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Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Moanday..... Slurp ...... Prose Poem

Mmmm, It feels so good,

Feeling its elongated sides sliding past my lips,

The unwrinkled texture of its soft flesh, leaving its satisfying taste in my mouth:

Satisfying my hunger, while its inner warmth conflagrate a trail over my palette

And the there's the indulgence of pleasure I perceive in my ears, as my lips slurp loudly, hungrily, vigorously, while enjoying my devouring of every ounce of it,

Just before its creamy white texture, slithers down the center of my wanting throat...


  1. hauhauhhau.. Muito boa essa gif!

  2. ahahahahahaahh comecei a ler, visualizei as palavras, parei .....observei a imagem. Sugestivo, um bom conjunto. E de repente o fim do gif.......AAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH . Muito bom

  3. JEJEJE muy bueno..
    Te dejo un dulelice abrazo y feliz dia..

  4. Fica-se imaginando a sequencia. Muito bom.

  5. nonesense, Um estado de espírito brincalhão ... hahaha ...
    Obrigado pela leitura ...

  6. LOL! Love this! If I hadn't seen the gif, I'd think you were writing about something else. Wait. You've gotta be writing about something else. :D

  7. will look at my lady colleagues slurping noodles VERY differently now...;)