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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Same As Old ..... Prose Poetry ....

Partially exposed flesh gingerly brush up against his,

With her body leaning against his, her fingertips softly surround the limpness dangling between his legs,

While lips heat sink into the bareness of his neck flesh, the limpness hanging between his legs starts to slowly stiffen

A smile edges across her face, as she marvels at the feel of his manhood going from soft to firm, then firm to hard as steel between her clenched grip, Just as it has done for many a year

His body turns; his fingertips unclasp her bra with craftsman precision, then flip it off her arms before one heartbeat can resonate in her chest

Fingertips roam delicately on the smooth softness of her breast flesh, his mind marveled at the firm feel of her matured twins, and how his gentle touch still send goose bumps up her spine,

As fingertips on one hand teased her nipples to a towering point, the other squeezed its round mass with firm tenderness

The weight of his body gently pushes hers up close to the bed edge,

As her body free falls backward unto the mattress, his fingertips grab the elastic top of her panties, and then suddenly jerk them off her hips, leaving them to dangle on her legs

Feet are eased onto his chest,

Fingers ease slowly, softly, down her legs, then down the center of her taut inner thighs,

He doesn't realize it’s the millionth time his fingers has eased down her thighs, nor that it was the millionth time she gasp from the surreal sensation of his loving touch

As his fingertips circle teasingly around her navel, he doesn't notice the slight bulge in her stomach, were it use to be flat as a calm sea,

He doesn't think about how wet she has become from the excitement he has lured upon her body for the millionth time; he just dips his finger into her damp wake, while inhaling her personal feminine fragrance

He hasn't counted how many times her back has arched when his fingers lingers on her sweet spot, he only knows it still brings her shear pleasure, which in turn, pleasures him,

After her body shudders for the one millionth time, he steps back and marvels at his love prize

Eyes widen as his shorts ease over his hard affection,

Manly ego soars, as she gasps aloud as his harden endowment quickly appears before her eyes,

The same endowment she has witness stiffen for her pleasure for as long as her mind can remember

As her body lays on the bed mattress edge,

A smile ensues across his face, as his glance captures the naughtiness of her panties dangling between her legs

Eyes do a slow complete scan of her body,

In his mind he doesn't notice the age or imperfections of the matured body in front of him,

His mind only dwells on how much he loves her, and still lust for her flesh

A whispered what? Ease past her lips,

A wide smile is bestowed her way, then he winks his approval towards her, she smiles back as he steps nearer to her

He acts like he is about to remove her panties; but instead, he ducks his head under them, then rest the weight of her legs on his shoulder,

Before she can react to his devilment, he force feed his endowment down the center of her wet, which makes her lungs moan audibly, which he retaliates with a audible, manly, throaty groan of his own

As sensations of deep penetration rush into her womb, tightness surrounds the head of his in-lust endowment, a familiar feel they both will never tire of,

Two minds anticipate a lover’s quest: of a passionate, lustful, satisfying, romp of old...


  1. II read this to Daddy and he asked me who wrote it...said it was arousing. I liked it, too;)!


  2. Beautiful. :). Arousing and sensual.

    Take care. Sky

  3. Come sempre la sensualità e il desiderio che esprimi fa un certo effetto a chi legge...adoro le sensazioni che il desiderio riesce a creare...

    ti auguro una dolce sera...

  4. Kitty, Thank you as always, and a special thank you too Daddy. I'm trying to get back to focusing on married couples. It was what prompt me to start doing erotic poetry. Because we are not single anymore doesn't mean we put our sexuality to rest. The married couples need to show sexuality isn't over once you are married with kids...

  5. Sky, I'm glad you enjoyed this poem. Thank you fro your support..