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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...

My your New Year come in like a quiet storm....

Quiet Storm lyrics:

Soft and warm, a quiet storm
Quiet as when flowers stalk at break of dawn, break of dawn,
A power source, of tender force
Generatin’, radiatin’, turnin’ me on, turnin’ me on

Oh, you short circuit all my nights,
Promising electric pains,
You touch me and
Suddenly there’s rainbow rings

Quiet storm blowin’
Through my life,
Quiet storm, blowin’
Through my life,

Oh, when you sigh, we can ride
A butterfly caught up in a hurricane, hurricane,
Lucky me, I’m glad I’m free
Suddenly I’m caught up in your summer rain,

Shower me with your sweet love,
I will bathe in every drop,
Through all the seasons
Let it pour and never stop

Quiet storm blowin’
Through my life, through my life
You’re just like a quiet storm blowin’
Through my life, through my life, through my life, through my life, through my life

Hail soft storms of loving me,
Let them play on my desires,
Kiss me softly
Let your lightenin’ light my fire

Quiet storm blowin’
Through my life, through my life
You’re just like a quiet storm blowin’, blowin’
Through my life, through my life

Quiet storm, blowin’,
Through my life,
Quiet storm, blowin’,
Through my life


Shower me with your sweet love,
I will bathe in ever drop,
Through all the seasons
Let it pour and never stop

Quiet storm blowin’
Through my life, through my life
You’re just like, a quiet storm
Warm and tender, oh, through my life

Quiet storm, you’re blowin’
Through my life, through my life, through my life
Quiet storm, blowin’,
Through my life

Blow, baby

May Peace and Joy fill your heart and soul in the New Year...


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Culmination ....... Picture poem.. Repetitive Form...


This was the only word I was going to write for this Picture Poem, but then I figure maybe some of you wouldn't see all I saw in this one word, so I added this... (But then again, I knew some of you would)

I watched its length stretch beyond belief

I watched its girth become ballonet

I watched it pulsate in mid air all by itself

I felt its heat in my hand, as its soft flesh slid all so easy through the palm of my hand

I felt its heart beat between the sensitive confine of my lips, while its bulbous tip touch the back of my throat again and again

I felt it make my body feel so wondrous delightful, as it forcefully slide back and forth inside my wet, making my lungs screamed in tortured pleasure

I felt its uncanny hard palpitations made my lungs moan audibly loud, my body uncontrollably shudder, moments before it exploded inside the dark of my depths

Then I watched its life making sweet gooey cream, slowly Drip...

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thank you for the award...

TemptingSweets99 ...

For The Versatile Blogger Award..

I was first given this award by TemptingSweets99, but I politely passed because of a previous experience from taking a similar award. She was very gracious to me after explaining my reasons. Now Kitty and Sky has given me the award also. I shall take it from all three with no reservations. One of the rules for taking the award was I had to mention 15 other blogs, I will name a few blogs only, because they deserve more traffic. They are great blogs, but somehow has stayed under the radar. There are a lot of other great blogs who also deserve a mention, but they have many followers, and they are on my blogroll...

Nancy C .... She is one of my first followers... A wonderful person. We have been reading each other poetry for years now. She writes and post others work too. She has a translator on her site, so there is no excuse not to give her a read.

Lyrically Engaged... New kid on the block... She writes beautiful and meaningful poetry. Please give her a read, so she will continue to share her words...

Navypoet ... Navy and I first met on another poetry site. She is smart, creative, and writes beautifully. She has taught myself and others many different forms of poetry... She is very busy at this time, but I'm hoping once she sees some comments on her poetry, she will let us all into her very creative mind...

Ok my shout out was to poetry. What did you expect... lol...

A humble thank you to Temptingweets99, Sky and Kitty for this award. I really do appreciate it, it was a honor to be mentioned...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Wish.... Prose Poem ....

Xmas Wish

No Prancer

No Dancer

Forget Rudolph red nose

No Santa

No presents

No toy sleds

No kids

Not even a drop of holiday cheer


No radio

Forget about that MP3

No moans

No groans

No body dancing




Candle light




Your head laying on my chest


My head laying between your breast

No words spoken

You thinking of only me

I'm thinking of only you

While love fills every inch of fiber in our beings...


When you give thanks this Xmas for all your gifts of life.

Give thanks for the one you have chosen to be your spouse.

Without them, the word "special" would be an obsolete word.

Happy Holidays from 1ManView and ML

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The feel of his fingers gripping tight into my side is felt as the strength of his fingers held my hips still; he forcefully slams his swelling manly meat deeper into my womb

Slosh-pop-pop-slush -pop, rang into the air as his animalistic lust takes over his mind and body, hard thrust rocks my body forward, as he pulls my head back by the hair, flushing every inch of his harden flesh inside my womb...

His freehand now holds onto my shoulder, while he pulls my body backward, his hips slam hard forward, the impact causes my breast to rock back and forth like a pendulum

Uh… Uh… uh, moan from my lungs as his strokes fling his massiveness deep into my womb,

Each stroke brings a sharp tingling feeling higher up from my loins

I feel it...

I feel it...

His mass blooming larger, making that tingling feeling inside of me turn into a hot burning sensation...

Small tremors roll through my body, warning me of what is about to come,

Like a silent volcano suddenly coming to life, my body shutters with eye blurring force as my orgasmic release runs amuck through my entire body,

Lungs scream, as orgasmic waves rush from the depths of my soul into my loins

As my mind finally refocus from violent muscle shakes, I feel him...

I feel his body tense tight,

I feel his mass swell harder then a diamond,

I feel his ejaculation of scorching hot white release squirting deeply into my womb,

I feel palpitations after palpitations, spasm against my haven walls,

As his grip of my body loosens, my hips gyrate in quick large circles while his body quakes with uncontrollable spasms of release

His hot load of sperm fills my haven beyond capacity

While his body silently slumps on mine, his fingertips lovingly rubs up and down my spine while he playfully palpitates his flaccid mass in my well stretched hole

Lone fingertip ease over the sensitive membrane around my darkest opening, Mmm, tight he whispers into my ear,

Sensations flush inside my womb, as he limp meat between his legs surge quickly into a hard mass,

He teases me with a few quick hard thrust, then slides it out my dripping wet haven quickly, without hesitation he presses the wet nectar covered mushroom head of his hard mass against the opening of my darkest offering,

Just as my mind flashes on how will I explain another work day missed, my nails dig into the mattress, my mouth opens wide without sound, while my body is bombarded with sharp surreal sensations, as the head of his thick hard mass slowly penetrates deeply into my darkest offering...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Enticed 3 ..... Prose Poem...(Second Voice)

A quick tug to open his belt is felt, ZZZZZzzip rings into my ear, as his zipper is pulled rapidly downward, the weight of his trousers hitting the kitchen floor is heard

Knees weaken as the mushroom tip of his manhood daps on the moisture clinging to my swollen lips,

My dew is slowly swirled on his manly tip, then its slid up and down my buttocks crack, intentionally slowly opening my crack up wider and wider which heats my loins up hotter and hotter

Heart flutters as my mind anticipate his hard mass entering from the back door position, my body tense as I feel the swollen head of his manhood press against my haven opening, my lungs groan in pain as his swell slowly stretches my vulva lips open wider, g

roans turn to moans as sensations of first penetration looms inside my loins

Lungs gasp loudly as the first inch of his massiveness enters my domain,

Stretching pain is quickly followed by pleasure pain as his massive girth stretches my lips further apart, as his round mushroom head paths the way for his long length,

After his length has slid half way inside my swollen folds, I whisper, "Hold still"...

His hips hesitate while the girth of his hardness pulsate against the tautness of my womb walls, A moan vibrates in my throat as surreal sensations rush into our loins,

A deep groan rattles in his chest, as the sensation of my tight walls enveloping around his girth crashes deep inside him

Hips ease backward, pushing his length into the depths of my womb,

As my hips slowly move forward, my womb stretch evermore...

Slowly back, then slowly forward,

Slowly back, then slowly forward, then I stop completely and let the vibrations of his pulsating meat soak into my womb walls,

A miniature eruption gives me a taste of what is too follow

Womb walls squeeze tighter,

which makes him moan, I glance back and watch his face grimace in ecstasy, then I precede back to slow gyrations of my hips

Hips gyrate faster,

His mass sinks deeper,

a quiet scream slips from my lungs ,

As the thick base of his hardness finishes the finale stretch of my womb opening

Faster my hips gyrate, slapping my butt against the waves of his stomach muscles

The sounds of moans and groans are joined by the sound of his balls slapping on my backside, as my slippery lubricate floods on his hardness flesh, my hips move quicker and smoother back and forth on his hard wide girth

Suddenly my hair is pulled back tightly,

Jerking my head backwards, a loud gasp flows past my open lips

To be continued...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enticed 1 & 2 ...... Prose Poem.. (second voice)

Sunshine filters through the windowpanes,
Waking me up from a most delicious coital dream

Smell of Brazilian Coffee entice my senses
But the need of my morning body stretch, motivates my tight sluggish body out the warmth of my bed

There he stands next to the coffee pot,
All so handsome with his long strong pliable fingers,
I lean my lethargic body next to his and look intensely into his eyes, he recognizes that my body need a stretch look on my face,
Provocatively I turn my back too him

Instantly I feel his wondrous long strong fingers easing under the bottom of my oversize shirt, then the softness of his fingertips stroking my back muscles in a slow circular motion,
Mmm, it felt so good as his fingertips eased over my back flesh
In small slow swirls, the sensations put my mind at ease, while causing my whole body to go into a relax state

Fingertips ease over my shoulders while his thumps deeply massages the nape of my neck,
Eyelids relax to the point of closure, as soothing sensations run up the back of my spine

While his right hand continued to wonderfully massage my neck, the fingertips of his left hand slowly eased up the back of my head and intertwine gingerly into my hair, after gasping the length of my hair in a tight phony tail, he suddenly jerks my hair tight, and leads me around the room like a captive stallion

Legs kick, my body attempts too squirm away, but his grip is too tight, his muscular strength over power mines

Suddenly I'm over his lap as he sits in a nearby breakfast chair,
My shirt hem is hiked to the middle of my back,
The cool breeze of the room air is felt flowing over the nakedness of my buttocks

As my mind races, I feel a soft touch follow the crack of my buttocks,
Just as I thought I heard something about a real smart mouth last night,
Sensation of fire flows on my azz cheeks

My lungs scream, my legs kick,
I dare this man to treat me like this

His left arm surrounds the middle of my body,
His right leg captures my left leg and secures it down,
Like a rapid fire assault weapon,
He assaults my butt cheeks with a vicious spanking

Smack, snap, smack, smack, snap, smack, slap,
Sings in the air as my butt burns for all its worth,

His strikes were precise
They alternated from cheek to cheek
There wasn't one inch of flesh on the roundness of my butt that wasn't stinging

Screams of obscenity flows from my mouth,
Crocodile tears fall from my eyes, as the sharpness of the pain rush through my extremities

As my body lays trapped on his,
A trickle of heat is felt growing in my loins,
Flushness is felt in my face,
A tranquil calm seems to be overtaking my senses

Quick strikes become harden, but the once sharp pain slowly diminishes as the heat in my loins start to feel more like a burning of passion,
My womb starts to leak like it does from deep lustful feelings,
Those once audible screams of anguish, were now swallowed deep moans of desire

His assault on my azz stops as quick as it started,
Mix emotions flush through my body, as his fingertips eased tenderly over my burning buttocks,
My lungs quietly gasp as his right hand travels lightly over my back naked flesh

Limp, my body goes, as his fingertips descend down my thighs, as they swirled upward they come close to my leaking folds,
My body squirms away from his touch, not wanting him to know I had become enticed from his spanking assault

Again he jerks my hair tight, then pulls my body off his lap,
Again my body protested,
He leads me by the hair until my body is tight against the breakfast chair, then leans my body over it

As my body leans helpless over the chair, his body leans tight on mine; I can feel the weight of his full-blown manhood exert into the soreness of my butt cheeks,
A small shutter rips through my body as my mind anticipates

Lips breathe heavily of desire next to my ear, a soft deep baritone like whisper exhales from his lungs and softly penetrates into my ear canal,
"Are you really ready for this my little girl" is heard....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Same As Old ..... Prose Poetry ....

Partially exposed flesh gingerly brush up against his,

With her body leaning against his, her fingertips softly surround the limpness dangling between his legs,

While lips heat sink into the bareness of his neck flesh, the limpness hanging between his legs starts to slowly stiffen

A smile edges across her face, as she marvels at the feel of his manhood going from soft to firm, then firm to hard as steel between her clenched grip, Just as it has done for many a year

His body turns; his fingertips unclasp her bra with craftsman precision, then flip it off her arms before one heartbeat can resonate in her chest

Fingertips roam delicately on the smooth softness of her breast flesh, his mind marveled at the firm feel of her matured twins, and how his gentle touch still send goose bumps up her spine,

As fingertips on one hand teased her nipples to a towering point, the other squeezed its round mass with firm tenderness

The weight of his body gently pushes hers up close to the bed edge,

As her body free falls backward unto the mattress, his fingertips grab the elastic top of her panties, and then suddenly jerk them off her hips, leaving them to dangle on her legs

Feet are eased onto his chest,

Fingers ease slowly, softly, down her legs, then down the center of her taut inner thighs,

He doesn't realize it’s the millionth time his fingers has eased down her thighs, nor that it was the millionth time she gasp from the surreal sensation of his loving touch

As his fingertips circle teasingly around her navel, he doesn't notice the slight bulge in her stomach, were it use to be flat as a calm sea,

He doesn't think about how wet she has become from the excitement he has lured upon her body for the millionth time; he just dips his finger into her damp wake, while inhaling her personal feminine fragrance

He hasn't counted how many times her back has arched when his fingers lingers on her sweet spot, he only knows it still brings her shear pleasure, which in turn, pleasures him,

After her body shudders for the one millionth time, he steps back and marvels at his love prize

Eyes widen as his shorts ease over his hard affection,

Manly ego soars, as she gasps aloud as his harden endowment quickly appears before her eyes,

The same endowment she has witness stiffen for her pleasure for as long as her mind can remember

As her body lays on the bed mattress edge,

A smile ensues across his face, as his glance captures the naughtiness of her panties dangling between her legs

Eyes do a slow complete scan of her body,

In his mind he doesn't notice the age or imperfections of the matured body in front of him,

His mind only dwells on how much he loves her, and still lust for her flesh

A whispered what? Ease past her lips,

A wide smile is bestowed her way, then he winks his approval towards her, she smiles back as he steps nearer to her

He acts like he is about to remove her panties; but instead, he ducks his head under them, then rest the weight of her legs on his shoulder,

Before she can react to his devilment, he force feed his endowment down the center of her wet, which makes her lungs moan audibly, which he retaliates with a audible, manly, throaty groan of his own

As sensations of deep penetration rush into her womb, tightness surrounds the head of his in-lust endowment, a familiar feel they both will never tire of,

Two minds anticipate a lover’s quest: of a passionate, lustful, satisfying, romp of old...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lechery Voyage ......... Prose Poem... Revisited ...

My body is waken from the collision of your buttocks into my back as your body seeks the warmth of mine,

With a quick body roll, my body rolls over into yours,

Your naked flesh ease into mines, as my arms cross your body and pulls it into a tight embrace,

In a hot second my mind realize that more then my body has been awaken, as your taut round buttocks sinks into my groin area

A gentle pull, rolls your body unto its back,

A wet embrace bestows on your lips,

As our hot passionate kiss sizzles, my fingertips travels downward toward your long pear shape breast,

They seek and find your nipples, then circle them slowly, pleasuring their outer edges,

Once they become full of passion blood, my thumb tip circles on their sensitive tips, bringing then to their full length of sensitivity

After the taste of your tongue is bestowed on mine, my tongue follows my fingertips trail,

Once again your nipples will be found, and my tongue will circle them slowly, softly, gently, then eased them into the warmth of my mouth, were my lips embrace will suckle on them like a baby suckling on its mothers breast,

Firmly, but gently, with a continues suckling effect, while the tip of my tongue tickles

your nipples sensitive tips...

Your body contorts, your legs squirm, your lungs exhale, as a moan pushes through your throat into the air,

A warm trail of electricity is sent surging throughout your body, as my hungry mouth seduce one breast, then the other, while the soft tips of my fingertips walk down the smooth contours of your stomach flesh

Fingertips ease on the sensitive side of your inner thighs, as small tremors radiate through its flesh,

Indolently your tighs spread open, giving my fingertips the freedom to roam unimpeded up and down its soft sensitive surface

Again your lungs exhale, and a quiet moan pass your parted lips, as my mouth explore the tender underside of your breast, while my fingertips slide through the dense protective forest of your womb outer door,

Once past the forest, my fingertips touch find your folds protective lips,

They are soft, mushy, wet and swollen, with feminine nectar slowly seeping past them

A slight touch between them and your body tense, your lungs gasp, your back slightly arch inward as your front teeth bite into your lower lip,

As my fingertips roam on your swollen domain, the air in your lungs exhale in quick short bursts, your nails rake across silky sheets, as the dampness between your slit mists on the tip of my index finger

As the anticipation of what I'm going to do next enters your mind, my tongue follows the path my finger has just journeyed, the closer its wet trail gets to your moist haven, the more you body trembles in passion

Your eyes watch as my tongue taste its first drop of your nectar, then they close from the sensations of my tongue touch, as it slides up then down the sides of your folds,

Once it splits your fold seems, your body tense up, as your head tilt backwards, your lungs expand full, while my tongue circles on the inside of your womb swollen lips flesh

A gentle push and my tongue dips inside and taste the flexible pinkness of your womb

My left hand cups and caresses your buttocks as my right hand roams the front side of your body, seeking to give your body pleasure, by finding its most sensitive spots

At first you lay motionless, as your body is bombarded with electric charge sensations running amok through you, then slowly your hips gyrate in an erratic tight circle, that becomes smoother and wider in rhythm with my tongue swagger

Each lick, each plunge, is a precise movement to bring you pleasure, as my head slowly rolls while my tongue plunges in and out your wetness,

Up and down my head bobs, following the smooth rotation of your hips,

At first the pace is slow and smooth, but now the pace slowly quickens

On each rotation of your hips, a silent type moan brush past your lips, coming faster and more audible with each swing of your hips,

Your breathing has become erratic, the taste of your womanhood floods my mouth, you lay both hands on my head and gently pull on my hair

Aggh... Agggh... audible in the air as your hips move with more urgency and dip deeper and harder while my tongue ride in and out between your folds,

With gentle suction, your pearl past my lips, your hands grabs my head tightly as your thighs tightens on my ear lopes,

A squeal surge into the air, your hips suddenly pushes up off the mattress, my hands surround the roundness of your derrière as your hips bulk up and down, my eyes glance up and watch the passion wake expressions on your face as your hips pump franticly up and down while grinding your folds hard on my tongue

The feel of your hands guiding my head towards your most sensitive spot is felt, while your hips pumps back and forth with reckless abandon,

My eyes glance upward, they see your arms muscle bulge as you pull harder on my head, as it bobs up and down like its riding on a wild roller coaster ride

Faster and harder your hips flex up and down, my lungs gasp for air as you bury my face deeper between your legs,

On each deep rotation of your hips, my head bounces higher and harder until stars appear in my eyes,

As the heat of my tongue touches your erect pearl, your legs locks behind my head, your hips tilts forward, plunging my tongue deep into your hot womb, the sound of your breath leaving your lungs in short rapid burst fills the air,

Tight pressure surrounds my head as your womb vibrates on my tongue, while your hips now grind up and down in long deep snapping strokes,

A sudden shower of sweet nectar rushing into my mouth tells me your orgasm is near,

As my tongue again darts on the tip of your pearl, your head tilts back while loud audible moans rush out your open mouth on each swing of your hips,

Aaaaa..iii..eee echoes in the air at such a high decimal my ears can barely hear it,

Your body completely freezes in place, as the ecstasy of your release runs rampage through your body

A long low shriek plummets into the air; your body shakes and quakes as my tongue ravages your womb with sudden deep plunges and quick licks,

As your womb vibrates, the weight of your body falls downward on my hands, it jerks helplessly with orgasmic spasms,

At the peak of your release a faded moan cries out, I... want ... you...

Your plea is ignored, as your clitoris finds itself surrounded from the heat of my mouth, more screams echoes around in the room while your hips circles and bucks erratically,

After your clitoris becomes over sensitive, you beg for its release while you pull upward frantically on my hair

After a quick release of your pearl, I find myself upright on my knees while laying your legs around my waist line,

My eyes want to see your passion quakes as it rushes through your body; they want to see your facial expressions as my manhood enters the warmth of your tight womb domain

My left hand holds you up by your buttocks as my right hand guides my manhood toward your quaking womb; it circles on your womb lips causing small eruptions to vibrate through you body,

A plea to enter your domain is heard, a quick thrust push the mushroom head of my manhood past your womb doors, as if in slow motion, you hips tilt up, you stomach flattens, your nipples reach for the sky, your head tilts backward as your mouth opens wide in silence

Another thrust pushes half way inside your tight walls, a third thrust pushes the swollen head of my endowment closer to the back of your womb,

Each thrust entice a gasp to past your lips and echo into the air, my eyes fixate on your body passion wakes, as my hips thrust deeper and with more and more intensity

My passion soars higher as my eyes watch pleasure wakes rocket through your body,

A hard deep thrust pushes my manhood to the hilt, the sensation of your womb being completely full rockets a deeper eruption through your body

One quick deep hip rotation thrust the entire length of my manhood inside your womb as deep as possible, then held in place,

Purposely, my endowment throbs even harder as your body quakes and shivers on its soft, hard shaft,

As your release subsides, my manhood is drawn back and with a short thrust, then slowly thrust back into your womb

As your tightness adjust to my hardness, my thrust gets longer and smoother as we find the optimum passionate rhythmic glide,

Our eyes look deep into each other’s as my measured strokes glide in and out your wetness,

My left hand holds your body close to mine as my right hand roams over the contours of your smooth stomach, then up to your nipples, where it circles and gently tugs on them,

My body leans forward as my lips seek to embrace your nipple,

The warmth of my mouth surrounds it then taste and lick it hungrily, as if it was my tongue first time ever tasting it,

You moan as my strokes glides in and out your wet, you hips push into me harder, my loins tingle with sharp sensations as they fill with my thick manly white seed

Fingertips replaces my tongue as each of my strokes plunges constantly deep into your womb,

My eyes watch your eyes fixate on my manhood, whose flesh is cover with your passion nectar as its girth side up and down the center of your slippery wet womb walls,

Your hips circle deeper as our body clash, your womb grips my manhood tighter, now it's your turn to watch as my eyes close, my body tense, my breath quicken, as my release nears

The feel of my fingertips gripping your buttocks tighter is felt, pulling our bodies even tighter together, pulling my manhood inside you so deep my scrotum slams into the roundness of your buttocks on each deep thrust,

Our rhythm quickens, moans barks out your lungs on each gratifying thrust as your own release builds from watching my body passionate movements, and your urge to complete my release

My thrust falls hard and deep, my loins ache with the sense of fulfillment of sperm, my shaft swells in anticipation of my completeness,

Your hips thrash wildly as your eyes watch each deep dive of my manhood between your luscious thighs, you want my release to be complete, but your eyes begs for its delay

A gentle but firm squeeze is put on your breast, as a towering nipple is lightly twisted,

My release roars from my loins, my shaft palpitates as my hot sperm ejaculates deep inside your womb walls,

Your body jerks as my hot white release explode deep into your womb, coating its insides completely with my white sticky goo,

The feel of hard palpitations and manly hot sperm splashing against your sensitive walls, entices another release deep inside your womb,

Your hips grinds hard into mines, as we moan in unison while our bodies quakes and shudder with the pleasure of passion pleasure release

My body awakens and finds itself lying on top of yours, my head is on your shoulder, my manhood is still tucked inside the warmth of your tight womb, its searing heat entices it to quickly awaken to new heights,

As my lips embrace yours deeply, your eyes slowly opens, and greets mines...

Safe Creative #1111260038302

Friday, November 25, 2011

Paradise ..... Prose Poem ....

My flower slowly opens,

My nectar is tasted then taken,

Quick screams are meet with trailing shivers of quiet calm

Wider my pedals are open,

As his stiff stick, slowly falls inside the wetness of my stem

Waves of tingling sensations rock my body,

As trust after thrust ride in my stem wake

Deeper... Deeper... And deeper, it rides into my abyss of sexuality,

Awaking all my senses, while putting every nerve ending on waiting edge

Bringing my body to a climaxing calm,

As he takes my soul to paradise ...

Safe Creative #1111260038302