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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yearning 2 ........ Repetitive Poem ........ For TS99

Repetitive Poem (Repetition Poem):
Repetition of a sound, syllable, word, phrase, line, stanza, or metrical pattern in a poem

Need has brought me to this point of my life,

The need of your touch

The need of your kisses

The need of your passion-lust...

Greed has overwhelm me,

Greed of having you anytime, anywhere I want

Greed of satisfying unadulterated sex, morning, noon and night

Greed of filling the soft wet swell of your womb, with the rock hard swell of my harden flesh

Greed of feeling searing sensations rushing into my loins, as my length disappears into the abyss of your haven

Greed of hearing you moan my name, as my tongue wet your body from top to bottom,

Greed to feel your body shudder, while the tip of my tongue manipulates your most sensitive spot, to leak its sweetest nectar...

But desire has brought a change into my life,

Desire to feel tightness in my stomach as our eyes deeply meet

Desire to feel my heart flutter as the urgency of our hips gyrations cause our hips to collide

Desire to taste your kisses, long after your tongue has reached deep into the heat of my mouth

Desire to feel your nipples impale into my chest flesh, sending a surreal flow of heat into my extremities

Desire to turn mind-blowing sex, into a night of contemptible lovemaking...

I have tired of women running in and out of my life,

I can no longer act like a friend with benefits,

I need more then to be that friend, because love has captured my heart,

I need to be completed, by your nonstop giving love...


  1. oh! i'm excited! this is really awesome! more repetitive poems of yours for me to love. thank you!

  2. I like the repetitive poems very much, especially yours!
    'I need to be completed, by your nonstop giving love...'Very nice and sensual!

  3. Wonderful as usual and love the pictures.


  4. Enjoyed this sensual write... thanks for sharing it ~

  5. Muy erótico sensual.

    Bonito escrito.

    Un beso.

  6. Hello, thanks for your visit. I like this blog!

    Best regards

  7. Greed, desire...and love: love changes everything...
    An amazing piece of poetry...lovely!
    Thank You for beeing there for us.

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  9. R, thank you much, I appreciate your visits...

  10. Ronnie, hi, very happy to see you... Thanks...

  11. Heaven,Thank you for the visit and comment...

  12. Quando temos alguém, temos a necessidade do todo.
    Um beijo e obrigada pelo carinho.