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Saturday, February 4, 2012

"A little Foreplay" Song Poem (Series 2)

A Song Poem Challenge: You can use only one line, one word or phase of the chosen song.
The poem must be written in the medley, theme or rhythm of the song.
Song: A little foreplay by Fourplay ...

Push Play:

Naked hips ease between my legs,

Hard, large, erection, impales into my thigh muscle,

Sweet enters my mind, as a soft, wet, deep kiss, embraces my lips

He kisses me as if he has never tasted my lips before,

He kisses me soft,

He kisses me deep,

He kisses me long and hard, until my breath is taken away,

His kiss transcends, as he raise his body up on his arms,

Giving my lungs a second to breathe

Eyes fixate into mine,

As his hips gyrate slow and deep,

His manhood feel as if it's hard enough to drill through my tender flesh,

My hips tilt and slightly twist to guide his manhood down the center of me,

The feel of his hard mass sliding up and down on my center slit, send chills up my spine,

The fire between my legs starts to rumble,

As his steel rod glides up and down in the center of my wet slit,

While its girth presses down on the top of my erect clit,

Ragged breaths, deep moans, muscles with spasms, are enticed by his "A Little Foreplay"

Pointed fingernails softly rake across the broadness of his shoulders, As hips dry hump in unison,

Eyes close as my mind absorb the sensations of his "Little Foreplay",

My womb starts to weep in anticipation of his thereafter coming,

The first trickle of release sensations starts to build in the depths of my womb

Audible moans,

Drown out his quiet groans,

As hips collide,

While his hardness slide,

In the wet of my slit

While pressing down on he head of my clit

Harder his hips pumps

Making my mind drunk

One last hard dry hump makes my lungs gasp, my body shiver,

As my lungs moan in agony, my body shudder in ecstasy withdrawal, My eyes open to see his watching mines, he flashes his devilish smile, Then proceed to giving me 'A Little More Foreplay"


  1. sexy music. sexy words.


    a very sexy read!

    nice. very!

  2. Steaming ani....steaming words ~

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