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Monday, January 9, 2012

First Time .... Prose Poem ...........

Lights turned off,

Candlelight’s flicker,


Tight body embraces,

Deep sweet kisses




Cloths slowly floats to the floor

Dash under the covers,

Nervous shivers,

Whispering words of love,

Soft sweeping tongue,



Nipples caressed,

Nipples licked,


Back arches

Her first quiet moan,

Her first shallow breathe,

Her first flood of nectar,

Her first banks overflowed,

Her first legs shake from body overflow of sensations,

Tummy ache with anticipation

First tasted,

First shake,

First quake of sensations rushing into her loins

Eyes fixate into each other,

First feel of palpitation on her soft swollen vulva lips,

First swell tenderly push into the crevice opening between her thighs

First penetration,

Gulp of shear pain,

Unbearable tightness,

Tender long, slow, continuous thrust,

Hymen tears,

Cry of pain,


Bodies suspend in air

Deep breathes

Deep kisses,

Small thrust,

More penetration,

Hips gyrate in ultra, slow, motion

Legs open wider,

Swell falls deeper as it floats in and out her wet wake,

Burning pain turns into bliss of pleasure

Hips rotate in rhythm,

Eyes close,

Fingertips dig deep into back flesh,

Warm felling in pit of stomach

Sensations unknown flow inside her loins,

First orgasm overwhelms all senses,

Hips gyrate deeper

Swell widens,

Teeth sink deep into shoulder flesh,

Soft audible scream,

First ejaculation against soft pink walls,

First feel of white seed scorching heat-

Triggers unsuspecting orgasm hiding inside loins,

Bodies collapse as one

Heavy deep breathes,

Followed by shallower ones,

Words of love comforts her,

Intertwined bodies enveloped by the silence in the room,

Deep sleep ensues

Head rest on chest

Arms embrace her with security, love, and deep affections,

Marriage consummated...


  1. Visualizei este teu blog... e adorei as imagens, muito bem selecionadas para os textos magnificos que supostamente apresentas.

    Abraço !

  2. Thank you my friend!
    And I wish the same good things for you!

    Kisses in your heart and your soul!!