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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quivers .... Prose Poem ...

Open me up slowly, softly, tenderly,

Taste my wine of wanting lust,

Take my mind on a distance ride,

While it rides on tides of surreal sensations...

Taste me deep,

Until my knees go weak,

Make my lungs deeply exhale

As the sexual storm inside me wails,

Make my voice speak in an unknown language

While my ears bask in audible slurps and suction sounds...

And just before my world quivers,

Tell me... What flavor is my taste?


  1. hummm...
    deep,... exciting!

    kisses in your heart!

    (beautiful image!)

  2. The beginning is enticing. I want to read more. I love the next three verses. Yes, please! Do all of that to me! The last verse is just fantastic! I'm adding this to my list of favorites. ;-)

  3. I completely agree with Sweets!
    The picture is beautiful and the poem fantastic, as always.

  4. short but powerful erotic images...

    very well done ~

  5. Me encannnta tu blog es pura sensualidad, es una delicia descubrir tu blog gracias a tus huellas dejadas en mi blog, te lo agradezco.

  6. I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments. I really do appreciate them all...

  7. @Blue, obrigado

    Abraços ..

    @Maria, gracias

    Y también agradecemos sus comentarios y visitar ...

  8. 1ManView, I hate to be a bother since you were so gracious this year, however, if you don't mind, I would like to feature this poem in next February's Poetic License. If I'm asking too much I fully understand. Thanks.

    I have room for four more poems and I would really like this to be one of them.

  9. Morningerection, I would be honored to have you post my poem...