust,

Sudden sexual pain,

A Sigh,

An overflow of first penetration sensations race up my spine...

Back arch

Fingertips dig deep into mattress,

Then curls into satin bed sheets

The width of your girth opens my womb to maximum proportions...

Legs involuntary shake,

As your massiveness free falls deep into the darkness of my wanting...

Slow soft strokes rain into my womb

Followed by more slow soft strokes, and more slow soft strokes

My womb tautness on your girth width, feels so sensuously tight,

It feels almost unbearable…

But at the same time, it feels extraordinary wonderful,



Piercing scream goes silent into the soft pillow top mattress,

Body shutters then convulses with multiple eruptions

Time seems to stand still as my mind rockets to unknown origins…

As my mind senses trickle back to reality,

Piercing heat of his atomic release washing against my pink walls is felt...

A deep shutter wakes me from my daydream,

As my fingertips frantically rub across my folds...

Back arches as release screams through my extremities,

My lungs loudly cry out your name...

Body heaves upward,

Then sink suddenly into the comfort of the soft plush mattress

A deep inhale of air intrudes into my lungs,

As it exhales,

My eyes slowly close, my mind falls into a deep dream state...

Sounds of a door opening quietly echoes in the room

The feel of the mattress moving startles my senses

Before my eyes can open, the feel of massive intrusion is felt between the softness of my thighs

Pain of first penetration rockets up my spine

My lips part to let out a scream of ecstasy,

But before they can,

A deep,




Smothers them completely...

As the hardness between your legs,

Strokes deep inside the softness of mines,

Your voice whispers in my ear…

“I heard you missed me”...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Erotic Dream .......... Nonet Poem.. (Series) with Guest Poet wmymhs81


Brown velvety skin, pillow soft breast

Lingering, pliable nipples

Inches from one's rigid tongue

Lick, taste, its soft flesh

Moans, groans, gasping air






A strong and encompassing brother

You cover every inch of me

From breast to my hairy mound

Never tiring of

Full exploration

When awake or

When dreaming

I am



Anticipation, jubilation

Hairs slowly parts, lobes pushed open

One's tongue slowly strokes upward

Muscles trebles, hair pulled

Ear deafening scream

Cream of nectar


Deep breaths



In anticipation of your touch

My nerves tingle and muscles flex

The temperature of my skin

Is heightened with the need

To be plumbed deep

With parted knees

I invite

The dream


To Be Continue...

A nonet Poem has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables, etc... until line nine that finishes with one syllable. It can be on any subject and rhyming is optional.

line 1 - 9 syllables line, 2 - 8 syllables; line 3 - 7 syllables; line 4 - 6 syllables; line 5 - 5 syllables; line 6 - 4 syllables; line 7 - 3 syllables; line 8 - 2 syllables; line 9 - 1 syllable

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hump Day .. Picture Plus Poem ... Impishness Touch

(Couldn't resist putting a poem with this picture .. Hehe ..)

Moist heat,

From her soft




Seeped into the bareness of the flesh that covered his buttocks

It slowly followed it curves

Dipped into the divine that separated them

Ease across the back of his scrotum...

As the sensations rushed up his spine

The softness of her hand gripped the roundness of his hardness with firmness

It slide slowly up and down it's length...

Back arched

knees lock tight

Toes curl

As sensations run rampage through his body...

Tongue tip swirls on tender inner thighs

As fingertips swirl on hardness sensitive ridge

Short burst of breathes exit lungs...

Body slowly turns around

Eyes fixate on each other

Tip of tongue wet tip of his hardness

Legs muscles spasm tight...

Lips part

Mouth opens

Visualization of hardness easing past her soft lips is seen

Sharp pleasure pain sensations reel through his lions

As her head rise and fall between his legs...

Soft hands hold onto the roundness of his buttocks

They pull his body forward as her mouth consume the full length of his hardness

Breath taken away as loins vibrate with surreal sensations…




Hard palpitations follow thunderous eruptions...

Lips grip tighter

Suction increases

Ejaculation of his white seed fills her mouth...

The big,

The mighty,

Has fallen,

To the softness of her playful touch