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Friday, November 18, 2011

Reflection... Repetitive Poem.....

I'm thinking

About my manly endowment stroking inside you

While your womanly hips stroke back at me with the force of tightness

I'm thinking

About how my manly deep groans

Are drowned out, by your audible loud moans

I'm thinking

About lips locked in a deep embrace

While breathing, has to wait

I'm thinking

About lust that has consumes us below the waist

As our hips colliding head on in haste

I'm thinking

How you were laying it down

As you soft pink walls deeply swallow the head of my crown

I'm thinking

How I woke up this morning with you embraced in my arms,

That was holding you lovingly tight

I'm thinking

Just when did I fall in love with you last night


  1. And I put myself thinking here
    In such moments were magical and precious
    On how it will fit our hips have
    Uniquely and tangent
    I am thinking here
    In the taste that you left in my mouth
    In groans produced
    I am thinking here of how
    I felt strong, deep and warm
    All your membership within me
    And now I think
    In as good
    After all
    Waking up in your arms
    And back again
    This our link.


  2. Very erotic. Thank you 1man :).

    I awarded you a VBA -Versatile Bligger Award!

    Take care. Sky

  3. very erotic yet romantic too ~

    happy weekend ~

  4. Yes, very erotic and romantic. I'm still thinking about "manly endowment". I love that description.

  5. P.S. I like your new blog look. Very erotic and inviting.

  6. Anita,
    que foi muito sexy ..

    Obrigado pela resposta ao meu poema .. (sorrindo)


  7. Sky, thank you, i shall check it out...

  8. Heaven, thanks, I must visit you soon...

  9. Sweets, thank you.. I'm always messing with word play. If I get bored writing the same words, I'm sure you get bores reading them..:)
    And thank you again, That was what I was hoping my blog would look like...

  10. Estupendos los post que nos dejas, un placer haber vuelto por tu casa.

    Saludos y buena mañana de domingo.