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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The feel of his fingers gripping tight into my side is felt as the strength of his fingers held my hips still; he forcefully slams his swelling manly meat deeper into my womb

Slosh-pop-pop-slush -pop, rang into the air as his animalistic lust takes over his mind and body, hard thrust rocks my body forward, as he pulls my head back by the hair, flushing every inch of his harden flesh inside my womb...

His freehand now holds onto my shoulder, while he pulls my body backward, his hips slam hard forward, the impact causes my breast to rock back and forth like a pendulum

Uh… Uh… uh, moan from my lungs as his strokes fling his massiveness deep into my womb,

Each stroke brings a sharp tingling feeling higher up from my loins

I feel it...

I feel it...

His mass blooming larger, making that tingling feeling inside of me turn into a hot burning sensation...

Small tremors roll through my body, warning me of what is about to come,

Like a silent volcano suddenly coming to life, my body shutters with eye blurring force as my orgasmic release runs amuck through my entire body,

Lungs scream, as orgasmic waves rush from the depths of my soul into my loins

As my mind finally refocus from violent muscle shakes, I feel him...

I feel his body tense tight,

I feel his mass swell harder then a diamond,

I feel his ejaculation of scorching hot white release squirting deeply into my womb,

I feel palpitations after palpitations, spasm against my haven walls,

As his grip of my body loosens, my hips gyrate in quick large circles while his body quakes with uncontrollable spasms of release

His hot load of sperm fills my haven beyond capacity

While his body silently slumps on mine, his fingertips lovingly rubs up and down my spine while he playfully palpitates his flaccid mass in my well stretched hole

Lone fingertip ease over the sensitive membrane around my darkest opening, Mmm, tight he whispers into my ear,

Sensations flush inside my womb, as he limp meat between his legs surge quickly into a hard mass,

He teases me with a few quick hard thrust, then slides it out my dripping wet haven quickly, without hesitation he presses the wet nectar covered mushroom head of his hard mass against the opening of my darkest offering,

Just as my mind flashes on how will I explain another work day missed, my nails dig into the mattress, my mouth opens wide without sound, while my body is bombarded with sharp surreal sensations, as the head of his thick hard mass slowly penetrates deeply into my darkest offering...


  1. Mmm! I love this!

    I haven't forgotten your photo suggestion. Will work on it after holidays (maybe during).

  2. so hot.... love it too

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  4. Sasha the Webcam Flirt, thanks for the read, but this is a no spam blog...

  5. Deja que la Navidad entre en tu corazón y dure todo el año…


    Dulces besos desde mis Amanteceres

  6. Agradeço o carinho e companhia em 2011!
    Deixo um Feliz Natal e um Ano Novo de realizações.