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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Stolen Moment .... Erotic Love Poem ... Prose...

Water of ocean blue, washes over my body,

As he rides in the calm of my sea

Each deep stroke brings up an emotion

An emotion of want,

An emotion of need,

An emotion of greed,

An emotion of lust,

And far most, an emotion of love

Moans and groans our ears do not hear,

Naked flesh our eyes no longer see,

We just__ feel

Feelings of love sensations crusting from our souls,

Filling every corner of our hearts, as they beat in unison,

While quietly fulfilling all the urgencies of our desires,

Back and forth his thrust drive emotions deep

While bringing up the trust of love...

Love, lust has always ran neck and neck,

But lust always won,

It was our beginning,

It was our end,

Until this day of reconcile

Now love rides supreme,

Love rules all sensations,

Love is tasted in all kisses,

Love is felt in every touch, every soft collision of our hips

Love rules every breath taken,

From the ones so shallow it makes you gasp,

From the gasping ones that are so big, it makes you hold your breath,

From the contempt of the breaths that stutter in between the two...

As my eyes veer at the reflection of our bodies together as one in the clear of the still warm blue water,

My mind realize we have risen from the floor of passion,

To the throne of lust,

From the throne of lust, to the haven of supreme love...

As the thickness of his masculinity slowly falls deep between my thighs,

Our minds realize that love has finally arrived,

And captured the whole of our hearts,

Quieter, then a silent whisper...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Needy ...... Prose Poem .......

It seems TemptingSweets99 and I sometimes fall on the same page... "Connection"

I need to explode

While I ride between the thickness of your creamy taut thighs,

Hands pulling hard on your willing buttocks,
Crashing your hips urgently into mines

Thrusting the thick girth on my long harden flesh,
Along the sides of the pink velvet softness residing inside your sanctuary

Drilling my long hard shaft deep into its darkness,
Until its bulbous head touches your cervix front door

I need to

Deep inside your moist pink orifice, right in the middle of a contagious hard deep passionate thrust,
While my hardness is being squeezed relentlessly by your pink orifice tightness,
As my scrotum "slap"-"slap"-"slap" on the bottom of your taut buttocks

I need to

So I can feel the vigor of my total release,
Feel my loins flow from yearning to burning to spasms of sheer ecstasy,

Then feel Its ripple effect ease through my body extremities,
As my ejaculated sperm coats your womb walls with hot massive whiteness of male sperm...

I need to explode

In the squeezed wet heat of your mouth,
As your head weaves up and down,
While your lips squeezed and suck on the surface of my swollen manly flesh,

Until my body shudders

Then quake and shake

While my voice stutter,

My toes curl

My fingertips pull on the length of your hair

My lungs burn from drawing no air

As my heart skips every other beat

While the rigid mass of meat between my legs palpitate uncontrollably

As ejaculated thick gooey liquid seed, drowns your tonsils...

I need to explode

While riding your body, while it resides on all four,

In the darkness of your forbidden sacred place,
Slowly easing down inside its none abundant space

While riding atop the roundness of your derrière
As your hips gyrate your buttocks high into the air

While the rigidness of my manhood slides up and down the smooth tight grip of your darkest hole,
Thrusting its bald mushroom tip in as far as it will go,
Until my rigid meat convulse and spill its entire gooey load

I need to

And release this horniness,
That's burning a hole of needy greedy desire inside my loins...

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Head Day.... Erectile ........... Prose Poem .....

Walking thru the bedroom door
My eyes catch a glance of you standing there all tall and delectable

Your head slightly dip, acknowledging my presence entering the room
Your eye watch me closely, as I ease closer to you

A little drool of excitement is seeping past your lips
It's because you know, I'm about to give you a little bit of this...

Arms reach out
My fingertips touch your soft smooth skin with flexed muscle ripped all so tight Showing the outline of your bulging blood vein

A wet kiss is laid on top of your smooth clean head, followed by a quick flick of my tongue tip….

Gently over your clean head, my thumb slides, as my lips suckle their way down your unwavering taut sides
The feeling of your hard muscle flex and relax, flex and relax, has made a visual of you inside of my mind

You are now a must have you in me now thought

Hot as an oven, I slowly open wide and let you ease down into my wet moist offering
My lips feel every ripple of your hard flesh as it slide down the center of my moist wetness
After taking you in as much as possible, my slippery erotic dance slowly roll you past the tight grip of my wanting wet lips

Slowly my lips squeeze your body with pressure on the way down, and then suckle on your body tight, as it slides back past my lips...

In and out
In and out
Past the tender pink inner side of my lips your harden flash slide…

Your hard muscle is licked and sucked on like eating a Tootsie Roll Pop
Licked and sucked
Licked and sucked

In and out
In and out

Twisted, up and down
Up and down...

Licked some more
Mmm… Feeling a pulsation here, a pulsation there, your inner fire is looking for me too release it soon
Faster, deeper you go, as your hard rippling shaft feels shear suction surrounding its sides

You make me gag, as you force your swollen head to touch the front of my throat, by pulling down on my head as it bobs and weaves in a rhythmic motion...

Hips involuntary pumps faster and faster, sliding your entire length through the tightness of my lips with lightening speed

My lips fight to hold its grasp on the bulbous head of your shaft, as your hips gyrate in an erratic motion

Lips clamp even harder on your muscle girth, as my head bobs up and down while staying in rhythm with your urgent pace

Moans turn to groans, moments before a strangle scream escapes from the depths of your lungs

Body of whole flexes tight, then like a rapid firing machine gun, your loins explode, ejaculating your fire hot seed inside of my mouth, coating it completely with your milk of white tangy sweet cream

On each pulsating jerk, your hard muscle gets smaller and smaller, until it deflates to complete limp

Now soft and limp you lay secure in my wanting mouth, while your white offering is sucked completely dry

Mmm… Intimacy has never taste so good….

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tormented... Nonet & Reverse Nonet Poem

Lips heat singes the nape of my neck flesh,

Breath hotter then the sun swirls on

Its smooth warm expose flesh

Waking up my desire

While his bulbous tip

Spread swollen lips,

Inner heat






Of his sear heat

Torments the passion

Building up inside me

That soon has to be released

By dredging of his outreached mast

Inside the confines of my womb walls

A Nonet Poem has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line  seven syllables, etc... until line nine that finishes withone syllable. It can be on any subject and  rhyming is optional. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Head day.... Flow ... Prose Poem ....

Painted lips brush lightly against its pliable surface,

Gingerly sliding up and down its sides...

After leaving a painted trail on it's smooth skin covering,

They hesitate to kiss then taste its growing firmness…

A tender suckle is felt on his scrotum, making his lungs inhale then gasp,

When he felt the swirl of her tongue lashing across its wrinkled, naked surface,

His back arched,

His arms trembled,

Low audible moans vibrate in his throat...

Lips slowly parts letting the swollen bulbous head of his membrane, ease past their inner softness...

Lungs abruptly inhale,

As sharp deep sensations burned on the surface of his bare membrane,

Nerve endings overload, as the swell of his membrane slowly parts her lips wider....

Eyes fixate on its smooth bare surface, as it disappeared between the softness of her inner lips, and enter into the beginning of the hot damp darkness of her face orifice

Just as his swollen gland entered completely inside her moist heat,

His body freezes still, as if time itself had stood still...

Toes entwine,

Hands move around misguided,

Buttocks muscles flex tight

Scrotum spasm with pleasure pain sensations,

An agonized, pleasure pain moan, ease past his lips,

As tight cotton softness precisely ease downward on his hardened flesh...

Eyes vision blur, eyelids close, as waves of sharp pleasuring sensations scamper into his loins...

In one slow movement,

Her head falls forward then slowly reverse back,

Forward, then back,

Forward, then reverse back,

Easing the softness of her lips back and forth again and again over the stretched flesh of his membrane girth....

As her lips grip tighter,

Sensations runs rampage from his loins up his spine, to the front of his brain,

Sensations so sharp and intense his mind enters a place unknown, trying to escape the inevitable...

As the tender inside of her lips ease up an down his harden flesh in a slow measured rhythmic pace, her eyes watches his,

They watch the softness of her lips manipulating and orchestrating his body reactions...

A sudden quick dip of her head makes his lungs groan,

A slow deep plunge downward makes his legs shake,

When her lips grip his membrane ever tighter,

His eyes close tighter,

His face contorts

His breath comes in quick short burst...

As her fingertips grip and hold the rock hardness of his shaft steady,

Her head swirls gingerly side to side, sliding the softness of her lips over his hardness gland ridge...

Eyes fixate on his body of whole, as it vibrates uncontrollable then stiffen...

Lungs cried out a loud audible mumbling moan that reverberates off the bedroom walls,

Her mind smiles, as the entire length of his membrane disappears between the tight soft touch of her lips, as the

swollen tip of his manhood palpitates wildly deep inside of her throat, as his harden membrane succumb to the suction and heat of her mouth sex...

His mind says scream,

But even with his lips wide open, only soft breaths of air ease out, because his lung has spasm tight from shear

pleasure pain of sensations exploding deep inside his loins, blanket bombing his mind with electrified sensations...

Legs vibrates,

Scrotum tightens,

Stomach muscles flattens

While his harden membrane girth swells,

Globs of hot... white... manly seed, ejaculates at the speed of light through the center of his large swollen membrane,

Spewing out the slit at the end of his elongated tunnel, spraying his seed purposely into the darkness of her throat….

Vibrations of his palpitating membrane is felt between her lips firm grip, as they quickly ease up and down his membrane length...

They don't stop their travel until his long hard membrane is only a small limp shadow of itself...

Eyes watches his face go from intense terror of pleasure, to a complete state of tranquil calm,

They watch his body sway, as his legs reels from his orgasmic release,

They watch his chest heave in and out as his lungs grasp helplessly for air...

Silence... Motionless.... Lungs deeply inhale.... Eyes slowly open,

As they glance downward they see her eyes looking deeply into his,

They see his flaccid membrane lying in the center of her half open hand,

At the very tip of his now supple membrane, is a red imprint left behind from a kiss...

A kiss… From her red painted lips....