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Friday, October 28, 2011

Whisper From The Dark (2) ... Prose Poem (two voices)

A whispered, "I love you" floated out the dark in the bedroom

A smile, then a whispered "I love you more" is sent back into the dark

As I step away from the room to let her sleep in peace, her words draw me back into the dark

Silently I ease back into the dark

Once I got to the bed edge, I leaned down and softly kiss the softness of her lips

Her eyes open as a smile on her face said; I knew you would come back to me

Captured lips embrace

First softly

Then deeply

Hands roam over the bed covers, pushing them aside

Finding a naked body under my fingertips


I watched his clothes float to the floor

I felt his weight ease between my legs

I felt the lead of his length, push against my moisten door

I felt it push my door haven open with a thrust of steady brute force

One long slow thrust ease inch after inch of his rock hard flesh down the center of the hidden crevice between my thighs

First penetration sensations sent my fingers grasping the sheets as his girth slowly opened me wide

A gasp,

A moan,

A groan, as penetrating pain turns to love lust bliss

Just as I thought all of him was in me

More of his length penetrated into my depths

He lay still on top of me, letting my tightness accommodate his lustful swell

Then I_ felt him,

I felt the swollen veins on his hardness on my sensitive walls,

I felt the beat of his heart transfer through his hard as steel rod

Ii felt the heat of his blood, seeping into my walls

I felt the heavy throbs of the head of his masses, throb on the front of my cervix

As his lips cover mines,

Blissfulness like I never felt before, kissed my captive lips

Another slow measured thrust pushes his man flesh deep inside me,


Surreal sensations,

The passion of being so loved sends me over the edge instantly


Her womb spasm to a tightness that grip my hard flesh to a stop

Her body unexpectedly shuddered then quaked

Bucking my body up and down like it was on a bulking bronco,

Tightly my fist grip the sheets to keep my body upright on top of hers

As soon as I felt my hardness start to slide in her womb, my hips gyrated slow and deeply, causing her lungs to scream while a second wave of orgasmic release rushed from her loins


He is a devil, he knew a deep slow stoke would make me cum once again

That's what makes him my forever lover

Legs held high on his shoulders

His length falls ever deep inside my divine

His girth pushes hard against my pink walls,

Causing tiny shudders to float through my body, as my loins burn hotter then a forest fire

Mmm, slow measure stokes will make him last in my tightness

While letting me feel every rippling sensation inside my wet before it rush up my spine

I know he's going to bring me to the edge again and again, then make me cum forever

All because

Of a quiet whisper

In the dark...

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  1. I need to whisper quietly in the dark more often :)
    very's easy to picture the words in my mind.

  2. urban butterfly, Thank you so much. My poetry is simple, but I always hope it leaves a visual message...

  3. "push against my moisten door" I love that line.

    I say "I love you more" all the time to him. Reading it here, I wonder if it hurts his feelings I think of my love for him as more than his love of me. How about for you?

  4. Bellissimo scrito...
    Ti auguro un felice week end con molto Amore...

  5. @Drenchxoxo, Good question. Usually that's the answer of reply according to whom say "I love you first" in our relation. At one time, she thought she loved me more, because I was quiet verbally about how much I loved her. I always thought my actions were enough, because I'm a firm believer in "talk is cheap". But after I started writing my feelings down, and she started to read what I wrote, she realized it was no way possible for her to love me more then I loved her. Writing also helped me to realize the effect and importance of verbalization of showing my love to her, while she learned I needed more then to hear the words "I love you". We are equal in the amount of love for each other, we just never realized it for a long while, because we showed it in different ways... (but I still think I love her more.. hehe) You should ask him what does he thinks when you say that to him. It is possible he feels you are down grading him if he was like I use to be. There is too much "for granted" on both sides in relationships today...

  6. yes, all because of a quite whisper. Beautiful! I gaspd,moaned, and groaned as I read this.

  7. TS... Such a nice visual... lol .... Thanks as always..

  8. Replies
    1. Thank you Reggie, I appreciate yo reading my older poems and leaving a comment..

  9. Num gemido surge um sussurro empurrado no ventre a carne inchada, goza em prazer de ambos.
    Belo texto

  10. THank you Lovely, ,
    You do know, I do read english, and your english is much better then the translator... :)

    Have a great week