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Friday, July 30, 2010

In Between ........... Picture Poem (Repetitive)

Touch- me,



in the middle of my moisten slit


In the middle of my heat


In the middle of my rapture


Yes There,

Where your fingertip is residing,

Causing chills to shoot up my spin,

Sensations to run deep into my loins


Where vibrations shake the inside of my womb walls


Where your fingertip ease forward deeper into my scared space,

Easing in and out and around, causing my river to flood its banks from the surreal sensations...

Yes right there,

In the middle of my softness,

That's colored pink...

Friday, July 23, 2010

Distance Lover ........... Repetitive/Rhyme Poem

This poem was written for Theme Poem of the week: Distance Love...

(lady Voice..)

Distance lover,

What it would mean to me, to have you by my side,

My heart would be so full of love and pride,

Instead of missing you so awfully deep inside...

Distance Lover,

I send you a wish from my heart, through the stars,

Wishing you were here, holding me securely in your gentle arms...

Caressing me, with your gentle touch,

Kissing me so docile, I could never, ever, get enough,

To tuck me in, between the softness of silken sheets,

While whispering in my ear, how the love between us is going to be...

Distance lover,

Every deep breath my lungs take, the smell your essence is missed,

Just a whiff of you, makes my mind see so clear...

Distance lover,

I stand here holding your shirt, next to my nose,

Inhaling the essence of you,

Because even the faint smell of you, makes this room seem less lonely and cold…

Hhnmm… It never fails; your scent sends my lust of you into full bloom,

Even when I know, you are not going to be in here with me in this lonely God forsaken room....

Distance lover,

How I miss, the rhythm of our slow dance between the sheets,

Bodies kissing, as our hips meet and greet....

Only the soft light of the moonlight, to guide our way,

None stop loving, until the sun is at the top of the day...

Distance lover,

How I miss, the feel of your white milky cream, flooding my womb with its thick delight,

Then feel its warm texture run down the softness of my thighs....

Distance lover,

I miss looking deep into the dark brownness of your eyes,

Just the thought of you not being with me tonight, has my tears in demise...

Distance lover,

Hurry home and make this lady complete,

With deep kisses, that will knock me off my feet...

(Male Voice)

Distance lover,

I can't wait to hold you tight

Hear your lungs moan from the squeeze of my arms, "I missed you might"...

To kiss the tears from around your eyes completely dry,

Leaving no trace, they have ever even cried....

To make you smile and laugh all night and day

Make your heart forget I was ever away....

To kiss you from your head to your toes,

Until your mind release all its hidden woes...

Then kiss your moisten spot,

Until you scream for me to stop,

Then fill your sacred spot, full of my harden swollen wood,

Touch your womb in places, only this man could...

Then fill your spot, with my lava hot white cream,

So hot, it will make your body shiver, your mind go blank, your lungs scream...

Hold you close as my voice whisper, "I will love you for evermore"

And will never, ever, leave you home alone again, behind the loneliness of distanced close doors...

(Male/Lady Voice As One )

Distance lover, hear my plea,

As I patiently await, for the love of thee....

Monday, July 19, 2010

Impetuous........ Repetitive Poem

Poem Inspired By The Words Of Cheeky Minx HNT Nineteen


The gentle tip of fingertips, remove the sparking rubies from around your neck,

Unlatch the whitest of pearls that cling tight to your bosom,

Remove the rarest of rare diamonds from your fingers


My fingertips,

Replace their hardened surface with a gentle soothing touch,

That will ease around your neck,

While deeply massaging the muscles lying under the creamy bare flesh that covers them


The leniency of my touch, ease down your back, follow its curvature until it reaches the firm round muscles of your slight derrière, which it will softly squeeze with adorableness


Them wrap around the width of your hips, and ease gently upward to the pillow softness of your bosom


My ears hear your lungs sigh, as my fingertips tease the erection of your nipples, then squeeze your bosom with a tight, firm, grip

Now let,

Them crisscross over your breast, as my arms draw you into the naked flesh of me, until our bodies deeply kiss


Your mind feel, my passion flow from me, to you


The bare softness of your quaint body, feel the heat being generated by my passion for you


Our lips meet,




That sends searing passion from the top of our heads,

To the tip of our toes


Your heart,

Feel my unwavering devotion, as the passion of our souls unite as one...

Friday, July 16, 2010


A slow deep sigh,
He's already asleep....
Mind awake,
More tossing,
He looks so cute,
Deep asleep...
Wake him up,
Let him sleep...
It looks hard,
I should wake him up,
He's so peaceful
Let him sleep...
Body still,
Mind quiet,
Body finally resting,
Mind in peaceful place...
Feel flesh touched,
His flesh is on top of mine
Buttocks spread,
Thigh muscles tighten,
Deep breathe,
More pressure
Where's the lube?
More stretching,
Pleasure pain,
Unison moans,
Sharp sensations
Oh-My Larwd,
So deep inside of me...
Lustful strokes,
Body aroused fully,
Mind bombarded with tantalizing pleasure...
Feel his girth swell,
His body quakes unmercifully on top of mines...
Oh, "Hell No!"

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hush Lust ..... Prose Poem

A low laminating candle keeps the darkness of the room from completely surrounding their naked flesh...

Steady soft flickers of light set a mood of softness and tranquility...

Two bodies intertwined together,

As if they were glued tight at the hips...

They moved in a slow rhythmic rhythm,

Softly bumping, grinding, and meshing together,

While twisting tongues waltz together as clear liquid coats their pinkness

AHhh yes, AHhh yes, softly articulate in the room,

As his masculinity slow danced back and forth in the center of her domain, while being submerged completely in her clear nectar...

Low moans reverberated in his throat,

As her womb walls resist his masculinity length and girth from filling her small crevice opening completely...

Shutter, her body,

As it felt the power of his thrust push his engorged masculinity into the fathoms of its womb darkness...

Soft slapping, slurping, sounds, rides in the room silence

As their erotic slow dance end nears...

Cum with me, oh please cum with me now, softly whispered into his ear...

As if mandated, his loins floods his hot white seed into the tautness of her quivering womb...

Climaxing moans and groans overpowers the room silence,

But quickly drowns in its vastness...

As silence slowly consumes the darkness in the room,

A soft quite kiss, starts the beginning of its death...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Second To None..... Picture Poem .. Prose...

Legs fold open wide,

As satin softness of naked flesh ease between them...

The firmness of her bosom,

Press against the bareness of my chest,

Sending goose bumps up my spine...

Fingertips softly strum through hair,

They traced the outlines of soft lips,

The arch of eyebrows

The shape of ears lobes,

They touch forbidden areas,

That has never been touched before....

Gentle pull on back of heads

Mesh lips softly together...

Taste of sweetness consumes mouths,

As time no longer exists...

Hearts race,

Breaths draw quick and shallow

Sexes touch together...

One firm and pulsating,

The other soft and wet,

Two opposites

Attracted to each other,

Waiting in excitement,

While anticipating,

Their first union of penetration,

Which will unite them as one...

Quiet gasp,

Heeded by a startled moan,

A vivid memory of first love, blossoms....