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Monday, November 14, 2011

Head Day ..... First Taste... Sexy reprisal to Nancy C .....

Picture and Poem idea was taken from Nancy C. blog ...
She has a easy to use translator on her blog...
So you have no excuse not to visit her sexy blog...

Mind anticipates

Eyes widen

As soft inner lips surrounds its girth gingerly,

With warm, moist, heat

Soft suction slowly inhales its length deeper inside,

Eyes close after they watch the last inch of my length,

Sucked into the darkness of your greedy mouth

Suction increases

Surreal sensations rushes from the top of my swollen head,

Steadily, constantly, through my rigid shaft,

Crashing deep inside my loins

Intenseness grows,

As burning sensation of fire slowly builds higher and higher inside my loins,

As the smooth surface of your soft lips,

Glides effortlessly back and forth on rock hard slippery surface

Greedy lips glide faster,

Urgency of release intensifies,

As your eyes stare at raw emotions rushing across my face

Toes curl,

Buttocks stiffen,

Veins strain from flow of blood rushing through it,

Hard palpitations pushes on the tender insides of your lips,

While suction becomes pleasurably-unbearable

A soft deep moan escapes your throat,

As first wave of taste from my white-red hot seed, washing over your tongue palate,

Then spill into the blackness void of your throat,

Fulfilling the moment of your appetite

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  1. WOW I love this picture! Your words are equally delicious.

    Lovely new page design/colors too.

  2. Very HOT! You definitely have a way with words!

    Take care, Sky

  3. Hello my dear friend do not know why but I like to send you the songs sometimes just do it with you must be a fetish lol, I do not know your taste in music but here's another song for you, in my consciousness that I know by your returns in exchange for writing music if you do not bother you I will never send more songs.
    The National-Fake Empire
    I loved your e-mail.
    And good moments...

  4. Conheço da blogosfera a Nancy C., é uma grande amiga e uma grande mulher, te garantooo!

    Gostei do que li ...


  5. The text, the image ... created an delicious excitement. Complement each other perfectly !

    Thanks for promoting my blog, I do not know how to thank!

    A big kiss in your heart, 1manview!

    NANY C.

  6. Drenchxoxo, Thank you, I wanted a little more sexy up in here .. lol ..

  7. Hi,

    I gave you a Versatile Blogger Award...check out my blog:)!


  8. thank you for your time spent, I'm also a music lover and often write through the lyrics of songs that transformed how my state of mind at the moment and how you feel as I write.
    Surely see your file in April 2011, and once again praise your ability to write such a magnificent.
    Sometimes your writing reminds me a book by Henry Miller-titylo under the roofs of Paris.

  9. Este meu coméntario a escrita está incorrecta a tradução está incorrecta e pela minha forma como coméntai parece que comecei agora a aprender a escrever. peço desculpas

  10. Entro de puntilla y te dejo una sonrisa.

  11. very sexy, indeed. my fave image: "...As soft inner lips surrounds its girth gingerly, With warm, moist, heat..."