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Monday, November 21, 2011

Plagiarism.... "TO CATCH A POEM THIEF" .........

Plagiarism is among us,

They float among our blogs and steal our words, then post them as their own,

Then boast and take our credit...

They steals our ideas, our hours of mindful creativity,

Why, because they are too lazy or to uncreative to do it themselves,

Or maybe they can't pen at all, so to boost their self image they pray on those who can...

I'm flattered somebody finds my work interesting enough to steal,

But be a man if you are going to steal from this one-man words, and give the credit to the person who wrote it.

Every poem on this site is not mine, but the ones that are not mine has the person who wrote it name on it...

Don't think I won't find you; others have made that mistake,

And now that I have given notice to the people who follow my blog about it,

I guarantee there'll be a lot of eyes looking for "you"...

I think you need to look very closely at how many people follow this blog,

And those numbers will be looking for my work...

Change the title, change some words, you can't change my flavor...

I was found, to let me know you are out there, now I will find your Plagiarism Butt....


  1. Unfortunately not everyone has their own creativity to draw lines, we use the other as their own. Copy to go, but the credits should be given to those who actually thought, felt, lived to draw that emotion words.

    Anita .... I'm glad you enjoyed the poem qeu rs

  2. I'm sorry that someone is taking your work as their own, 1man. I read a story on a blog recently and it is pretty much word for word on another blog.

    You're right, we will keep our eyes open!

    Keep writing. Your poetry is very sensual and erotic.

    Take care, Sky

  3. Anita, you took the words right out my mouth. And I love your poems...
    Thanks for stopping in...


  4. Sky, a humble thank you, It burns my butt every time this happens. I will have to add another copy safe place to my blog...

  5. I try very hard to make sure if I use someone else's words that I give them credit and a link back to their blog.
    I was just sent a link to your blog and am looking forward to reading your words, which to me are just as powerful as any cocktail or drug.

  6. SBF, a humble thank you(a big smile) I'm hoping my mind clears soon and I can go back to posting. May I ask you where did you get my link from? Just curious about the how new followers found me..

  7. A fellow blogger friend who is new to things and puts in a lot of time online searching for information.

    Close your eyes, take 3 deep breathes, clear your mind and fill it with positive energy so you can write again - I starving for new words.

  8. Your blogs are the only ones I follow that use poetry, but I'll try to notice...sorry you're having trouble.


  9. @Kitty, Thankz...Thats how I found the last one, just ran into it...

  10. SBF, more like ten breaths,,, lol.. Thanks, and since you are new here, there are plenty of poems already here for you to read.. Hint-Hint.. lol...

  11. I'm sorry to hear someone is stealing your poetry and must admit I'm the same as Kitty your blog is the only poetry blog I follow but if I see any of your work I will let you know.


  12. sorry to read about the plagarism. will keep eyes open for your work that's elsewhere instead of on your blogs.

  13. I have been using your poems in my group on face book! I have included title & havin change a word! I would love you to join my group & you can post up your poems you wrote or of others!

  14. I appreciate you telling me of the use of my poems. I just wished you had given me the courtesy of telling me that you were using it, and also put my name on my poem. It's a common rule of reposting anyone's text..
    1manView .....