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Monday, September 26, 2011

Enhanced ...... Prose Poem ........

Flash Friday Try....

Word Limit: an even number of words

Required Word: It should include a quotation from a poem or song lyrics

(Joss Stone song Spoiled)

Hello, it's me embarks from his voice,

Wrist flips, keys fly onto the end stand,

Eyes widen as his eyes try to focus through the dim lit room,

Why is it so dark in here whispers past his lips?

Just as he steps deeper into the dark of the room,

Out of the shadows a figure quickly slips into his arms

Her sudden tight embrace makes his lungs sigh out,

Once his lungs inhale, her essence floats through his nostrils,

Bringing a peaceful calm to his weary day,

As his hands embrace her tighter, he first realize he's holding nothing but the softness of her naked flesh

The soft breeze of her breath whispers pass his ears

Moments before a warm moist kiss embrace the side of his neck

Goose bumps race up his spine, as she softly suckle on the flesh between her lips

The feel of her firm breast heaving into his chest, makes his heart race

As his hand ease downward on her cotton soft flesh, the feel of the indention in her waist line makes his mind anticipate the feel of the roundness of her taut derrière that was coming next under the sensitive touch of his fingertips,

His loins floods with lustful sensations, as his mind flashes images of the curvature of her tenacious body through it

Hands tremble with blissful passion, as the grip of his left hand sink into the tautness of her small round romp,

Tenderly, his stout grip pulls her long slender body upward off the floor

Long silky smooth legs wraps around him,

As their lips deeply embrace, a sigh emerges in her throat, as the fingertips on his free hand probe on her wetness opening

Arms push into his chest,

Prompting him to release her from his tight embrace,

Slowly she sides off his body,

After taking a half step back she gingerly opens his suit coat

Then playfully, seductively, ease it off the broadness of his shoulders

A flip of her wrist sends his expensive suit coat to the wooden floor,

Then she steps forward and teasingly unzips his suit pants,

After leaving the taste of her sweet deep kiss on his lips, she seductively lie down on his suit jacket, then spread her thighs just wide enough for him to see a potion of her pink world,

He smiles then whispers, "lady, you are so damn spoiled"...

(392 words)
Thanks for the challenge Sweets, it was fun...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yearning 2 ........ Repetitive Poem ........ For TS99

Repetitive Poem (Repetition Poem):
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

Need has brought me to this point of my life,

The need of your touch

The need of your kisses

The need of your passion-lust...

Greed has overwhelm me,

Greed of having you anytime, anywhere I want

Greed of satisfying unadulterated sex, morning, noon and night

Greed of filling the soft wet swell of your womb, with the rock hard swell of my harden flesh

Greed of feeling searing sensations rushing into my loins, as my length disappears into the abyss of your haven

Greed of hearing you moan my name, as my tongue wet your body from top to bottom,

Greed to feel your body shudder, while the tip of my tongue manipulates your most sensitive spot, to leak its sweetest nectar...

But desire has brought a change into my life,

Desire to feel tightness in my stomach as our eyes deeply meet

Desire to feel my heart flutter as the urgency of our hips gyrations cause our hips to collide

Desire to taste your kisses, long after your tongue has reached deep into the heat of my mouth

Desire to feel your nipples impale into my chest flesh, sending a surreal flow of heat into my extremities

Desire to turn mind-blowing sex, into a night of contemptible lovemaking...

I have tired of women running in and out of my life,

I can no longer act like a friend with benefits,

I need more then to be that friend, because love has captured my heart,

I need to be completed, by your nonstop giving love...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yearnings........ Repetitive Poem ....

Elusions of you come in my dreams,

Dreams of passionate heat

Dreams of carnal lust

Dreams of blissful desire

Dreams of my wants, my needs

Dreams of touching the curvature texture of your warm velvety flesh

Dreams of contemplating dreams, of making total complete love to you,

Which always leave me in touch, of myself....

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Head Day ... Suckllent....... Picture Poem ......

Sultry sweet lips, brushed against mines, as fingertips massage the limpness meat between my legs,

Kiss deepens; a hand pushes inside my pants, then grasp around my limp meat with a soft warm grip

Moans vibrated in our throats as her warm touch activated my limp membrane growth

Her tongue pushes deep into my mouth as my manhood balloons and stretched between her firm touch,

Slowly, carefully, she unzips my trousers, exposing my naked excitement,

Her eyes widen like a kid in the candy store as she watched it twitch between my legs,

It's so pretty she whispers, and then lowered herself down on her knees

In a surprise move she reverse her stature, then glanced up at her prize,

My eyes fixate on the pink tip of her tongue as it slowly edges toward the tip of my full-blown membrane

Legs vibrate as the tip of her tongue paints the head of my extended meat,

Visual perception sharpens, as my eyes watch her lips part open wide, then slowly inhale the head of my pulsating meat inside the moist heat of her mouth

Knees buckle, legs shudder, as the length of my manly membrane slowly disappears, inch by inch between the softness of her lips,

Mmm, she moans as my girth force her lips to open even wider,

For an instance, the room goes dark as my prostate clenched tight,

Someone moaned loudly as sharp sensations rushed through my loins

Lips completely devour the full length of the meaty shaft before them, then hesitate,

Their suction holds my body still, sending my mind into anticipation_of the consequences, of her actions...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quivers .... Prose Poem ...

Open me up slowly, softly, tenderly,

Taste my wine of wanting lust,

Take my mind on a distance ride,

While it rides on tides of surreal sensations...

Taste me deep,

Until my knees go weak,

Make my lungs deeply exhale

As the sexual storm inside me wails,

Make my voice speak in an unknown language

While my ears bask in audible slurps and suction sounds...

And just before my world quivers,

Tell me... What flavor is my taste?