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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thank you for the award...

TemptingSweets99 ...

For The Versatile Blogger Award..

I was first given this award by TemptingSweets99, but I politely passed because of a previous experience from taking a similar award. She was very gracious to me after explaining my reasons. Now Kitty and Sky has given me the award also. I shall take it from all three with no reservations. One of the rules for taking the award was I had to mention 15 other blogs, I will name a few blogs only, because they deserve more traffic. They are great blogs, but somehow has stayed under the radar. There are a lot of other great blogs who also deserve a mention, but they have many followers, and they are on my blogroll...

Nancy C .... She is one of my first followers... A wonderful person. We have been reading each other poetry for years now. She writes and post others work too. She has a translator on her site, so there is no excuse not to give her a read.

Lyrically Engaged... New kid on the block... She writes beautiful and meaningful poetry. Please give her a read, so she will continue to share her words...

Navypoet ... Navy and I first met on another poetry site. She is smart, creative, and writes beautifully. She has taught myself and others many different forms of poetry... She is very busy at this time, but I'm hoping once she sees some comments on her poetry, she will let us all into her very creative mind...

Ok my shout out was to poetry. What did you expect... lol...

A humble thank you to Temptingweets99, Sky and Kitty for this award. I really do appreciate it, it was a honor to be mentioned...


  1. I will definitely check out the sites you mentioned!

    You are very welcome for the award. Your poetry is beautiful and sensual. Please keep writing and sharing with us!

    Take care. Sky

  2. Vi seu horóscopo para 2012:
    SAÚDE: Os astros sorriem para você.
    DINHEIRO: Os astros sorriem para você.
    SEXO: Os astros rolaram de rir!
    Vai ter muito Sexo & ImaginariuM no ano que esta chegando!


  3. Congratulations, well deserved. Thanks for the links will pop over.


  4. Congrats! Hope you had a fab Christmas.
    Have a fantastic New Year!

    t. x

  5. I'd forgotten that I mentioned you, but hey, better late than never, lol!

    Thank you for sharing your poetry.