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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taste of 69..... Prose Poem/Rhyming

Naked creamy soft chocolate body laid in heat before my eyes,

As mines lay in an anticipated wait, opposite of yours...

A taste of chocolate past your lips,

As the taste of nectar whine past mines,

Slurpin', suction, popping, swallowing

Is all part of tasting love feast bestowed upon us...

Head tilts slowly up and down

As hips roll slowly roll around and round

While the organic taste of sex flows on the tip of our tongues...


My folds are open slowly, exposing the wet nectar inside

Sharp sensations roam freely throughout my body

Making my lungs gasp, my legs to stiffen

But my mind fight to maintain control, as my lips slowly devour his chocolate pole

While his tongue dip deeper, in my oasis of wetness...


As my tongue open and expose the sweet nectar hidden inside her folds,

The harden flash between my legs slowly ease passage past the softness of her inner lips,

Sharp sensations are bestowed inside my loins, causing my buttocks to flex tight, my back to arch, my fingers to tighten its grip on her bare flesh,

My first thoughts are to stop and fully enjoy the heart stopping sensations, but her intoxicating scent compels me to keep tasting the sweetness between the softness of her thighs...

(Her voice)

My body twist

My hips shift

My buttocks shake

My body quakes

My nectar flows

As if liquid gold

His tongue licks

Without a hitch

Bringing me to a fast coming rapture

As his lips suckle on my vulva lips, while holding them captured,

An escaped muffle scream

Past my lips as he devoir my clear cream...

(His voice)

As an envision of sensational emotions in my mind unfolds

Her lips suck deeply on the length of my chocolate pole,

The feel of my shaft falling in the deep suction of her hot wet hole

Sends sensations so deep inside me, they touch my soul,

Up, down, her lips ease over my girth in a rhythmic glide

Taking my soul so close to heaven, I thought I had died,

Sliding, gliding, tasting, teasing feels so extraordinary good

As my harden flesh stiffens harder then wood,

My mind is almost delirious

As her suction has become imperious,

My tongue pushes deeper in her soft swollen folds

Her orgasmic release she can no longer hold,

As her climax starts to come to a head

Her sweetest nectar overflows my mouth and drains into the bed,

Shake, rattle roll,

Both our bodies climax and lose control....


Ejaculation of your creamy cream blast past my lips,

As my head repetitively bows down in a deep dip...

Around my head, clamped stiffened legs tremble and shake,

As I swallow her sweet clear nectar of ocean wake...

Flaccidity lays between my lips,

As his last drop of cream is sucked in by my lips last sip...

Weaken legs shake with after shock tremors and quakes

As I gingerly suckle on her haven awaiting its final shake...

Bodies lay in an exhausted state,

While that talk of us having none stop sex will surely have to wait...


  1. steamy and hot ~ i am hungry for chocolates ~

    as to your comment on my blog, clicking on my picture should bring you to my profile, where you can see my blog, Sweet Lust.

    happy day~

  2. Hot. Hot! Hot!!! I love all that you used his voice, her voice and then both together. Love it.

  3. And this is why 69 is one of my favourite numbers...

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you for the visit and comment Debbie, it was appreciated a lot...

  5. Very good...Very erotic.

    1. Your comment was appreciated.. Thank you ...