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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Stolen Moment .... Erotic Love Poem ... Prose...

Water of ocean blue, washes over my body,

As he rides in the calm of my sea

Each deep stroke brings up an emotion

An emotion of want,

An emotion of need,

An emotion of greed,

An emotion of lust,

And far most, an emotion of love

Moans and groans our ears do not hear,

Naked flesh our eyes no longer see,

We just__ feel

Feelings of love sensations crusting from our souls,

Filling every corner of our hearts, as they beat in unison,

While quietly fulfilling all the urgencies of our desires,

Back and forth his thrust drive emotions deep

While bringing up the trust of love...

Love, lust has always ran neck and neck,

But lust always won,

It was our beginning,

It was our end,

Until this day of reconcile

Now love rides supreme,

Love rules all sensations,

Love is tasted in all kisses,

Love is felt in every touch, every soft collision of our hips

Love rules every breath taken,

From the ones so shallow it makes you gasp,

From the gasping ones that are so big, it makes you hold your breath,

From the contempt of the breaths that stutter in between the two...

As my eyes veer at the reflection of our bodies together as one in the clear of the still warm blue water,

My mind realize we have risen from the floor of passion,

To the throne of lust,

From the throne of lust, to the haven of supreme love...

As the thickness of his masculinity slowly falls deep between my thighs,

Our minds realize that love has finally arrived,

And captured the whole of our hearts,

Quieter, then a silent whisper...


  1. Very beautiful! The picture is exquisite too.

  2. Very Special... Wonderful!
    Thanks for the comment.


  3. 'Love is tasted in all kisses,
    Love is felt in every touch, every soft collision of our hips' I liked this very much!
    Great poem, 1manview!

  4. lil, thank you for the comment and visit, which i shall repay soon...

  5. Pat, thank you for the comment, and please visit me again...

  6. R, thank you, I'm trying to add another shade to my erotic side. Glad you liked it...