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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Head Day ... Suckllent....... Picture Poem ......

Sultry sweet lips, brushed against mines, as fingertips massage the limpness meat between my legs,

Kiss deepens; a hand pushes inside my pants, then grasp around my limp meat with a soft warm grip

Moans vibrated in our throats as her warm touch activated my limp membrane growth

Her tongue pushes deep into my mouth as my manhood balloons and stretched between her firm touch,

Slowly, carefully, she unzips my trousers, exposing my naked excitement,

Her eyes widen like a kid in the candy store as she watched it twitch between my legs,

It's so pretty she whispers, and then lowered herself down on her knees

In a surprise move she reverse her stature, then glanced up at her prize,

My eyes fixate on the pink tip of her tongue as it slowly edges toward the tip of my full-blown membrane

Legs vibrate as the tip of her tongue paints the head of my extended meat,

Visual perception sharpens, as my eyes watch her lips part open wide, then slowly inhale the head of my pulsating meat inside the moist heat of her mouth

Knees buckle, legs shudder, as the length of my manly membrane slowly disappears, inch by inch between the softness of her lips,

Mmm, she moans as my girth force her lips to open even wider,

For an instance, the room goes dark as my prostate clenched tight,

Someone moaned loudly as sharp sensations rushed through my loins

Lips completely devour the full length of the meaty shaft before them, then hesitate,

Their suction holds my body still, sending my mind into anticipation_of the consequences, of her actions...


  1. Oh my gawd! I'm so very thirsty. ;-)

  2. What a nice position to be in.

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciated your comments in my blog. Hope all is well ~

  3. Hmmm...The consequences of her actions...
    Very hot, 1man!