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Monday, January 23, 2012

Moanday ... Sex .......... Prose poem

Shallow breaths move the ampleness of breast slowly up and down, as deep slumber held her body captive

Eyes followed the smooth curves of her body, as my mind recalled the feel of soft flesh against mine just moments ago, and how the depth of deep kisses sent my body into wanting:

Wanting, the feel of her creamy flesh under my fingertips,

Wanting, the feel of her harden nipples, bathing in the warmth of my mouth,

Wanting, the feel of her hot breath on my neck, as it ease past the wet trail of hot kisses that had been bestowed on its flesh,

The wanting of feeling the tip of my tongue, ease into the wet pinkness hidden between the supple thicknesses of creamy thighs

The sweet tart taste of womanhood still lingers on my tongue, as my thoughts betray the slumber of the penile that's sleeping between my legs

A smile ease across my face, as my mind recalls taut thighs holding my head in a tight head lock as her hips pumped back and forth feverishly, grinding the opening of her womb hard against my lips, as my tongue swirled and darted in the darkness of her womb depths

Flooded was my mouth, as her juices flowed none stop, as my tongue rode up and down in the center of her slit,

Her lungs moaned audibly as her hips position my tongue on her most sensuous spot,

Hips gyrated with power, as she rode my face, pushing my tongue deep into her womanhood

Her back arched on each deep pump of her hips, as the trickle of release marched steadily forward inside her loins

My head flung backwards as the power of her hips gyration grew stronger ad stronger,

The taste of her steadily flowed on my lips, as the scent of her taste flooded the passageway of my nostrils, as deep licks slide into the dark of her womb

Lungs gasped, hips flung wildly while my tongue slashed in flurries,

A cursed moan vibrates in her throat, as her release lingered on the edge,

Her body stiffens tight, while muscles shudder and quake, simultaneously rewarding my tongue with the sweetest of feminine cream

Even as her lungs gasped deeply for air, she quickly position my body on the couch, then straddles it,

Damn, I can still feel the heat rushing from her womb as she lowered her body down on mine

The feel of razor sharp sensations rushing into my loins, as the tightness of her opening gave way to the smooth mushroom head of my hardness, followed by swallowed moans that escaped past her lips as my shaft length pushed deep into the wetness of her tight offering

As soon as my shaft was secured deep inside her haven, hands held her hips tight as they gyrated like a over winded toy doll, sliding her tight pink walls up and down my hardness shaft with urgency,

On each gyration of her hips, her womb enveloped around my shaft girth tighter and tighter, while she rode me like a cowboy bronco star

Small quaking sensations roam in my loins as my mind reminisce the animalistic act of lust between us, hips gyrating faster then a locomotive train until a thunderous quake roared inside her with a ferociousness that shook her body from head to toe,

Shivers, gasp bestowed in her body extremities, but she still rode high in the saddle of sex

As her body recovered from her lingering release, long slow gyrations guided her hips movements that left just the tip of my swollen mushroom head inside her walls securing grip,

With a slow fall of her body, her taut womb consume all of my length, causing a rush of unrealistic sensations to crash head on inside the domain of my loins

Facial muscles contorts in lust-pain as hardness ballooned to large proportions, while loins overflowed with excruciating sensations,

Breath quickens, as deep pulsations in hard mass were replaced with uncontrollable palpitations of release

While my body feverishly jerked and contacted, hot fiery seed ejaculated deep inside soft taut walls of pink, covering it completely with its texture that's colored white

Now I stand here watching her sleep, as wanting desire again inflame inside my loins,

A quiet muffled moan awaken the silence in the room, as wanting desire falls deeply into moist pink depths...


  1. OMG! THIS was GOOD!!!! Well, all your poems are G-O-O-D!!! Dayum! Good and hawt!

  2. Sweets, I'm happy you enjoyed it, I was trying not to go to far with the GIFS... Don't want to be ...

  3. That's right, all your poems are good, but when you write long poems, you give us time to focus and get inside every word, wich is perfect for a cold morning like this one :D

    And the second gif is delicious :P

    Un gran abrazo mi amigo!

  4. I felt like I just stepped out of the perfect movie. Now if you'll excuse me I need to take a shower now.

    As always perfection...Meagan

  5. SYd, thank you as always, I prefer writing the long ones, but the short ones get read...:)

  6. Meagan, I'm very happy to see you are back. You have been missed. As always, thankz for the comment...

  7. "oh. my. god.",

    she feverishly thought. :)

  8. Bengts, thank you much, you comment is appreciated...

  9. is a pleasure to read you on my blog
    and come and read your letters
    and see your pictures so exciting.
    a kiss ♥

  10. SUPERCHIKA, the pleasure is all mine