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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enticed 1 & 2 ...... Prose Poem.. (second voice)

Sunshine filters through the windowpanes,
Waking me up from a most delicious coital dream

Smell of Brazilian Coffee entice my senses
But the need of my morning body stretch, motivates my tight sluggish body out the warmth of my bed

There he stands next to the coffee pot,
All so handsome with his long strong pliable fingers,
I lean my lethargic body next to his and look intensely into his eyes, he recognizes that my body need a stretch look on my face,
Provocatively I turn my back too him

Instantly I feel his wondrous long strong fingers easing under the bottom of my oversize shirt, then the softness of his fingertips stroking my back muscles in a slow circular motion,
Mmm, it felt so good as his fingertips eased over my back flesh
In small slow swirls, the sensations put my mind at ease, while causing my whole body to go into a relax state

Fingertips ease over my shoulders while his thumps deeply massages the nape of my neck,
Eyelids relax to the point of closure, as soothing sensations run up the back of my spine

While his right hand continued to wonderfully massage my neck, the fingertips of his left hand slowly eased up the back of my head and intertwine gingerly into my hair, after gasping the length of my hair in a tight phony tail, he suddenly jerks my hair tight, and leads me around the room like a captive stallion

Legs kick, my body attempts too squirm away, but his grip is too tight, his muscular strength over power mines

Suddenly I'm over his lap as he sits in a nearby breakfast chair,
My shirt hem is hiked to the middle of my back,
The cool breeze of the room air is felt flowing over the nakedness of my buttocks

As my mind races, I feel a soft touch follow the crack of my buttocks,
Just as I thought I heard something about a real smart mouth last night,
Sensation of fire flows on my azz cheeks

My lungs scream, my legs kick,
I dare this man to treat me like this

His left arm surrounds the middle of my body,
His right leg captures my left leg and secures it down,
Like a rapid fire assault weapon,
He assaults my butt cheeks with a vicious spanking

Smack, snap, smack, smack, snap, smack, slap,
Sings in the air as my butt burns for all its worth,

His strikes were precise
They alternated from cheek to cheek
There wasn't one inch of flesh on the roundness of my butt that wasn't stinging

Screams of obscenity flows from my mouth,
Crocodile tears fall from my eyes, as the sharpness of the pain rush through my extremities

As my body lays trapped on his,
A trickle of heat is felt growing in my loins,
Flushness is felt in my face,
A tranquil calm seems to be overtaking my senses

Quick strikes become harden, but the once sharp pain slowly diminishes as the heat in my loins start to feel more like a burning of passion,
My womb starts to leak like it does from deep lustful feelings,
Those once audible screams of anguish, were now swallowed deep moans of desire

His assault on my azz stops as quick as it started,
Mix emotions flush through my body, as his fingertips eased tenderly over my burning buttocks,
My lungs quietly gasp as his right hand travels lightly over my back naked flesh

Limp, my body goes, as his fingertips descend down my thighs, as they swirled upward they come close to my leaking folds,
My body squirms away from his touch, not wanting him to know I had become enticed from his spanking assault

Again he jerks my hair tight, then pulls my body off his lap,
Again my body protested,
He leads me by the hair until my body is tight against the breakfast chair, then leans my body over it

As my body leans helpless over the chair, his body leans tight on mine; I can feel the weight of his full-blown manhood exert into the soreness of my butt cheeks,
A small shutter rips through my body as my mind anticipates

Lips breathe heavily of desire next to my ear, a soft deep baritone like whisper exhales from his lungs and softly penetrates into my ear canal,
"Are you really ready for this my little girl" is heard....


  1. very, very enticing!

  2. I like!


  3. mmmm very nice, thanks.


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    I think you're my friend '
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  5. Odeio o teu post de pater a uma mulher não acho graça nenhumam apesar de agora estar na moda não frequento modas, moda sou eu, mas a mim ninguém me bate.
    sem beijos

  6. @lovely,

    Eu sei que algumas coisas se misturam em tanslation
    Estou confuso,
    Você disse que você odeia meu ponto de vista como uma mulher?
    Entristece-me ler que,
    Mas na poesia, você começa a escrever os dois lados de um ponto de vista
    De acordo com o que você sente que ...
    É chamado, escrevendo segunda voz .....

    É OK você não gostar,
    Eu ainda sou seu amigo ....

    Abraços ...

  7. Tempts, you would... lol... Thankz ...

  8. Kitty, thank you as always... I should of used the pic of your spanking. Hmm ... lol ...

  9. Ronniem, you are welcome, and thank you ....
    Have a spank-you weekend...

  10. Heaven, really? hehe Thank you...

  11. «╬♥ LADy M«╬♥, Muito obrigado ...

  12. You are a tease;)!