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Monday, February 6, 2012

"A little Foreplay" Song Poem (Series 3)

A Song Poem Challenge: You can use only one line, one word or phase of the chosen song.
The poem must be written in the medley, theme or rhythm of the song.
Song: A little foreplay by Fourplay ...

Push Play Please: (long pause after push play)

Soft tip of his tongue traced my ear lope edge, it darts on its surface like a rapid firing machine gun, causing my body to tense tight while soft moans coming so far from my depths they had to be noticed

Warm breath blowing across the clear wet on the flesh of my ear, made goose bumps sprint up my spine,

Slowly my hand grasp his head and pulled the heat of his mouth closer to me,

When his tongue slid across my ear flesh, my body wrenched in the ecstasy of pleasure as wet and heat embroiled my senses

As his tongue commenced a slow danced on the naked surface of my neck and shoulders, fingertips gingerly roamed over my hills, ease around my curves, slide through my breast valley, then casually dipped into the hidden triangle betwixt my quivering thighs

A single fingertip trail around swollen folds, enticing them to swell even more, then eased up and down on the lubrication of its wet slit while our lips deeply embraced with passion fire

Legs widen to let his hand roam further downward between my thighs while tongues plunge deeper into mouths,

Deep passionate kisses took our breath completely away,

While Flames inside my loins were felt slowly lingering into my extremities

As the soft as butter touch of his lips roamed over my body flesh:

They tasted,

They teased,

They suckled,

They nibbled on every inch of expose flesh they bumped into; the tantalizing pleasure was slowing taking my body to a higher plane unknown, while bathing my mind in sensations of shear ecstasy

Eyes watch the height of a long erect nipple disappear inside his lips gentle embrace,

As his lips suckled, his tongue swept over every inch of its surface, it swirls around its base, then pushed vigorously down on its swollen sensitive pink tip,

Causing my lungs to gasp in sequence of each deep lick:

My hands to grab the back of his head,

My back to arch into a near perfect bow,

My trembling body to vibrate with vigor,

My breath to be taking away, once again

Again his lips embraced mine in a fiery passionate kiss,

Touch sensations of two fingertips invading into my wet opening made my legs deeply vibrate

Fingertips slowly swirl side to side inside my pink while easing up and down its soft pliable walls, causing sharp piercing sensations to run rampage inside me, which cause my wet to propulsory leak its sweat tart nectar down my buttocks

As his thump tip teases the tip of my swollen clitoris,

My hand tenderly holds his free hand, as it manipulates my body with rhythmic motions of soft shearing touch,

Body stiffens as first wave of orgasmic release builds to expulsion

His touch slowly assaults the sensitivity of my pink walls with a soft, slow, free fall, once it touched my sweet spot; it lifts upward, pressing dead center on its sensitivity,

Lungs screams a moan deep into his throat, as the ecstasy of first release explodes deep from inside my being, from "A little foreplay"

"To be Continued"


  1. Uff y que beso mas sensuale...
    Un abrazo y mil de este besos..

  2. Whenever I read your poetry just for that brief moment I’m completely still, and it makes me wonder how you do this over and over again. And then I realize that from your personal thoughts to me and your many followers that you just reek of love and passion. You just can't help it, it's in your DNA, it's simply who you are. So I want to thank you for all the thought provoking possibilities of love and all its mysteries.

    Universal Love,

  3. luna, Gracias,
    un fuerte abrazo para ti ...

  4. Excuse me while I go get a glass of water... or jump someone with a cock. :D