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Friday, April 15, 2011

Rain Down On Me (1)... Song Poem ...

A Song Poem: Must use one word , sentence or phrase from the chosen song. It also has to be written in the rhythm or spirit of the song...

(Push Play)

Moments of bright white zigzagging flashes cross the blacken sky, catches eyes attention,
As a thunderous rainstorm approaches...

Heated bodies await for its cooling winds to float through the window screen,
Bringing its soothing, quenching moist mist down on feverish bodies...

Moist flesh turns to sweat,
Sweat turns into wet,
As unclothed bodies silently mesh together on top of the crumble wet sheets...

Back and forth equals up and down,
As his erect penile slides effortless in the moistness of my womb...

Quiet sighs drown out quiet moans,
As hot whispered breaths goes unnoticed,
While bodies of two fused together as one, dance in a harmonized love dance of naked bodies thrusting gingerly against each other...

Lust fuels my wants,
Wants fuels his desire,
Love fuel our souls,
As purpose turns to urgent sexual greed...

Surreal sensations
Rain floods inside loins,
Minds wish it would rain...
Firm lips of his mouth tightly covers mine,
Drowning screams of unadulterated passion,
As urgency causes bodies to speed,
As minds wish it would rain...
Deep means deeper,
As my womb is filled full of his blooming affliction...

The storm nears,
Bring on the rain, my heart sang...

Heart flutters,
Body shivers, to release the heat of its fever,
As my loins rain on his affliction,
Of my life addiction...

Perfect arch meets his nonpareil thrust,
Mind, body and soul ache,
As my receptacle prepares for his inner storm,
To rain plenteously down inside of me...


  1. This is awesome!

  2. Temptingsweet99, (smiling) Thanks so much, love your visits...

  3. Cheky Minx, humbled by your words. You and a few others keep the ink in my pen flowing..

  4. Great, so lovely 1manview, thanks.


  5. Ronnie, thank you stopping in and leaving a comment..


  6. Very nice! From now on, every time I listen to this song I'll remember your poem.

  7. R. Happy to see you. Thank you for the kind words, and maybe you shouldn'r read part 2, it's mood is sobering...

  8. I am happy to see another blog similiar to mine... I love poetry and intimacy ~

  9. The idea is great, I have a similar thing on my blog, a label named: Desvarios Musicales.

    And is similar to this, choose a song, and write down any interpretation you tink frome the lirycs, so, your words and idea are fantastic my friend, and with master Collins... perfect!

    Un abrazo!

  10. Heavan, I am happy to see you too. Good luck with your blog. I hope to see you again..

  11. Hi Syd, Thank you, but it is a idea from a poetry site I belong too. Something new to do. You get bored writting the same thoughts. I'll have to check out Desvarios Musicales.. You have so much on your blog I get lost over there.. lol...

    Peace my freind...