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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Needy ...... Prose Poem .......

It seems TemptingSweets99 and I sometimes fall on the same page... "Connection"

I need to explode

While I ride between the thickness of your creamy taut thighs,

Hands pulling hard on your willing buttocks,
Crashing your hips urgently into mines

Thrusting the thick girth on my long harden flesh,
Along the sides of the pink velvet softness residing inside your sanctuary

Drilling my long hard shaft deep into its darkness,
Until its bulbous head touches your cervix front door

I need to

Deep inside your moist pink orifice, right in the middle of a contagious hard deep passionate thrust,
While my hardness is being squeezed relentlessly by your pink orifice tightness,
As my scrotum "slap"-"slap"-"slap" on the bottom of your taut buttocks

I need to

So I can feel the vigor of my total release,
Feel my loins flow from yearning to burning to spasms of sheer ecstasy,

Then feel Its ripple effect ease through my body extremities,
As my ejaculated sperm coats your womb walls with hot massive whiteness of male sperm...

I need to explode

In the squeezed wet heat of your mouth,
As your head weaves up and down,
While your lips squeezed and suck on the surface of my swollen manly flesh,

Until my body shudders

Then quake and shake

While my voice stutter,

My toes curl

My fingertips pull on the length of your hair

My lungs burn from drawing no air

As my heart skips every other beat

While the rigid mass of meat between my legs palpitate uncontrollably

As ejaculated thick gooey liquid seed, drowns your tonsils...

I need to explode

While riding your body, while it resides on all four,

In the darkness of your forbidden sacred place,
Slowly easing down inside its none abundant space

While riding atop the roundness of your derrière
As your hips gyrate your buttocks high into the air

While the rigidness of my manhood slides up and down the smooth tight grip of your darkest hole,
Thrusting its bald mushroom tip in as far as it will go,
Until my rigid meat convulse and spill its entire gooey load

I need to

And release this horniness,
That's burning a hole of needy greedy desire inside my loins...


  1. OMG! This is wicked hawt! I'm going to get a tall glass of cold water and after I calm down, I'm going to re-read it and after I calm down, again, I'm linking this post to my blog.

  2. Thanks You Sweets, I linked your blog also. We must try a his and hers together one day... Just give me one of those hott pics of yours and I'm ready to go... Devilish smile popped up again .. lol..

  3. Thank you 1manview! That would be LOTS of fun! ;-)

  4. Oh my 1manview, totally delicious. Love the pictures

    Still haven't read the anal story but have kept the link.


  5. Cheeky Minx . Thank you

    Ronnie, Hi and thank you.. no worry it's a long one...

  6. Longo e profundo como tu me excitas

  7. lovely, Sounds enchanting... Thank you...